Randy Scrafford

Randy Scrafford

 Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

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30 Years of Us

Written By: Randy Scrafford

Verse 1:
Thirty years have come and gone, the two of us never been as strong.
Three kids on the their own it seems, life is good when you live your dream.
It all came true when I dreamed a dream of
Chorus 1:
You and I and all we've got, the things we own don't mean a lot. Don't have a lot but what we've got is us. Thirty years of us.
Verse 2:
A little home with a front porch swing, a garden back by a clear blue spring.
Away of life only God can give, go'in to church, helping others live.
That's what we have just the two us, cause. (chorus)
A picnic basket and a country drive, a fishing pole on a Sunday ride. Another time when we were young, like yesterday hav'n so much fun, thirty years of us.
Verse 3:
As years go by that day will come, one of us will be the only one.
To sit and think about the times we had, but loneliness won't feel so bad, cause.
It all comes true when I dream the dream of.
Chorus 2:
You and I on a brand new swing, in a place where time won't mean a thing.
You and I for eternity and those, thirty years of us.
Chorus 1...End