Chicago, Illinois, USA
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RansomRegAL is lyrically capable of captivating listeners with wordplay, versatility song to song, plus creativity in song concepts. Couple those characteristics with the ablity to commercially appeal due to his understanding of formatting/writing complete songs, and you can appreciate his worth.


Ransom is known as a emcee's mc. He came up in the battle circuit of Chicago's underground hip-hop scene. RansomRegAL aka IllaReg went on to fair well in the Chicago regional of The Source Unsigned Hype MC Battle '99, to finally be controversially eliminated after the semifinal round.

That didn't stop him. Ransom went on, along side his partner in rhyme (C.H.A.N.S.O.L.), to join forces with the Chicago Housing Authority and Inner City Games to participate in the Safe Summer Tour. Going on to tour the Chicago Housing Projects and many other spot dates with the likes of Public Announcement, Crucial Conflict, Twista, Do or Die, Infamous Syndicate (Shawnna, DTP) and many more.

Ransom etched his name and face in the minds' of the streets of Chicago. Received well at all performances, a buzz was created by Ransom and his crew of then underground rhyme beast, 5 Mics. They collectively went on to record two albums and currently are in talks for a third.

Ransom, also a producer/writer, brings tremendous skill and versatility to the table. Currently working on an eight album vision he has set for himself (along with several side projects), this emcee whose talent is immeasurable also has found another passion in crooning R&B tunes for various independent artist. Incomparable with any rapper currently in the game, Ransom combines the wit and punch lines of a Redman, with the ability to massively appeal on the level of a Ludacris or Nelly.

Embodying the streets of Chicago, Ransom has an extreme work ethic and an open mind musically. This has recently manifested itself in the launch of his very own imprint Classic Edition International, a full service record label rooted in Chicago, IL. As Ransom so poetically put it to his co-ceo "O-Plus", "If we can get that machine working behind us then I'm gon' make somebody twenty to thirty million an album. If they don't bite, then it'll be more money for my guys." A business minded multitalented artist, with an understanding of a grand scheme, a great asset to anyone, and moreover, a true team player.

Ransom "Steals Your Attention and Demands Your Respect."


Dilla Day Vol. 1


Just In Case Sumbody Cares ed.1



Set List

(Varies for occasion)

Don't Be Alarmed

Get Money'em


Bootleg Mike's


In N' Out

Sexy N Sophisticated

I Lean

Set length is 20-45 min., but flexible, can be made shorter or longer.