Randy Cooke and the Savage Den All-Stars

Randy Cooke and the Savage Den All-Stars

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Our music is a mix of neo-soul, spoken word and smooth jazz with R&B and hip-hop overtones.


Randy Cooke’s love of music production began in 1984 while in high school. He began playing keyboards and guitar with both the drama and music departments at Holy Redeemer High School in Detroit, Mi. He is equally at home in both the creative and technical operations of film, music, television and stage productions.

His love of jazz began in 1986 while attending Oakland University. On weekends he would hang out with his musician friends in Downtown Detroit for the weekly jazz jam sessions. One of their favorite places was a club located on Jefferson Avenue called Bert’s Place. This two story club had a dance club upstairs and a live jazz club on the first floor. His first night at the club he was introduced to the legendary jazz musician Herbbie Williams, for the first time he heard live jazz and he’s been hooked ever since.

In 1987 he dedicated all his energy into playing keyboards. He began studying jazz from a grass roots level by playing with and listening to different instrumentalists and vocalists at jam sessions and performing shows with different bands across the city of Detroit. As his skills increased, he soon discovered that he had talent for writing lyrics and poetry along with his growing ability to write music. In 1993, he was one of the founding members of the popular Detroit jazz group Divercity along with Bassist Jerome Yancy, Saxophonist Deon Yates and Drummer Tony Rome. In 1996, he let his music writing talents unfold by writing three songs for Divercity’s debut album “Mellow Up” he was also an Executive Producer of that project.

In 2003, after a severe illness left him bedridden and unable to walk for seven months Randy Cooke began composing songs for his solo album "The Savage Den" as a form of recovery. He found a niche combining neo-soul grooves with spoken word vocals while staying true to his jazz roots.

Once on his feet again he assembled a goup of talented friends and began recording his album in November 2005. It was while working with platinum award winning producer and recording engineer Art Forrest writer the hit songs "Good Life" and "Big Fun" for the hit group Inner City that Randy's Album the Savage Den took form.

Randy's love of classic R&B led to the creation of songs using samples of popular motown recordings. This innovation allowed him the honor of digitally perfoming with the legends Marvin Gaye and Eric Clapton, truly a dream come true.

The Savage Den is a collection of music that has broad appeal to a wide range of age groups. People old and young have enjoyed the depth of his spoken word lyrics while grooving to his hot urban sounds.

The vocal and instrumental tracks on "The Savage Den" are breath of fresh air for true lovers of music who enjoy lyrics and messages beyond the Bling-Bling. and Bang-Bang of today's music.

If you like real music that speaks to you and to the heart and soul of love, life and the world then Randy Cooke is the artist for you and "The Savage Den" is a must for your music collection.


For You (the poem that inspired the song)

Written By: Randy Cooke

For You

A thousand days spent
together. A love that lasts
forever. A dream that never
ends, for new life to begin.

For you I give the world.
My guiding light with a
passion that’s burning
day or night.

For you, are my dream come true
a welcome change that begins
life anew. The more I love, the
more I thank god up above.

I face the fear of uncertainty,
braced by the strength of my
inner morality. Knowing the
risk for what I seek, is required
for my life to be complete.

For you my dear, I give you a
gift, a future where your heart
will have no fear. Gaze into
my eyes and see the joy inside.
Hear the courage of my voice,
for in loving you there is no

Your hand, held in mine
is what I seek. The
thought of its feeling
rises my joy its peak.

On gossamer strands
my love flows out in
search of you and your
tender embrace. To bring
us together in love's sacred place.

For you I brave all and will
be all. Your defender and lover
in winter spring and fall.

For you I speak these words
that flows from my heart. Hoping
you that you'd hear them
even though we're apart.

For you my love, the world is
yours from the ocean's depth
to the heavens above.

Come with me and
we will become one
forging a love that's
second to none.

For you I give the key
that will bind us in soul,
heart and mind

For you I ask, can you
love me too, does an equal
of my hopes and dreams reside
in you. Release your fears in to mine
for in love's ironic game
they are truly one in the same.


"Mellow Up" - Album with the jazz group Divercity
"The Savage Den" Solo Album

Set List

For You 5:07
Grown up Nursery Rhymes 3:23
Robynn 3:11
Seal My Heart 4:30
The Man 4 U 3:55
That Guy 2:36
Sexy Interlude 1:53
I Feel A Little Sexy 5:08
Chocolate 5:21
Sins Of The Father 4:30
D A U G H T E R 5:05
Savage Den 6:37
Total Music Time 51:21 Show Time: 1 hour appx.

Short Set
For You 5:07
Sins Of The Father 4:30
Sexy Interlude 1:53
I Feel A Little Sexy 5:08
The Man 4 U 3:55
Grown up Nursery Rhymes 3:23
Music Time 23:15 Show Time 30 min appx.

Quick Set
Sins Of The Father 4:30
Sexy Interlude 1:53
I Feel A Little Sexy 5:08
Grown up Nursery Rhymes 3:23
Music Time 14:01 Show Time 15:00 appx