Verona, Veneto, ITA

.. a sort of a microtonal vocal melodic lines, metal attacks, psychedelic and grunge blending...indian music DNA inserted into the rock genoma...


RANJ is a sanskrit root name meaning "to paint", like "merging a listener's mind into colours thru music". All our songs are composed by the indian classical music system rules. Only the outside skin is a combo rock band's one. Meldic outlines (raaga) and rythm patterns (taala) are those of indian classic music.. We’ve met at Vicenza’s Conservatory. Experimental Hindosthan music’s course. The only one in Italy. We were attending the same lessons. In love and greedy to know this mysterious music born where the sun rises. But we're made of western music, not just classical one. Any kind. That’s it. We’ve sucked it with milk when we’re children. Sitarvala has a degree in western classical guitar and sitar. Michele in orchestral percussion instruments. LeLi in sitar. When jazz singing knocked at her door, Eli wasn’t at home. When opera singing called her, she was in the toilet. When pop did it, she was out for shopping. But Indian classical singing, well, that hit her right to the heart. We’ve attended many music’s stages and Seminars, we’ve had our Conservatory’s degree and, even so, we’re still eager to play. So, an odd idea came to us. We’ve decided to forget everything we’ve learned, we’ve stirred it up, and we’ve reassembled it in the way we like. Ranj. Influences: mainly, indian players like Vilayat Khan for sitar, Shanka Chatterjee for tabla, Ustad F. Dagar and Amelia Cuni for vocals, but also great influences from grunge rock, such as Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, or from Tool..



Written By: RANJ


Nel Silenzio
ti manifesti
Tu sei Chi
nel Suono sussurra

si rivela
Supero la barriera
del confine

Una vertigine

la mia paura
di perderTi


Into the Silence
You disclose Yourself
You are the One
Who whispers in the Sound

The Unrevealed
I go over
the border line

in a giddiness
above the infinite Space

I implore You
my fear
to lose You


Written By: RANJ

(raaga asaavari)

Come un Suono
Che porta lontano
Il mio Amore per Te

Come il Tuono
Che scuote il mio cuore
E lo svuota di Sé

Come il Fuoco
Che forgia la porta
Del Tempo su di Sé

Il Tuo respiro
Fluisce e scivola fuori
Come un Suono
Ovunque Tu sia

Ma non importa
Perché in ogni cosa
Ti vedo

(raaga asaavari)

Like a Sound
That brings far
My Love for You

Like the Thunder
That shakes my heart
And empties Itself

Like the Fire
That forges the door
Of the Time on Itself

Your breath Flows
And slips out
Like a Sound
Anywhere You is

But it doesn't care
Because in every thing
I see You


Written By: RANJ

(Raaga Bhairavii)

Madre mirabile
nel Mare del Tempo
liquido oro

Mi hai immaginato qui
da quanto tempo?
Devota risplendo

Quanto profondo
Migliaia di vite
Mani si muovono
offrono di sé

Nel Cerchio del Tempo
Migliaia di luci
Ondeggiano vuote,
Risplendono di sé

Parlano di Te
che sei mio
luminosamente mio

(Raaga Bhairavii)

Wonderful Mother
In the Sea of Times
Golden Liquid

You have imagined me here
For how long?
I shine with devotion

How deep is it?

Thousands of lives,
Hands are moving,
Offering themselves

in the Circle of Times
Thousands of lights
Empty rippling
Shining restlessly

They talk about You
You who are mine,
Glowingly mine


Written By: RANJ

(raga bhimpalasi)

