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Random Acts of Violence

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Live review from 'The Noise' Magazine Boston"

"Random Acts Of Violence are all business upon the stage. Watching them play, I'm reminded that the idea of interesting, daring compositions has returned. Random Acts of Violence is all about this ethic. The influences leap out at you, a synthesis of bands like Hatebreed, Slayer, Seplutura, DRI, Motorhead, and Iron Maiden. Their songs go through clever bridges, changes, riffs, intros, and outros. These guys know metal, understand what makes metal so good-not just the rage, but its controlled, disciplined release. Nothing sums up their command of the language of metal like their amazing cover of Iron Maiden's "The Trooper."

RAOV have the essence of metal in their veins, and they're letting it bleed out on the stage. These guys are one of the best bands I've ever seen at O'Brien's. Their set is the bane of the bands that are to follow. They should have headlined. "

-Joe Hacking, Noise Magazine Boston - Joe Hacking, Noise Magazine Boston

"RAOV Review for UNLEASHING (Keeper Magazine)"

"Unleashing begins with this really cool riff that reminds of some great older Thrash Metal bands. Then when the vocals kick in you start wondering if this is Metal or Punk? It appears to be a cross between the two. RAOV has elements of Hirax and a little Exodus."

-Keeper Magazine, California - Keeper Magazine, California

"RAOV Review for UNLEASHING (Soundcheck Magazine)"

"No, Mr. Bacharach, what the world needs now is not love, sweet love. What it really needs is Random Acts of Violence. Anyone who misses the heyday of thrash will absolutely love this band. I’m talking Anthrax “State of Euphoria.” Suicidal Tendencies “How Will I Laugh Tomorrow…” Exodus “Impact is Imminent.” Great thrashy riffs, strong vocals, the whole package. This band has got it. For those of you who did not live in the era of thrash: It was a time when songs were fast and triumphant. You needed at least six parts with bridges before you could even think about calling something a song. Jean jackets with patches. High-top sneakers. Unrelenting rock. Go buy “Unleashing” and make RAOV superstars. They are sorely needed."

- Shawn Macomber,
Soundcheck Magazine International
- Soundcheck Magazine International

"General Review (www.heavyrotationmetal.com)"

"The guitar work is simply amazing. Random Acts of Violence is slowly moving to the top of the ranks of the New England scene. Keep an eye on these guys because they’ll probably be one of the top bands around our area within the next two years."

-Dan Lozzi
www.heavyrotationmetal.com - www.heavyrotationmetal.com

"Feature in the Boston Pheonix"

Metal and hardcore have long been the driving forces behind the Boston rock-music landscape. You could argue a different point of view, but you’d be wrong. In a state that boasts powerhouses like the Grammy-nominated Killswitch Engage and Ozzfest mainstagers Shadows Fall, even good bands can get lost in the shuffle, and right now one of them is Boston thrash-metal guys Random Acts of Violence. I predict a new beginning for these dudes right around the corner. Just off an opening slot with Relapse’s Cephalic Carnage at the Middle East, RAOV headed into a downtown warehouse studio on Friday the 13th, and they’ll have new material in stores when they embark on a two-week US tour on July 15. Check ’em out at www.randomactsofviolence.com. - Chris Rucker, Boston Phoenix


UNLEASHING: Full length debut CD.

Lifeless Records 2003 Compilation

Deadtide.com’s Blood in the Water 2 CD ROM Compilation 2003

A.D.D. vs Random Acts of Violence: Split CD Rackem Records 2000 (Out of Print)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Thrash metal was on the verge of being a huge, unstoppable, uncompromising force in the late eighties. Unfortunately, most of the bands did compromise in one-way or another. Only a handful of groups who were at the forefront of thrash remain remotely above ground today. Even the underground itself seems to have forgotten thrash.

Random Acts of Violence developed through a very simple concept, "Crush everything." The group combines the attitude of punk with the ferocity of hardcore and the technical ability of death metal to create not just thrash but their own take on it. The band's debut release on Hamfist Records, "Unleashing", is a testament to that. 12 tracks, 32 minutes of speed, brutality and unparalleled rage that set this record apart from most other bands in the genre. From the colossal opening riff in the title track "Unleashing", to the triple venomous vocal assault of "Hate Psalm" and the duel guitar harmonies on "Slave", this record will not disappoint neither the metal purist nor the reckless punter. The songs on the album reflect the environment in which they were recorded, in a confined, concrete, beer-soaked studio hidden deep in a barren section of the post-industrial wasteland that is South Boston.

Random Acts of Violence has been hard at work promoting themselves throughout New England, playing anything and everything offered, destroying crowds with no discrimination. Your town is next.


Vans Warped Tour, Summer 2002

Nuclear Assault Reunion Tour, Support, May 2003

East Coast "East Infection" Tour, Headlining Tour, Sept. 2003

Joey Belladonna, Support, March 2004

East Coast/Mid West Tour, Headlining Tour, May 2004

Wargasm Reunion Tour, Support, September 2004