Randy & Jason Sklar

Randy & Jason Sklar

 New York, New York, USA

Stand combines heartfelt energy and excellent song craftmanship to deliver songs that range from loud and gritty to mellow and dramatic. Their combination of 2 very harmonic vocalists over hookie guitar lines provide a breath of fresh air in a music world full of mundane rock and puffy pop.


Randy and Jason have also guest starred in several TV shows, including an Emmy Award winning episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. They starred as conjoined twins in a memorable episode of Grey's Anatomy and as warring agents on HBO's Entourage. Of the Entourage episode, Entertainment Weekly television critic Paul Katz wrote of their turn, “in the hands of comedic masters, The Sklar Brothers, they made it soar.”

Their half hour Comedy Central Presents stand up special is still in regular rotation on the network.

In November of 2006, Randy and Jason wrapped their 4th and final season of their critically acclaimed comedy series, Cheap Seats on ESPN Classic. In 77 episodes, the Sklars built a strong following in both the sports and comedy worlds.

Currently, they write and appear in a regular segment on ESPN's SportsCenter called, “The Bracket”. They fill in as guest hosts for Jim Rome on his popular nationally syndicated radio show.

Also, Randy and Jason can be seen in Touchstone's, Wild Hogs, as well as in Fox Atomic's, The Comebacks. And in November of 2007 Randy and Jason can be seen in the season three finale of the cult FX hit “It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia .”

Randy & Jason currently reside in Los Angeles . They continue to perform stand-up all over the country.


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2007) Entourage (2006-07) Grey's Anatomy (2006) Jim Rome Is Burning (2006) Cheap Seats (2004-06) Law and Order (2005) Utilityman: The Quest For Cooperstown (2004) Curb Your Enthusiasm (2002) Becker (2001) Providence (2001) The Oblongs (2000) Battlebots (2000) It's Like You Know (1999) Action (1999) Late Friday (2000) Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn (2002) Comedy Central Presents (2001) Comedy Central's Premium Blend (1997) Late Night with Conan O'Brien (1997) Apt. 2F (1997) Sports Center on ESPN, VH1 Countdown shows E! Countdown shows


The Prime Gig (1999) Citizen Toxie (2000) Bubble Boy (2000) My Baby's Daddy (2003) Wild Hogs (2007) The Comebacks (2007)


Jim Rome's Show (over 20 appearances as guest hosts), NPR's Day to Day (The Sports Brothers)




Set List

60 minute performance