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Randy Tate

Laredo, Texas, United States | SELF

Laredo, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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"Local band, Randy Tate, releases new single, featured on Zonido"

For Immediate Release Friday, July 30, 2010

Local band Randy Tate releases new single, “Borderline,”
Featured on San Antonio’s Zonido TV show

On July 30, 2010 emerging South Texas alternative rock band Randy Tate released their first single, “Borderline,” off their upcoming album Around the Bend. The band was also featured on San Antonio’s number one rated music tv show, Zonido on July 29.
Recently featured on the cover of DVINO (photo below), the band continues to build off their initial sound and success while promoting the release of their follow-up album to their EP. Front man and songwriter Armando Saldaña recently sat down with the producers of Zonido for an interview and video shoot.
“We are extremely eager to get our music out there and heard.” Saldaña continued, “the new Tate album has a very feel-good, alternative vibe going while still paying homage to the greats before us.”
The group is scheduled to host a CD Release Party at Scout Bar on August 22, 2010. Randy Tate will perform with special guests Shazz! from Laredo, TX. For more information go to www.randytate.org.
- Press Release

"Randy Tate - A State of Mind"

There are many things I could tell you about Armando ‘Mando’ Saldaña that he’d probably prefer I keep to myself. What I’m sure he wouldn’t mind I tell you, though, are the simple things, like how all things music make his world a livelier place to be and how, whether he realizes it or not, when he discusses said music world he morphs willingly into an old soul destined to exist with a guitar
strapped to his back.
He takes on this clandestine character with ease, and his alter-ego even has a name: Randy Tate. This is more than a nickname, you see, as it’s a vessel he’s become accustomed to in order to exemplify the ingenuity that flows
through his veins. I’ve been friends with Mando for close to a decade now and have
watched him perform with countless bands in assorted venues and I even sang along with him as he sang to his wife, one of my dearest friends in the world, on their wedding night.

All things considered, Mando is a full-blooded music aficionado with epic aspirations and for as far back as I can remember, he’s gotten blissfully giddy over live shows, guitar strings, and, well, rock n’ roll. Period.

Mando’s band, whose name has officially been shortened to Randy Tate, will be releasing their second album with the working title Around the Bend August 24. Their first single ‘Borderline,’ which will be let out in early August, combines fundamental elements of rock and Latin beats in an edgy take on fate and the
impact of choice.

I recently sat down with Mando, and after I put on my best Cameron Crowe face and overlooked the fact that I was sitting with a good friend of mine, we had an inspired tête-à-tête about what music really means to him and other fun stuff that makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

