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Ransom Scenery

Springfield, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Springfield, Illinois, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Duo Alternative Art Rock



The best kept secret in music


"Review of new CD 'Ear to Ear' by Ransom Scenery"

Ransom Scenery has released a new CD called Ear to Ear, and it is a collage of sounds that has the ability to take you on a trippin' trip. The duo from Springfield, Illinois, really go far beyond what is beyond music, but, do not get me wrong, the CD is an album to listen too.

The music is somewhat elegant as the band touches upon the Avant Garde genre with this album. It is kind of like a kaleidoscope tunnel of music when listening to the duos new CD. I dig it, and I am sure that many music listeners that love to listen to experimentation music like this type of dream rock will dig it as well.

The first song “Slowly Spinning” starts out very electronic-like and ends up with a bumping beat. It has a spooky feel to it, but, in the end, it tends to go out with a lot of energy that is similar to what electronic group Massive Attack does.

The second song “Driplove” by Ransom Scenery is a little more chaotic, but it delivers a nice tune at the end of it all. This one tends to have more cellos than anything else, but it is very likable, as it can put the listener in a small spectrum of crisp sounding classical instruments hitting both ends. Nice!

Other songs in the CD Ear to Ear tend to lean towards the darker and creepier side. However, the tracks are still songs that are very interesting to listen to. This music could be good for meditation at times, or it can used when one wants to relax on their back and stare up at nothing.

The duo consists of Chaepter Negro who plays the piano, does the vocals, mandolin, and the cello, while Drew Lowery plays the drums and percussion. The duo really does a great job at bending the rules of music by collecting sounds and composing them into dark little songs, weaving feelings around as well. That is the best I can describe the music of Ransom Scenery, so go get it! - AXS


While impressively big sound from duos is not unheard of these days, the distinct crunchy darkness in Ransom Scenery‘s album Ear to Ear is something different. The Springfield, Illinois band plays with dual notions of chaos and calm, depth and surface, and sweet and sour in one collection. The title truly is indicative of an album complete.

Beginning with a Philip Glass-esque pattern (an element that soon Ransom Scenery claim as part of their own distinct sound) the first track “Slowly Spinning” is a definite highlight. You can watch the accompanying video right here. The tragic lyrical nature of the album is introduced in lyrics like “Romance is a trap.”

The second track, “Driplove”, plays with vocal sampling, and perhaps waits a bit long before a beautiful explosion of strings. “My Golden Shield” is a better example of timing in terms of hitting that peak in a song. This, as well as the many layers that the band seems to effortlessly weave together, becomes a defining characteristic of the album. The experimental equivalent of letting the beat drop, if I may.

“Just Tour” shakes things up a bit, and just in time. The song begins on a much lighter note, and allows an indication of the expansiveness of Ransom Scenery’s talents. Though, halfway through the song descends once more into post-punkish pessimistic territory. The song almost feels like two, with the first a bit more impressive.

The true experimental side of Ransom Scenery shows up in “Holozoic”, and in “Gasm of the Heart (knuckle gloves)” the album becomes a bit simpler, a bit lighter with the multitude of layers. As with “Just Tour” the promising nature of the band’s wide-ranging talents is refreshing. At this point, Ransom Scenery know what they do well, and they do it often. These forays into different territory are fascinating and successful.

Though “All My” is the penultimate track of Ear to Ear, it feels like a summary. Each strength of the album makes an appearance on the 8 minute song. “Pop Scripture” works as one final send off, a little different, a little promising. A cliffhanger leaving an audience anxious for more of what Ransom Scenery have to offer. - New Sick Music

"Random Scenery Created Ransom Scenery"

The genre-bending alternative group, Ransom Scenery, released their most recent album, ear to ear, this past February. Based in Springfield, Illinois, this group strives to create warm melodies through a collection of sounds and lead singer Chaepter Negro’s slow-feel vocals. When they get a particular idea or feeling, Ransom Scenery weaves together rich soundscapes consisting of interlacing layers.

Thus, to call their music a challenge is an understatement. Those with a background in music appreciation will catch onto Ransom Scenery’s avant garde sound much quicker than the average fan. That being said, once you start there is no turning back– and no wanting to turn back, either.

The key to Ransom Scenery is their spaced out sounds. Many would describe them as an alternative group, but ‘dream rock’ is much more fitting. They are reminiscent of contemporary bands blended with ‘high art’ music composers; think Alt-j , Steve Reich, Deerhunter, and Tame Impala.

This is what makes this band stand out: they are esoteric and yet addictive. Their sound satisfies something our ears don’t even know they need. It is harder to fall out of love with his band than it is to fall in love with them. They are simply so otherworldly that they are alluring.

Ransom Scenery just released a new music video, “Slowly Spinning”, on April 15th, 2015. You can check it out below. The video directly translates their art from sound to visuals, and so it is just as dream like. It is the perfect accompaniment. - Static Multimedia

"Album Review: Ransom Scenery – ear to ear"

The duo of Chaepter Negro and Drew Lowery certainly has an original sound on their new LP, ear to ear. The way they can ignite a track with such a wide range of instruments seems like a daunting task, but the band gets the mission accomplished. On first listen, this album may have listeners a bit lost. That’s to be expected because ear to ear truly is unlike anything you may have heard before.

Ransom Scenery, as the band goes by, have created a sound completely of their own and with that will bring warranted drawback. However, though this album may be misunderstood at times, that should not take away from its wonderful craftsmanship. These tracks all have interesting and mysterious layers that blend together many genres, which ultimately turn into hypnotic and melodic statements portrayed by the music.

ear to ear is experimental and with any experiment, there is risk and reward. Random Scenery went for the home run on this album and though it doesn’t quite go over the wall and into the stands, it gets pretty close. The album is enjoyable and for listeners that are interested in getting lost into sounds that have never heard before ear to ear and Ransom Scenery are exactly what you are looking for. - Music Existence

"Ransom Scenery - "Slowly Spinning""

Meet Ransom Scenery, the Illinois avant-garde duo with their heads in clouds far away from our own. With no shortage of experimentation in this band’s sound, Ransom Scenery’s songs are laced with spacey effects that expand and loop into otherworldliness. This pair is taking a brave dive into a genre of endless discovery.

‘Slowly Spinning’ is lifted from the band’s new record ear to ear.
In a word, its music video is macabre. There are no heartwarming love stories or inspiring scenes at play, but rather a compilation of eerie visuals to make your skin crawl and hair stand on end. The video sidesteps pleasantries, but like their music, it’s designed to elicit a reaction. It’s strange but it’s full of intention. - Papercut


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Through warm melodies and slow-feel vocals, Ransom Scenery weaves a sound unlike most, creating rich soundscapes and interlacing layers. Drawing from influences such as Deerhunter, Alt-J, and Steve Reich, band members Drew Lowery and Chaepter Negro focus on creating a multitude of sounds and expressions, delving into the mystifying world of experimental music.

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