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Germantown, Maryland, United States | SELF

Germantown, Maryland, United States | SELF
Band World New Age


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"Teresa Thomas"

“This CD is simply fantastic! Randy's live Native-American flute melodies soaringly play against the backdrop of melancholic orchestral instrumentation. The unsuspecting combination evokes the most haunting of moods and creates a wonderfully contemplative atmosphere. My personal favorites are Cliff Palace Serenade, Sedona Moon, Chaco Sunrise and Canyon Whispers. This CD is soothing, peaceful and stunningly beautiful -- you won't be disappointed!!"
- Teresa Thomas Music

"Butch Hall"

“WOW! What a beautiful, enchanting album…playing is innovative… guest artist approach for the accompaniment, keeps the soundscape varied and exciting… engineering is top notch…I'll keep your album loaded in my carousel for continued listening.”

- Butch Hall Flutes

"Clint Goss"

“Native Flute players can take many directions with their art, but it often boils down to two main choices: develop their expressiveness with the Native American flute, or create appealing music by orchestrating and recording pieces with other instruments. Most that choose to focus on their expressiveness with the Native American Flute produce a solo flute CD. Randy "Windtalker" Motz has chosen an interesting middle path for his second CD, “Canyon Whispers.” He has focused his energies on perfecting a wide range of expressiveness with the instrument, and relied on composed tracks by others as the backdrop for his playing. The results are outstanding! “Canyon Whispers” is both relaxing and musically diverse. Randy's playing blends beautifully with the work of the composers he has chosen, and the musical impressions he conjures up fits the image of the land of the Ancient Ones. In particular, his "Cliff Palace Serenade" and the wistful freedom of "Eagle's Flight" draw the listener in. You have only to close your eyes and be transported you to a place where the wind-blown whispers of an ancient and proud people still echo in every canyon.”

- Manifest Spirit Records

"Patrick Doyle"

“Randy Motz (Windtalker) has just released his sophomore album "Canyon Whispers" and it is truly a joy to hear. The title of the album is perfectly suited as you will feel like you are gliding through the Grand Canyon while listening. Amazingly this album makes you feel refreshed, like you've just returned from an outdoor adventure!

Each of the 14 tracks is expertly crafted and professionally produced. It's hard to believe this is Randy's second album, as I felt like I was listening to an "old soul" on the flute. If you enjoy the Native American flute then you owe it to yourself to listen to Canyon Whispers!” It is in rotation on our station.”

- Native Radio

"Hanna Politis"

“Last Saturday evening was very special – Randy “Windtalker” Motz captured our audience with his hauntingly beautiful Native American flute melodies. Accompanied by stunning nature slides from the Rockies, he put us into a serene happy mood. People were smiling and looked at peace with themselves and their surroundings. This was one of our more successful evenings with a full house and happy customers, both local and others who came a long distance for the performance.”

- Beans in the Belfry Meeting Place & Cafe

"Jim Politis"

“I came to hear the program out of curiosity but left very impressed and very moved. The combination of the traditional music with the visuals from many of the traditional home lands and hunting grounds of Native Americans was a unique experience. It was done so simply yet profoundly that anyone with eyes and ears learned as they shared the experience.”

- Beans in the Belfry Meeting Place & Cafe

"Beth Tamminga"

"Listening to Randy's music makes me wish I was out west, enjoying a glass of wine relaxing to some Windtalker music. His music is soothing and enjoyable for the whole family". - Detour Winery

"Chris Anderson"

The Music Café had the pleasure of having Randy “Windtalker” Motz perform to a full house on Wednesday evening, February 15, 2012. Randy was a pleasure to work with and we found him to be a true professional in every way!! His beautiful flute playing, along with the breathtaking photos of his travels, took the audience on a relaxing journey. The audience was thoroughly mesmerized and we look forward to having him back again! - The Music Cafe

"Wayne Krevetski"

Randy ”Windtalker” Motz has opened the music venue at the Rutland Long Trail festival for the last two years with his hauntingly beautiful flute. The natural tones and rhythms of his music set the scene for enjoyment of the outdoors that carries on for the rest of the day. We look forward to his return this year. - Originator - Long Trail Festival

"Phil Henry"

"Windtalker's music has become woven into the fabric of our festival. His flute playing is haunting and beautiful, and his compositions are multi-layered sonic landscapes." - Music Director - Long Trail Festival

"Tom Johnson"

My wife and I asked Randy Motz to play at our 50th wedding anniversary party in August of 2009. We were not disappointed. The soft flute music lilted over the crowd and kept everyone in a mellow mood. Done to the accompaniment of his Appalachian Trail video, it was the perfect backdrop to a sparkling party. We had thought about hiring an ensemble, but this was better. It set the tone for the event. - Client

"Mary Munarin"

“Personal attention to every detail; from the CD cover to the mixing of the lush instruments, underline the way the artist threw his heart and soul into this project… is designed to encourage the listener to go within and experience both the visual and emotional aspects of each song...uses instruments in interesting ways." - Voice of the Wind

"Ric Duncum"

"Native SoundScapes" moved me with its lush, cinematic settings -- much like a film score for an epic story. It portrays in my mind, vast, majestic landscapes of bygone days. It takes my soul on a tour through tall pines, rolling hills, winding ridges and breathtaking overlooks. And it beats in my heart with the pulse of an amazing and proud people lost for all time in the path of progress.

Windtalker's use of mixed musical media -- acoustic, sampled and synthesized instruments -- renders a compositional texture so appropriate for his purposes. His use of creatively winding melodies, calming and tension building harmonic progressions and the occasional -- but not overused -- element of surprise kept the project solidly in the realm of art and miles from what could have been another mood CD.

