Ransom Band

Ransom Band

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

It is a true compliment when someone seeing us live says "I can't really classify your music". Our influences are broad and our songwriting reflects this.


The Ransom Band brings together a range of influences which allow each show to have a feel all its own.

With more than 20 years of material written by Ransom, former bandmates and friends the music tells the stories of Eric's life and provides musical observations about his journey thus far. A wide variety of ever-changing covers from Bob Marley to Marvin Gaye, Johnny Cash, Van Morrison, Curtis Mayfield, Tom Petty and The Allman Brothers ensures a crowd pleasing set.

An eclectic mix of tunes span country, rock, blues, jazz, folk and jam and make live shows a pleasure to watch as they unfold.

Set List

Our repetoire includes approximately 50 original songs Eric has written over the past 15 years. The genres include rock, blues, country, americana, folk, jazz and a little bit o' funk from time to time.

Though we consistently have a strong response to our originals, which make up the majority of our sets, the list below gives an overview of some of the artists we cover. Covers are always being added and we rotate regularly to keep our sets fresh.

Artists covered include but are not limited to:

Johnny Cash, Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, Ben Harper, Santana, Robert Earl Keen, Curtis Mayfield, James Taylor, Van Morrison, BB King, Eric Clapton, Allman Brothers Band, Bob Dylan, Widespread Panic, Little Feat, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, The Band and Marvin Gaye