East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Randy captivates the audience right from the start. With an irresistable groove and tempo, powerful lyrics, and his desire to be one with his audience, you can tell he is one of those artist's that "belong" on stage. This is what "real" is about. This is the power of true good music.


About Randy

Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass, Harmonica, Vocals

Randy Bigness, singer/songwriter/producer, born in Staten Island NY in 1959.
A late bloomer in the recording industry, he won 3 Billboard Song Contest awards in 2004 and an award in the USA Songwriting Competition 2004 out of Nashville.
Currently working on his second CD, yet untitled, his debut CD, "Blue Tornado” has been well received with over 3000 copies distributed throughout the North East.

Family roots; the Snow Belt, off the shores of Lake Ontario, Watertown and Sackets Harbor NY. Still a favorite place to visit and perform.
Raised in North Jersey, then in 1988 relocated to the Pocono Mts. 
Earliest musical influence was when the Beatles came to America in 1964. He was living in West Nyack NY at the age of 5. The older kids in the neighborhood were spray painting graffiti on the streets about the Beatles. Then he watched them on the Ed Sullivan show. Thats when he got the bug. The family moved to Parsippany NJ in 1965, it was all farmland then. He got his first guitar at the age of ten, learned some basics, hooked up with some friends in the area and started learning songs, writing songs, and playing as much as possible. His muscial interest was fed by after dinner sing-a-longs, at the dining room table, with cakes and pies and coffee, and his uncles from Sackets Harbor NY singing Beatle harmonies.
Other influences were, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Jim Croce, Moody Blues, Levon Helm, Rick Danko, James Taylor, Eric Clapton, and Bob Dylan, to name a few. His uncle Jim taught him some fingerpicking techniques, so he focused on learning that side of the guitar. By 14 he was performing at the school “Canteens”. Also at 14 he was fascinated with all things mechanical, and started repairing cars for the older guys in the neighborhood. They were driving Cuda's, GTO's, and Camaro's. As a result, Pocono Muscle Car is fueling Bigness Productions. He was given the opportunity to play in a band led by Tom Barth, who was a Luthier/Musician well known in the industry. Tom put a bass guitar in his hand and said" Play this". Next stop, NYC and North Jersey clubs.

Randy is the creator of the very first "Mackie Muscle Car".
His 66 Dodge Monaco is a combination of his careers from the last 30 years. His performances from the trunk of the "Mackie Muscle Car", are creating a buzz wherever he goes. 

His goal as a singer/songwriter, is to deliver messages about real people and real life experiences through his songs.



Love's Got A Hold on Me

Written By: Randy Bigness

I know that I love you, you got a hold on me
I feel you, in my soul,
You're in my mind, constantly

Emotions, they make you run wild
Make it hard to see
But you can't control something you feel...Love's got a hold on me

Love's got a hold on me
Love's got a hold on me
Love, love, love's got a hold on me

When I hear your voice, makes me want to see you
When I look in those pretty green eyes, pretty green eyes...

When I kiss your lips, I can feel your essence
That brings out the wild in me, wild in me...
I know love's got a hold on me

Love's got a hold on me
Love's got a hold on me
Love, love, love's got a hold on me

Randy Bigness 2005

Parents & Children

Written By: Randy Bigness

Parents & Children

Time passes by I can’t believe how fast
One wink of an eye a whole lifetime slips past
Good times and bad times we go up we go down
The lord says to us you go only once around

Born into this world as babies we start
Unaware of our future, unaware of our part
Our parents have loved us and guided us true
And the Lord says to us, how lucky are you

But the time will come, I’m sorry to say
Parents & Children go separate ways
And the children have children, we do it again
Always we pray we meet in the end

Now listen up David, this song is for you
Do for your sons what your father did for you
It’s hard to let go of something you held so dear
The Lord’s tellin’ you, your daddy’s right here


TommyHawk Blues

Written By: Randy Bigness

TommyHawk Blues

Damn, this ain’t right…life is so strange
I knew something went down, I picked up the phone
Hey Randy, it’s Kevin, Tommy died yesterday
It was hard it’s still hard…I don’t know what to say

Got to call Brian, make sure he’s alright
I don’t want to believe, what I just heard
He was just on the radio…WNTI
To quick it went wrong now I’m writing his song

Lay down your axe my friend
Your time has come for resting
I took for granted I would see you again
So, lay down your axe my friend

There’s times I think about…the days when we were young
Our old Chevy’s parked side by side
The place Cricket Hill…the times they were crazy
It came and went too fast I got the TommyHawk Blues


Written By: Randy Bigness


Verse 1:
Mr. Eric Clapton, can you, tear down an engine
Have you ever had a wrench in your hand
While you were riding with the King, in your, drop top Cadillac
If you had a blowout, could you fix the flat

Verse 2:
Sir Paul McCartney, can you, hear a noisy bearing
Can you tell me where it’s coming from
You’ve got a good ear, and you’ve got common sense
Can you tell me, how to get the job done

I wanna thank you for Layla
The Key to the Highway keeps me, billed out and bound to go
We all know, that it’s a Long and Winding Road
That leads us back to…Yesterday

Verse 3:
They call me Biggy, I’m fixing their cars
Everyday, I listen to your guitars
A little late but it’s OK…all I wanna do is play
Play my guitar…don’t wanna fix no more cars

Words & Music by Randy Bigness
108 Fawn Road, East Stroudsburg, Pa. 18301
Copyright 2007

Lost Spirit

Written By: Randy Bigness

Some people believe in Christ
Some find it hard to trust
The more I learn, about religion
I feel I'm gonna bust

So many different societies
each one with their own side
Something inside is tellin' me
You're only here for a quick ride
Just for a quick ride

Lost Spirit, tryin' to find it
You've really made it a chore
Lost Spirit, are you blinded
I'm right here at your door

Am I wrong , for what I'm thinkin
Oh scholar answer for me
My faith, I feel it sinkin'
My heart constantly bleeds

I'm alone without my spirit
Yet I'm surrounded by friends
They don't think like I do
A circle that never ends
Circle that never ends

Lost Spirit, tryin' to find it
You've really made it tough
Lost Spirit are you blinded
Can't you see I've had enough


"Blue Tornado" LP Copyright 2002
"McClapton" Single Copyright 2004
Airplay on WNTI Hackettstown, NJ
Airplay on WSBG Stroudsburg, Pa.
"Love's Got A Hold On Me" Single Copyright 2005

Set List

Festival and Showcase sets are mostly original tunes with a few selected covers. Cover artists include: The Band, Beatles, Clapton, Dylan, Croce, to list a few, and some of the old standards. Sets range from 1 to 5 hours depending on venue.

Original Song List

Blue Tornado
The Band Plays On
Dear Kathy
Don’t Cry
Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya’
Dry Tears
Ever Since
Fly With Me(into bliss)
High Maintenance
Hours in the Day
Lookin’ Good
Lost Spirit
Love's Got A Hold On Me
Loving You
The Manchild
Michael Brown
One & Only
Parents & Children
Push Me Over
Question the Way I Feel
Reaching Out
Five Years After
The Stairs
Too Blue
Uncertain Future Blues
What’s Done is Done