DVINO: Jimmy Page told Rolling Stone that he wasn’t interested in learning to play music until he heard a couple of records that “really turned him on” and he had to learn to play. Where does that driving force come from for
AS: I learned my first guitar riff when I was about thirteen. My dad taught me my first riff, Day Tripper when I was about ten. It felt natural
to me then but the drive never came until
I discovered Pearl Jam albums, around ’91.
DVINO: I personally can’t pick my all
time favorite albums. Can you?
AS: Definitely not. I can throw a few out
there, in no order. It’d have to be Pearl
Jam’s Ten, VS., Radiohead’s OK computer,
all the Kings of Leon’s albums.
DVINO: During Cameron Crowes’ interview
with Eddie Vedder in ’93, he refers to
Pearl Jam’s album Vs. as full of rage and
warrior soul. How would he classify your
AS: I’d say that he’d say it’s got a feel
good vibe, something you’d want to pop in
the radio in the morning, to kind of get your
day started. I don’t see very much rage; it’s
about having a good time.
DVINO: Musicians are referred to as tortured.
How do you feel about that?
AS: I wouldn’t call myself tortured. I like
tortured musicians, the work they put out.
But I wouldn’t classify myself as tortured
because I’ve had a pretty good life. I do
play off of those feelings that I’ve had over
being lost and hurt. They’re definitely there
at some point in the album, as well.
DVINO: Right now, right this very second
… where is your motivation coming
AS: Right now it’s coming from me having
to do something with this thing that I love
to do … which is to play music - having to
put it on a record, to fully promote it. I feel
I have to do as much as I can to stand behind
DVINO: How difficult was it for you to
put your first album together?
AS: The first one was easier than this second
one. I didn’t have expectations, but
now I know what I’m trying to be, what I
need to improve on. The first one wasn’t difficult,
the second one is.
DVINO: Will I ever see you at ACL?
AS: Hopefully we’ll be there in a couple
years. I have really high hopes for the next
few months.
DVINO: Do you feel competition with
other local bands?
AS: I don’t feel it at all, because I would
really like for Laredo to get noticed as a
music scene, so, in order for that to happen
everyone needs to be promoted. I want to
shed more light on Laredo’s musicians.
DVINO: In a nutshell, describe your new
AS: It’s a range of sounds, extensive harmonies
and different vibes. It goes from a
pop song to a dramatic song that talks about sorrow and regret. It’s a well-rounded, solid
DVINO: Do you dream label dreams?
AS: Actually, I don’t right now. I’m hoping
that I can put all this work into the album,
the money and promotion that it’s going pay
off and I won’t need a label. I’m really trying
to do it on my own.
DVINO: What inspired you to put
together this album? Why now?
AS: I needed to do something with the
creativity, it never stops. It’s always in my
head, I can be at work and I’m thinking
about what I’m going to play when I get
home. I needed to get it out. I talked to the
guys about it and everyone was interested.
The opportunity was right there, I had to
seize the moment. It wasn’t the proverbial jolt
of inspiration, the whole album isn’t just one
thought. It’s more.
DVINO: If you could compare this album
to another…
AS: Rubber Soul. The whole album is
a little funky; we’re having a great time on
that album.
DVINO: Explain your name.
AS: Randy Tate started as a nickname
in high school and from there it pretty much
grew into an alter-ego, an outlet for creativity.
I was able to give character to the stories,
thoughts that were in my head. I don’t
know if I am Randy Tate, it’s like a state of
DVINO: Tell me a little about your history
in the music world.
AS: I started playing when I was in high
school and kept playing throughout college.
I played in cover bands, but then I felt the
need to go at it on my own, with my own
ideas. So, I got this group of guys (who
work on different projects) together, it was
pretty tricky because everyone else is in two
or three other bands.
DVINO: If you weren’t doing any of
this … what would you be doing?
AS: I’d have my own business doing
web-design. Ultimately, you know, design is
another outlet for my creativity.
The sophomore album will be sold at Best
Buy, where the band will host a CD release
party in the afternoon of August 27, with
another to follow in the evening at Old No.
2 Grill & Café. Randy Tate will also host a
release party in San Antonio at Scout Bar on
August 26. To keep tabs with Randy Tate
and his adventures check out www.randytate.
org or via their Facebook page. - DVINO Magazine


E.P. - A fine Blend of Herbs and Spices
Album - Around the Bend
Single - Waste of Time



In early 2007, four of Laredo’s most accomplished and involved gigsters got together to start a movement known as Randy Tate. Their sound is dusted with traces of Carlos Santana, Social Distortion, Kings of Leon, and Pearl Jam. This new school rock n’ roll homage is bringing a new buzz to the music scene.

The band is a decorated and experienced four piece all-star cast. At the core structure of Randy Tate is singer/guitarist, Armando Saldana (aka Randy Tate). Knighted for his ventures back in school, Armando uses a keen hold on songwriting to lace together jammy tales of a life lived loud. Curly Castillo is holding up the structure for the crew. Curly is the prodigal protégé of career drummer and Grammy winner Chale Castillo. At a young age, Curly has already established himself as one of Laredo’s elite drummers with his wacky, syncopated, solid, and shake drumming. EJ Laurel was born to bring the bass to this place and gives a stylish groove to the Tate sound. Fed Gutierrez’s lead guitar sound is best described as a blend of rhythm, melody, charm and surprise.

Randy Tate is rocking major Laredo music festivals such as Autmus Fest, JamBoozie, and The Sol Y Luna Fest in Austin. At Autmus Fest ‘O6, Armando took the award for Best Vocalist. Curly was nominated for Sledge TV’s Best Drummer for 2007. In addition to their live conquests, Randy Tate also reigns supreme in the studio. Their new album Around The Bend was recorded and mastered in San Antonio’s prestigious Sound Box Studios. Already available for sale on ITunes and other various outlets, Around The Bend is making its way into the CD players of fans at a viral rate. The first single “Borderline” is an edgy alternative take on the consequences of fate and choice.

In the pursuit of true rock stardom, Randy Tate is taking their album on the road and dominating I-35. With Laredo’s initial success, Randy Tate will be taking San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas by storm with their sound, style, and swank.