Ranger has an indie-pop-rock sound with catchy, lyrical songs and dynamic female vocals. This is a group so in sync with each other, it sounds as if they've been playing together for many years.


As seen with Collective Soul, currently launching through the music scene is Ranger, an indie-style band, producing songs driven by classic guitar sounds, innovative beats, and dynamic vocals. Known for catchy lyrical songs, Ranger offers a charm comparable to Feist. Renowned songwriter Will Jennings. and sound engineer Tim Wilson mentored Stephanie Kincheloe, the band's founder. Kincheloe moved to Indiana in 2008, teaming up with Josh Kincheloe and Derrick Royer to complete her distinctive sound. In early 2009, Ranger recorded a self-titled EP at Blu Room Studios. The album was mastered by engineer T.W. Walsh who is known for his work with David Bazaan. After performing with the likes of Mike Gordon (of Phish) and Collective Soul and being featured on WTTS 92.3 in just their first year, look out for Ranger in 2010!


Self titled Debut:"Ranger"

Tracks with Radio Play:
Chance and Romance
The Movement

Set List

Typically 8-9 songs. 45 minute set. All original. Occasional cover.