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"Randy Michael & the Sharp Dressed Lads are keeping rock-n-roll alive in Atlanta"

There is not much better than cranking up the stereo after dropping the needle on a killer rock-n-roll record. Hearing the fiery guitars and pounding drums rattle the windows with each note while your neighbor, parent or wife fusses at you to “turn that mess down”. The debut album from Randy Michael & the Sharp Dressed Lads is one of these rock-n-roll records, ok it is a download but you get the picture.

In addition to stints with well known national acts, (Public Enemy, Butch Walker, Travie McCoy) Randy Michael is a veteran of the Atlanta music scene. His previous band The Booze delivered Stones inspired rock tunes all over town with Michael doling out the hot guitar licks. Now with his new group, Randy Michael & the Sharp Dressed Lads, he is front and center taking on vocal responsibilities as well as delivering the bad ass guitar riffs. Their debut album Straight From The Horse’s Mouth is a seven track powerhouse loaded with 60’s rock inspired tunes. Firing on all cylinders right out of the gate, “When I Die (Can I Come Back As Your Dress?)” and “Get My Shotgun” are rapid fire guitar driven tunes with a thumping backbeat. Demonstrating they are not a one trick pony “Can’t Get My Head Around It” adds soulful keyboards to the mix and “Pearly Gates” possesses a bit of country twang both nice touches. Taking things darker is “Tremblin’ Blues” a brooding tune built around Michael’s howls and haunting guitars it reminds me of something you would hear on a Screamin' Jay Hawkins album. There are two tracks on 'Horse's Mouth' that are the best of what they do. One is “Poor Susanna”, a power-pop gem with smooth rhythms and sweet melodies that gets stuck in your head. The other is “The Face” which utilizes fuzzy guitars and a thumping bass line that must be cranked as loud as possible.

The songs on this album are built around fuzzy garage rock then tweaked so they all have different a feel. Michael and crew pick the perfect spots to mix in keyboards, vocal harmonies, varied beats and backing vocals as they primarily sing about the ladies. While the tunes sound like they have been pilfered from the past they still maintain a freshness and originality. So treat your ears and give this album a try just remember to play it loud. Also, check them out live they put on one hell of a show, you can catch them this Saturday at the Star Bar. - The Examiner

""Straight From The Horse's Mouth.""

http://www.uberrock.co.uk/cd-reviews/27-july-cd/5479-randy-michael-a-the-sharp-dressed-lads-straight-from-the-horses-mouth-self-released.html - Uber Rock

"Ex-Booze guitarist Randy Michael debuts new band with trashy single, video"

After digging the hell out of a pair of songs last year from Atlanta band the Booze, we were crestfallen to learn the group is no more: apparently singer Chaz Tolliver dropped out of sight last fall, and nobody in the band has heard from him since.

Sunrise, sunset. Talk about a silver lining, though: guitarist Randy Michael (who used to play bass for Public Enemy and Butch Walker) put together a new band, the Sharp Dressed Lads, to pick up more or less where the Booze left off. The group has recorded “Straight From the Horse’s Mouth,” a 7-song debut EP that includes the trashy, rollicking single “The Face.” As it happens, that’s also the song the group shot a video for.

It’s straight-up ’70s chic, complete with feathered hair, dirtbag mustaches, wide lapels and loud print dresses, and sketchy dealings in motel rooms. In other words, it’s awesome. “Straight From the Horse’s Mouth” is available now via iTunes.
- Listen Damnit

"Randy Michael & the Sharp Dressed Lads kick of the 4th of July on Tuesday night"

The first time my ears heard the fuzzy guitar sounds of Randy Michael & the Sharp Dressed Lads was just a few weeks ago in the friendly confines of Vinyl located at the Center Stage complex in Atlanta. I had never seen nor heard of them before that night and as they took the stage I was intrigued. They looked like they stepped out of the 60’s, right out of rock-n-roll history books and they possessed a swagger reminiscent of the Stones or the Yardbirds.

