Ranlom is free-spirited quirky groovin' wit for those quirky birds who love inexpensive road trips, good eats, lazy fishing trips, and libraries. Ranlom will continue to produce one-of-a-kind records until which time he needs eight men to hold his handles.


RANLOM is...Matt Molnar, a true Quirky Bird with a special affinity for Chuck Mangione, Jerry Reed, Riders in the Sky, and jazz. He spent 5 years in Nash Vegas completing his education while swimming with the muzz buzz sharks. He lives simply in his home state of Oregon with his lovely wife Nicole. When time permits, he loves a lazy fishing trip and a doughnut.

The RANLOM sound is best described as "quirky, groovin' wit." RANLOM's latest EP "A Rest Stop and a Snooze" is an escape along the scenic route with head-bobbing grooves, quirky lyrical imagery, and memorable melodies. The project features Portland, Oregon greats Dave Captein, Renato Caranto, Dan Balmer, Kurt Deutscher, Israel Annoh, and Drew Shoals along with the exceptional ears of engineer Kevin Nettleingham.

Ranlom...an alternative


A Rest Stop and A Snooze
Ravens and Doves
The Red Eye