Randy Weeks

Randy Weeks

 Austin, Texas, USA

Lucinda Williams: “Randy Weeks writes amazingly well crafted, beautifully melodic songs and delivers them with his own brand of laid back vocals and surfboard cool, very hip approach.”


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“An amazing songwriter” - Salon.com
“Smart songwriting and a broad palette of pop music influences” - CD Now
“Amazing musician” - Billboard
“Cooler than an Eskimo beer box” - Houston Press

His cool, easy-going attitude paired with his sharp and witty undertones make Randy Weeks' style undeniably his own. Soundtracking the ever-present undercurrent of our popular culture, Weeks' music can be heard on international radio stations, Grammy award winning albums, and in feature films.

Hailing from Windom, Minnesota, Weeks grew up on a steady diet of the music of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Animals and The Kinks. California dreams lured him away from the Minnesota winters, and he spent nearly three decades as an integral member of the Los Angeles music scene.

As part of the scene that included Lucinda Williams, Dwight Yoakam, Jim Lauderdale, Rosie Flores and Buddy Miller, Weeks helped revive country rock and launch the Americana music movement as a member of the legendary Lonesome Strangers. The Strangers became the stronghold of California Americana, recording three influential albums, (two of which were produced by Pete Anderson (Dwight Yoakam)) which, not only earned them a Top 40 Billboard hit, but thrust them into the surge of the Americana Music Scene uprising.

In the late '90s Weeks struck out on his own, recording four highly celebrated albums. The first, Madeline (Hightone), is still considered among the most timeless albums of our generation. All Music Guide hailed Madeline as “a great album” while Salon.com called it “maybe the best breakup album since Chris Isaak’s Forever Blue.” His song, "Can't Let Go," became the sole cover and biggest hit on Lucinda Williams' Grammy winning album, Car Wheels on a Gravel Road.

Not one to sit back on his laurels, Weeks followed Madeline with a series of exceptional albums: Sold Out At The Cinema, Sugarfinger and, most recently, Going My Way. Sugarfinger scored Weeks' biggest hit with “Transistor Radio.” Described by CMT.com’s Craig Shelburne as “easy to sing, impossible to get out of your head,” this indelible tune became popular on L.A. taste-making radio stations KCRW and Indie 103.1 before spreading across the nation on terrestrial and satellite radio stations.

Upon the release of Going My Way, The Los Angeles Times named Randy Weeks the “Artist to Watch,” raving “[Weeks] puts together a batch of consistently evocative, witty lyrics that he sings in a distinctively wry Lou Reed-meets-Willie Nelson voice.”

Weeks' albums have consistently drawn rave reviews and made the "Top 10" lists of the likes of former Billboard Magazine music editor Chris Morris, No Depression’s Peter Blackstock. In addition, he’s had songs featured in several movies and TV shows, including Shallow Hal, Sunshine State and Say It Isn’t So.

Ever so cooly, Weeks' songwriting and subject matter spans from the deep and poignant to the light and airy. It's been said that "Weeks can take you from crying in your beer to dancing on the bar." As an instrumentalist, Weeks' style effortlessly melds surf rock with folk rock; Americana with American Pop.

Randy Weeks has quickly and notably stepped out of the shadows of some of his more familiar contemporaries and into the limelight. And it is clear he is on his way to attain the recognition he most certainly deserves.


Transistor Radio

Written By: Randy Weeks

Did you know my name
What did you think about
Thought you were checking in
But you were checking out

Who would ever think
Such a sunny day
Would go and turn to dust
And just blow away

I can hear it on a transistor radio
Baby what you said
I can see it on the cover of a tattered paperback
You never read

There’s a stretch of stars
Shining down on you
They’re gonna light the way
The way to something new

There’s a slippery road
That I seem to find
Leads me to myself
I just keep on driving


Maybe I’m the one
Who needs a talking to
Might even listen now
If I heard the truth

Every single word
That you never spoke
Is ringing in my ears
Is ringing in my bones

When I’m thirsty for
A little taste of wine
You know I have my fill
And then I feel all right


© Randy Weeks, Angry Desert Music, Administered by Bug Music

Sometimes I Don't Even...

Written By: Randy Weeks

You don’t play so fair and square
You strung me up and left me hanging there
You got me right between the eyes
Never stopped to apologize

Now here I am alone at last
Just shaking off the spells you cast
But I still miss you singing out of tune
Beneath that smoggy old paper moon

And sometimes I don’t even think about it
Yeah sometimes I don’t even think about it

New York City in the summer time
Now there’s a place where you can really shine
Just toss aside these sweet old dusty dreams
They got more dreams than you’ve ever seen

I’ll rest assured that if you’re ever down
There’ll always be someone to come around
Pick you up and smooth your wings
Tell you tall tales and everything

And sometimes I don’t even think about it
Yeah sometimes I don’t even think about it

Well I ain’t sailing on no ship of fools
I’ll make an offer that I can’t refuse
For now I’m spending all my idle time
With other pretty girls right here in paradise

And sometimes I don’t even think about it
Yeah sometimes I don’t even think about it
Yeah sometimes I don’t even think about it

© Randy Weeks, Angry Desert Music, Administered by Bug Music


Going My Way (2009, self released)
Sugarfinger (2006, self released)
Sold Out At The Cinema (2003, self released)
Madeline (2000, Hightone Records)

Songs recorded by:
Lucinda Williams, Car Wheels on a Gravel Road (Can't Let Go)
Teddy Morgan, Louisiana Rain, (Fine Way to Treat Me)
Heidi Newfield, What Am I Waiting For, (Can't Let Go)

Songs have appeared in:
Shallow Hal Soundtrack, Fox Pictures (Countryside With You)
Stuck on You Soundtrack, Fox Pictures (This is the Last Time, I'd Walk A Thousand Miles)
Say It Isn’t So Soundtrack, Fox Pictures (Motor City, Make You Happy)
Jack Frost Soundtrack, Warner Brothers (Can't Let Go)
The Ringer Soundtrack, Fox Pictures (Ton Of Shame)
Country Bears Soundtrack, Disney (Can't Let Go)
Sunshine State, Sony Pictures (Can't Let Go)
All Hat, Universal Pictures (Can't Let Go)
Blacktop, Canada (Can't Let Go)
You Stupid Man, Warner Brothers (Don't Step Away, Baby You Got to Choose)

Set List

Weeks has a repertoire of over 80 incredibly catchy, beautifully melodic, mostly upbeat original songs. Whether rocking with a full band or playing acoustic in an intimate listening room, Weeks can tailor the length of his set to fit almost any situation.