His passion was the most obvious element in the project. Windtalker brought his heart for nature, native culture, and the spirit of original Americans to bear with uncompromising angst and joy. He tells his story as one who has truly walked the trail and soaked in the sights and sounds. Bravo!
- MediaMusicWorks.com

"Clint Clifton"

"If great art is transportation to new emotions, new places and new thoughts, “Windtalker’s Native SoundScapes” is a virtual tour bus through the undisturbed beauty of America. Every track is equipped with memorable melodies and careful explanations of scenes and settings all without saying a word. Windtalker’s years of production experience are apparent in the quality of this recording. “Native SoundScapes” is a breath of fresh pine air!" - God-Song Worship Resources

"Linda Kazmarek"

“Windtalker”, the first album recorded and produced by Randy Motz of Windtalker Music, is an inspiring and motivational CD. The song titles entice you to give it a listen and once you do, from the first notes to the end, you don’t want to leave it but simply let it continue to play. And the more that you listen to it, the more you hear. The listener will experience so many different instrument combinations and each one represents a mood, a feeling and an expression.

There is not a lot instrumental music available today, so it is sometimes difficult to find music that is soothing and inspirational and that you can just listen to while reading, working or while in your car. “Native SoundScapes" is all of that, and more. The variety and the quality of performance speaks clearly in each track and the sounds of native flutes, combined with other instruments, is truly unique and beautiful.

“So Amazed” is my favorite track on the CD and I think that the title definitely expresses my reaction. I was truly amazed by the beauty of the music and I simply wanted to listen to every note of it. I am certain that everyone who listens to “Windtalker” will find their own favorite track or just fall in love with the entire CD.
- Linda Kazmarek Minstries

"Marty McCall"

“Windtalker - Native SoundScapes, is a soothing, meditative, and creative journey into Randy's love for and experiences on the Appalachian Trail. The beautiful arrangements and sensitive playing lead the listener down a pathway blending the wonder of nature and the power of the spirit. It is a successful invitation to relax in the midst of a diversity of sounds full of history, adventure, and meaning”. - Grammy Award-Winning Artist

"Harry J. Moody"

“I recently purchased a copy of Randy Alan Motz’s CD, "Windtalker - Native SoundScapes", and find it to be an excellent album. In my job, I fly every week so I bring along a CD player, with a
Bose noise-canceling headset, to reduce the plane noise and to provide entertainment. The Native American flutes and background instruments on this CD are very relaxing and provide a calming effect during so many hours in the plane. I am looking forward to the next CD.”
- Harry J. Moody Enterprises


"Native SoundScapes" - Released December 20, 2006.

"Canyon Whispers" - Released December 8, 2011.

Audio Clips can be heard by going to http://www.cdbaby.com/Search/d2luZHRhbGtlcg%3d%3d/0

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Since his teens, Randy “Windtalker” Motz has been involved in music, as a performer, live sound engineer, producer and recording engineer. And, though not a confirmed member of any tribe, he has always had a profound interest and passion for Native cultures, traditions, and perspectives on life. However, it was not until the late 1990’s that all of these aspects of his life came together in a profound way, setting the course for a totally new musical career.

This musical and cultural genesis began after attending two distinctively different concerts. The first, by Yanni, was an acoustic journey of ethnic styles brought to life by the powerful blending of a full orchestra and rock instrumentation. The second was a concert by Robert Mirabal, the legendary Native American flute player from the Taos Pueblo. Here the creative inter-weaving of Native American stories and instruments with rock drums, electric guitar, bass and effects-laden cello, captured Randy’s creative imagination. The die was now cast and Randy set out on a new adventure to create what he would later call, "Native SoundScapes."

After many years of self-training and tutelage under such noted Native American flute players, as Ron Warren and Clint Goss, and pulling from the musical influences of R. Carlos Nakai, John Huling and Robert Mirabal, “Windtalker’s” style began to take shape and continues to evolve and mature to this day. His blending of flute with lush orchestration, piano, cello, guitar, and Native percussion weaves a unique musical tapestry that is sometimes ethereal, sometimes playful, and oftentimes dramatic. The graceful and winding melodies communicate his passion for Native cultures and traditions, as well as his love of nature; a passion and love solidified during his thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail and travels throughout the U.S. Using a diverse acoustic palette, each song paints a “soundscape” that transforms the spirit, touches the soul, and relaxes the mind.

In 2006, “Windtalker” released his first CD, "Native SoundScapes," to universal acclaim. This nine-song album was completely written, performed and recorded by the artist. Two songs from this album have been chosen for the soundtrack of the upcoming independent film, "Killing Cavendish."

In 2011, a second CD, "Canyon Whispers," was released. It continues to receive high praise for its creativity, production quality, and diversity of music styles that easily fit into not only Native American, but also World, New Age, and Contemporary Instrumental categories.

Both CDs are available at Amazon.com and CDBaby.

With its range of musical styles, from traditional Native American, to classic rock, blues and jazz, “Windtalker’s” live performances captivate audiences of all ages at festivals, coffee houses, wineries, schools, churches, senior living centers, private parties and other intimate venues. He has also been the guest performer for a moonlight tour held by the National Park Service at New Mexico’s Pueblo Bonito ruins at Chaco Canyon National Historical Park.

What makes “Windtalker’s” performances unique is the use of dramatic photos from the Southwest, Alaska, and the Appalachian Mountains as a backdrop projected on a large screen on stage. His music becomes the soundtrack for these photos, taking the listener on a soothing, and sometimes playful, journey of sight and sound through the grandeur of this country's varied landscapes. Each song melodically captures the essence of these iconic cultural landmarks and mystical landscapes.