Una sillaba galleggia
sulle labbra di Colui che amo

Le parole sgorgano come fiume
dal centro infuocato dell'Universo

Come un loto esso si schiude

Ogni cosa si trasforma,
mio Amato,
nella Tua immobilità ardente

Con tutte le mie forze
ho cercato di tenerti lontano
ma ogni cosa parla di Te

Sullo scorrere del fiume
Tra le acque
l'Universo si rivela

नदी की धारा पर

सजन के ओठों पर
एक अक्षर तैर रहा है

विश्व के ज्वलित केन्द्र से
नदी-जैसे शब्द बह रहे हैं

वह खुल जाता है कमल की तरह

सब चीजें बदल जाती हैं
-मेरे सजन-
तेरी दमकती अचलता में

अपनी सब शक्तियों से
मैंने तुम से दूर रहने की कोशिश की हूँ
पर सबकुछ तेरे बारे में बोलता है

नदी की धारा पर
पानी में से
विश्व तो प्रकट हो जाता है

(Raaga Bhimpalasii)

sajan ke oThoM par
ek akshar tair rahaa hai

vishv ke jvalit kendr se
nadii-jaise shabd bah rahe haiM

voh khul jaataa kamal kii tareh

sab cizeM badal jaatii haiM
-mere sajan
Terii damaktii acaltaa meM

apnii sab shaktiyoM se
maiM ne tum se duur rehne kii koshish kii huuM
par sabkuc tere bare meM boltaa hai

nadii kii dhaaraa par
paanii meM se
vishv to prakaT ho jaataa hai

M sta per nasalizzazione, le maiuscole sono per le retroflesse, c sta per c come in cena, k sta per c come in cane. Le vocali doppie sono le lunghe, semplici sono brevi.


Written By: RANJ

(traditional devotional song of Maharashtra, INDIA)
arr. RANJ

Anadi Nirguni Pragatali Bhavani
Moha Mahishasura Mardana Laguni
Trividha Tapanzi Karavaya Zharani
Bhakta Laguni Pavasi Nirvani

Aicha Jogava
Jogava Magena
Aicha Jogava
Jogava Jogava Magena
Aicha Jogava
Ai Ude Ga Ambe Ude
Ude Ga Ambe Ude
Ude Ude Ude Ho

Aicha Jogava Magena
Dvaita Saruni Marla Mi Ghalina
Hati Bodacha Zhenda Mi Gheina
Bheda Rahita Ga Varisi Zaina

Ata Saazani Zhale Mi Niha Sanga
Vikalpa Navaryacha Soryela Sanga
Kaama Krodha He Sodyele Manga
Kela Mokarla Marga Ha Suranga

Aisa Jogava Maguni Thevila
Zauni Mahadvari Navasa Mya Fedila
Eka Janardani Ekacha Dekhila
Janma Maranatza Phera Mya Chukvila

(traditional devotional song of Maharashtra, INDIA)
arr. RANJ
english translation

Bhavani the Goddess Who is without Form and Eternal has incarnated
She is the One who has killed the devil Mahishasura
There are three kinds of heats in the body (sardi, garmi and pitta) created by sins,
So to finish them all and for the sake of Her devotees
and to give Salvation to this World
She has incarnated

I will remove the duality and garland the Goddess
I will hold the flag of Understanding
I will forget all differences of Cast, Race, Colour-skin and go to Pilgrimage

During nine nights I will do nine types of devotion
I will ask for the Son which represents the Knowledge within me
I will give up my Father-in-law who represents my Anger

I will fill up my container of Understanding
I will give up all my Desires
I will also give up all the Limitations of my Mind
I will fill up my container (this body) up with Ambrosia

Now I have become detached
I have given up my Husband, who represents the Doubting within me
I have also given up Lust and Anger
And I have cleared my spiritual Path

I have asked Mother for Yoga
And I have fulfilled my promise of giving Her offerings as soon as I get my Yoga
Ekanath says: “Now I have become One with God
And I have risen above the Cycle of Birth and Death”

Mother’s Yoga
I shall go and ask Mother for Yoga
O raise, raise, raise, raise, Mother Kundalini!


1 CD "RANJ_2009" (LP with 10 tracks) will be out in July 2009..tracks can be listened to online on myspacepage www.myspace.com/theranj

Set List

We play our 10 tracks live. Our set is about 1 hour