When the music started I was hooked from the very first fuzzy guitar lick as they rolled through a set list that was short and powerful. Tunes from their latest EP such as “The Face” and “Get My Shotgun” littered the set list and they pulled off a mighty fine cover of Cindy Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. After the buzz from the amps subsided the crowd and I all wanted more but sadly they were in a supporting role and their limited time was up.
Well this Tuesday night the boys are back in town and they will be jamming their tunes at the EARL in East Atlanta. The tunes should be loud and the beer cold which is the perfect combination for a July 3rd celebration. With most of us off work Wednesday then the night is prime for a party and the music of Randy Michael & the Sharp Dressed Lads is the perfect soundtrack. Doors open at 8:30pm with the music starting shortly thereafter come check them out, you will dig it. - The Examiner

"Randy Michael & The Sharp Dressed Lads"

It has to be said, I was overcome with a serious case of the vapors last year when I got word Atlanta’s The Booze had broken up. All of us here at MOKB were somewhat rabid fans of their gutsy, heart-felt, party-soaked rock n’roll. So it’s both to my relief and delight to see main-man Randy Michael, who was the songwriter, lead guitarist and back-up vocalist for The Booze (not to mention a former bass player for both Public Enemy and Butch Walker) wasted no time jumping right back into the studio, yet putting himself front and center this time around.

So with his new outfit Randy Michael and The Sharp Dressed Lads, it seems highly likely the metaphorical horse in the title of his new full-length Straight From The Horse’s Mouth is Michael himself. Much like when Townshend finally made a few albums without Daltrey and you discovered not only was Pete a kick-ass singer in his own right, but it also posed the question; why would a triple-threat relegate himself to a back-up vocalist position in the first place? Such is the case with Randy Michael.

And to let you know in no uncertain terms that his new sound is leaner, meaner and straight to the goddamned rock n’roll point, he kicks things off with the lead track The Face and its opening lyric “Well, I snarl like a killer…” and indeed, he does. Raw, raucous and punch-packed with his staggering, bluesy guitar riffs that practically sing songs all by themselves, The Face has all the wicked, Stonesy-swagger we so adored about The Booze, but this time with a taut, modern smolder. Get My Shotgun showcases Michael’s ability to seamlessly take a military-beat rocker and break it down into a funked-out, psychedelic groove you won’t soon shake out of your head. And did you ever wonder if Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Leslie Gore, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Chris Isaak and Muddy Waters’ influence could all be simultaneously felt in just one song? And not only would it work, but ultimately, blow your mind? Check out Tremblin’ Blues sometime and get back to me. There’s also the rollicking, tent-revival baptism of When I Die (Can I Come Back As Your Dress?) the Hammond-organ-drenched, sultry soul of Can’t get My Head Around It and Bright Eyed Boys and the country-fried storytelling pop of Poor Susanna and Pearly Gates. The last track Even If It Takes Forever with its sweet melodies, call and response-style vocals and thoroughly steeped in Michael’s love of the oldies-but-goodies, is the perfect end to an utterly fantastic album.

Michael is currently shopping record labels to release Straight From The Horse’s Mouth, so in the mean-time, here’s a couple of mp3’s to enjoy until you can get your trembling-with-anticipation paws on the entire LP. - My Old Kentucky Blog


"Straight From The Horse's Mouth " 2012



Randy Michael & The Sharp Dressed Lads is what happens when you take the guitarist/songwriter from cult punk band The Booze, and combine him with four other dapper dressed fellows who can play their instruments as if they were born with them. Pulling influences from bands such as Sly & The Family Stone, and The Velvet Underground, they create a context in which one can pull notes of classic rock and roll with a hint of soul that really gets to the sweet spot in your ears. The band, which formed March 2012, has been turning heads with their self-released EP titled "Straight From The Horses Mouth", which hit Itunes this past June. Randy Michael & The Sharp Dressed Lads proves not to disappoint at their shows as well, with a lively stage presence that promotes crowd sing-alongs, dancing and just plain debauchery, the band is one to be reckoned with.