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Written By: Franklin E. Ackerman

You ask me how our love has grown throughout the years. Wondering how old hearts love as new. I will try to answer you with words in our song. Will you please take my hand and sing along.

The first time that our eyes met dear, we felt a magic bond. Somehow knowing our hearts would become entwined as one. When we spoke our vows to God high above, He blessed us with His sweet love sent on the wings of doves.

Seldom have we forgotten promises made to Him on that day. So as we've lived our lives with true joy day by day. Giving praises unto our Father who created lasting love. For this I am thankful my dear, forever thankful for you and your gift of love.


Written By: Franklin E. Ackerman

I awoke this morning long before the rising sun. Stars twinkling in the heavens this day has just begun. Air is filled with silence, no sign of morning's hue. Then my love and I share a kiss as I depart into the morning's dew.

Embarking on this journey to find the risen Son. As I walk upon the leaves near trees they've fallen from. Sounds of the pounding surf, no silence in the air. My senses awakened God's love everywhere.

Ah, the risen Son, bringing joy into my life. Guiding me down this path with His eternal light. As I feel His presence, God has blessed me on this day. Knowing without His love, life would simply slip away.

When I awoke this morning before the rising sun. Stars twinkled in the heavens, my day had just begun.
This journey now is done!
The Lord's day has come!