Randy Bachman

Randy Bachman


Randy Bachman's JazzThing is the long awaited and highly anticipated album that brings him full circle to the jazz-tinged songs that have made him a household name.


Randy Bachman is a living Canadian legend and has been an internationally renowned songwriter, singer, guitar player, and producer for almost 4
decades. Although Randy Bachman’s reputation is built upon his super groups The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive he is no stranger to the jazz world.

At 16 years of age Randy crossed paths with a phenomenal young jazz guitarist named Lenny Breau. Randy absorbed everything he could from Breau who became one of the biggest musical influences Randy would meet over his long and storied career. Just listen to the jazz influences that can be heard on the pop radio standards ~ Undun, Looking Out For Number One, and
Blue Collar.

Lenny Breau went on to become a world-renowned jazz guitarist, while Randy of course went on to become a founding member and creative force of The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive, selling over 40 million records and garnering 120 gold and platinum awards.

Through his latest recording JazzThing, Randy Bachman is revisiting his jazz roots. The album also boasts the talents of Curtis Stigers (Saxophone),
Chris Gestrin (Keys), Francoise Houle (Clarinet), Lenny Breau (Guitar), Dave Young (Bass), Denise McCann (Vocals) Joel Kroeker (Guitar/Vocals), Bill
Sample (Piano), Buff Allen (Drums), Andre Lachance (Bass), Craig Scott (Drums), Ken Lister (Bass), Stephan Moccio (Piano) and Dylan Van der Schyff
(Drums). JazzThing ~ is a collection of original songs and interpretations that bring one of pop music’s most enduring artists full circle.

Born in Winnipeg, Canada, Randy Bachman has become a legendary figure in the rock and roll world through his talents as a guitarist, songwriter, performer and producer. He has earned over 120 Gold and Platinum album/singles awards around the world for performing and producing. His songwriting has garnered him the coveted #1 spot on radio play lists in over 20 countries and he has amassed over 40 million records sold. His songs have been recorded by numerous other artists and placed in dozens of television, movie and commercial soundtracks. His music has provided a veritable soundtrack of the last thirty years of popular music.

    He first scored Billboard radio chart success with his band The Guess Who in 1965 performing the song Shakin' All Over. After this initial success it would be another few years before the glare of the spotlight would be cast upon these young Canadian boys again. Sticking it out through some misadventures paid off for the band and they worked their way back up to the top of the charts in a spectacular way. This time, The Guess Who went on to virtually own the pop charts with an unprecedented run of 5 million-selling singles, all the product of the gold plated Randy Bachman-Burton Cummings songwriting team. By 1970, The Guess Who had sold more records than the entire Canadian recording industry to that point, even outselling the Beatles that year. Their hits included These Eyes, Laughing, Undun, No Time, No Sugar Tonight and American Woman.

    Due to health concerns and desiring a change in lifestyle, which would include spending more time with his young family, Randy left the Guess Who at the height of their success. While this move stunned the music world, Randy knew that he could never leave music behind. He formed Brave Belt - a county rock outfit in 1970 and experimented with a new musical style and line up that eventually metamorphosized into Bachman Turner Overdrive.

    Unbelievably, Randy's success with Bachman Turner Overdrive would eclipse his earlier triumphs and give him yet a third run at the pop music charts.

    Monstrous hits for the band included, Let it Ride, Roll on Down The Highway, Takin' Care of Business and You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet which reached #1 in over 20 countries.

    Randy's career has been built upon his unstoppable drive to work at creating music. He has released numerous solo albums throughout his career, and has simultaneously worked at producing for other artists. His production/writing work with Canadian rock band Trooper generated gold and platinum record in the 1970's.

    His love of guitar music and a desire to support some unsung and legendary guitar greats including his early mentor Lenny Breau, led him to found the jazz guitar record label Guitarchives which rescues and releases otherwise lost archival guitar music. As well he founded Ranbach Music, a label which releases archival Guess Who recordings, and other material which never made it to CD.

    His songs have been recorded by a diverse selection of artists including Lenny Kravitz' (performing American Woman,) and used for TV and Movie soundtracks including Seinfeld, The Simpsons, American Beauty, and Austin Powers 2. He has been animated on the SIMPSONS and is listed in the Guinness Book of Worlds Records.

    Randy Bachman continues to be in much demand as a songwriter, session player and solo artist. Though his music industry awards


Let's Call It A Night - (C) 2004 Ranbach Music Ltd.- Maximum Jazz

Set List

1. Let's Call it A Night - R. Bachman
2. In Blue - R. Bachamn/L. Field/C. Foskett
3. Rose Coloured Glasses - R. Bachman/S. Fain
4. Summertime - G Gershwin/L. Gwershwin
5. Sentimental Fool - R. Bachman/D. McCann
6. I Walk The Line - J. Cash
7. Dead Cool - R. Bachman/S. Foley
8. The First Time You Said Hello - R. Bachman
9. Breau's Place (Quiet and Blue) - L. Breau/D. Young/R. Bachman
10. Our Leaves Are Green Again- R. Bachman/S. Moccio