Randy Fulk

Randy Fulk


NC Arts Council 04-05 Regional Artist Grant recipient included in NC Touring Artist Directory. Intelligent, thoughtful lyrics incorporate timeless symbols to paint portraits of finding the eternal amid the temporal. Recalls Bruce Cockburn, Tori Amos, Springsteen & Lightfoot. Southern Gothic Groove.


Randy Fulk is a vinedresser renaissance farmer and Americana singer-songwriter.

Highlight Gigs

* Great Grapes and Wine Festival-Charlotte 2004
* Fiddle and Bow Folk Society Folk fest IV
* Yadkin Valley Harvest and Wine Festival '03 & '04
* Carrboro Music Festival
* The Living Room Round
* Ken Linker Show- Charlotte TV
* Wolf Lair Restaurant -Dobson, NC
* The Garage Winston-Salem, NC
* The Cave Chapel Hill, NC
* Villa Appalaccia Winery Music Series '03 & '04
* Opened for the Charlotte Symphony at Freedom Park, 2000

* "Last Song" featured on Kari Estrin Management compilation CD "Authentic Voice" 2004

After the last crop of tobacco in 1999, Randy converted his family's third generation tobacco farm into a Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay vineyard. A musician at heart, Randy nonetheless is degreed in the management of vineyards, he consults with local growers and teaches part-time at a local community college.

From the age of eight, Randy worked with his family on the tobacco farm. However, during harvest celebrations and Saturday nights he played guitar and accompanied his Aunt Bessie on banjo and Uncle Joe on fiddle playing old-time ballads. Like most teenage boys in the 70's Randy formed a rock band that played Rolling Stone covers, but it was his high school English teacher who first recognized Randy's poetic talent and encouraged him to write. Randy wrote lyrics non-stop on any slip of paper he could find, using his work time on the farm observing nature as fodder for his songs.

After Randy planted his first vineyard, a traditional "Blessing of the Vines" was held to celebrate this new venture. Songs were shared, wine flowed, young and old played music and jammed together. But the best surprise of all were Randy's second cousins, Matt, 21 and Eli, 16 years old, who had grown up listening to Randy's first solo album, were now jamming together with him on electric bass and drums. Randy liked what he heard and soon he was teaching his cousins the next batch of songs he had written. Another renaissance occurred- Randy rediscovered his muse and recorded Empty Spaces.

The juxtaposition between the old music with the modern sound, along with the transformation of the grapes from the old farm into new wine, blended together to create a new world of possibilities for Randy. The unlikely combination of these generations produced a pure, cohesive sound.

Empty Spaces is produced by the Grammy-nominated Mark Williams, and features 13 new songs. Delivered in a simple, unaffected manner the album shines a ray of light into the darkest of human nights- an eternal belief in the second chance of tomorrow's rising sun.


Big Train

Written By: Randy Fulk

Big Train

Big train on the mountain, plunging down to their deaths
Waiting to hit the bottom but they haven’t hit it yet
With one hand on the throttle and the fireman by his side
They will ride this train to glory, come out on the other side

Big train on the mountain with no way to slow it down
There’ll be a thousand tons of coal and steel scattered on the ground
Beneath the rush of the waterfall and the trestle where they fell
Lies a pile of twisted metal with one last story to tell

And the angel flutters in the sky above the trees
Saying lift me from this body, lift me from this waking dream
And when they tell the story at the throne up in the clouds
They’ll say big train on the mountain with no way to slow it down

There will be the cry of children, there will be a lonely wife
There will be the friends and neighbors sitting up with her tonight
And when the people gather another story yet to tell
Of a big train on the mountain and the men we loved so well


So when you depart the station keep your eye upon the rail
Captain of an iron ocean on its ribbon sea you sail
May you return to the bosom of the ones you’ve left behind
Who’ve nothing but to watch and wait for the turning of the tide


C2002, Randy Fulk

Last Song

Written By: Randy Fulk

Last Song

One more song to play and I’ll pack this all away
One more round of cheer and we’ll be on our way
From the night we came and to the night return
'Til the morning comes

One more day upon this road and I’ll be home
One more single bed and I’ll never sleep alone
With a lover’s arms to hold me through the night
'Til the morning comes, ‘til it breaks daylight

It wasn’t like I ever really had a plan
I’ve wandered through this world with empty hands
'Til I found you waiting by the crystal sands
And I began again, when you took my hand

One more song to sing and I’ll pack this all way
One more round of cheer and we’ll be on our way
Into the blazing sun that shines down on this world
Until the end, until the end
I will be your friend.

