Randy Baugh

Randy Baugh


Upbeat, original fusion of rock, jazz, blues and folk entertainment for all ages. The compositions and picking style reflect the influence of Bruce Cockburn, Mark Tofler, Jack Johnson and Leo Kottke. Lyrically engaging, danceable, fun variety of instrumentation.

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CD - The Road Is Promising (2002)
Single - Homeland Security )2003)
CD - Talking to Machines (2004)
Some local airplay.
Streaming: CDbaby.com or www.randybaugh.com

Set List

Set lists are approximately 50 minutes to an hour.
We do covers when they are requested for special events such as weddings. The repertoire depends on the requests--usually classic pop, blues and jazz. We have enough original music for four hour shows and prefer doing originals--also prefered by our fans.