"RandyLand Studios"

"RandyLand Studios"


Randy Barnette Guitarist/Songwriter(BMI) Producer. Commercial Rock Country Rock Power Pop


I'm a Guitarist of 20+years,I studied at the
Musicians Institute(GIT)In Hollwood CA in 1991.
I have toured all over the United States and parts
of Canada,from creepy Rock rooms,to the "A"
Hotel circuits to outdoor shows to 3000 room seaters....I'm a BMI Songwriter,very driven and dedicated,I'm always on the lookout for Serious
Writng and Recording projects.I have my studio
in my home for easy 24-hour access,this is all
I do,I also teach guitar a couple days a week
at the music store,I feel very Blessed to be
able to play Guitar for a living!


You can here my Rough demo's and song ideas