ã2002, Randy Fulk

Sunshine Girl

Written By: Randy Fulk

Sunshine Girl

Oh, I see her in the morning, walking out among the flowers
Where the leaves shine wet and green in the morning dew
Out where the river runs deeper and the water is cool and clean
Walking barefoot on the rocky ground with my heart in her hands

See her daddy in the evening, wiping sweat from a furrowed brow
When the sun is sinking low and the night is coming on
See him take her by the hand and they walk across the meadow green
Toward the sound of the laughter floating on the wind

Oh, these precious hours outshine the sun
I would not trade for the gold of this world
When she takes my hand and she holds me close
Oh, you are my little sunshine girl
Yeah, you are my little sunshine girl

Oh, hers is the morning; she belongs to the daytime
And she lifts me up above the cold, clay mud
Dancing ‘bove the treeline where the ground is dry and open
Though I never seem to catch her, she’s got my heart in her hands


When the day is wearing long and the night settles over
These moonlit fields and I wonder where you are
When I’m drifting off to sleep and I look outside my window
Oh, I see her dancing through the stars
Yeah, we go waltzing through the stars

ã2001, Randy Fulk


Misplaced Passion(1992)
Empty Spaces(2004)
Authentic Voices-Kari Estrin Management-Last Song(2004)
Oasis Compilation-Sunshine Girl(2004)

Refugee (Empty Spaces 2004) featured on
The RADIO LIBERATION FRONT, a 3 or 4-hour radical, dissident and working class music program, produced by Luminist Productions (www.luminist.org/radio), heard
on Syracuse Community Radio (www.wxxe.org), with a local low-power FM broadcast, and a 24/7 webcast linked from

Big Trian (Empty Spaces 2004)
AFTER MIDNIGHT is an eight-hour roots and acoustic
music marathon on Syracuse Community Radio, with a local low-power FM broadcast and a worldwide webcast linked from

Fox's Minstrel Show, WRFG, Atlanta, GA
WSLU 89.5 FM, St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY
WYEP 91.3 FM in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
WDBX Carbondale, IL
KUKL, Kalispell; KUFM,Missoula; KUFN, Hamilton; KAPC, Butte; KUHM, Helena; KGPR, Great Falls,with translators in Dillon, Seeley Lake, Whitefish, and White Sulphur Springs.
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Set List

Willow Tree (Mickey Newbury)
Big Train (Randy Fulk, Empty Spaces)
Silver and Gold (Randy fulk, Misplaced Passion)
And I Love you So (Don McLean)
Legacy (Pierce Pettis)
Satellite Sky (Mark Heard)
You Moved Me Pierce Pettis)
Rainbow/Wonderful World (Traditional)
Friends Until the End (Randy Fulk, Misplaced Passion)
Steel Rail Melody Randy Fulk, Misplaced Passion)
Sunshine Girl

Early AM Rain (Gordon Lightfoot)
10 Degrees and Getting Colder (Gordon Lightfoot)
For Emily Whenever I May Find Her (Paul Simmon)
Homeward Bound (Paul Simmon)
Unconditional Love (Randy Fulk, Empty Spaces)
I'll Be Gone (Randy Fulk, Empty Spaces)
Refugees (Randy Fulk, Empty Spaces)
Roseville Fair (Bill Stains)
Once In A Very Blue Moon (Patrick Alger)
Pacing the Cage (Bruce Cockburn)

Unconditional Love(Randy Fulk, Empty Spaces)
Proud Words (Randy Fulk, Empty Spaces)
Through The Forest I Run (Randy Fulk & Matt Myers, Empty Spaces)
Refugees (Randy Fulk, Empty Spaces)
Empty Spaces