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"Watch Berlin in Fast Forward"

Sound designer and Musician - Rani Dar, releasing today his first video from his upcoming EP - Splatters
his unic style includes creating multiple layers of noisy sounds that creates interesting melodic textures while combined
this video was shot with his I phone, mostly from the trains in Berlin, and shows very interesting visual effects that was created by the trains passing by each other, and without any computer manipulations - NRG


"Splatter" EP -



Rani dar, an Electronic musician & Sound designer from Tel Aviv,
captures Industrial Low-Fi samples from the noisiest streets
and make them melodious and pleasant to the ear.
in his first EP called "Splatters" that was released earlier this year. Crude digital recordings became synthetic, complex sound textures and beats.
when performing Live he improvises using the original samples alongside sounds captured just a few moments before the show, making every set a one-off event.
Now working on his second, and planing his first European tour happening Mid September this year.