Eric "Professor E" Davis

Eric "Professor E" Davis


Professor E delivers innovative educational programs for higher learning institutions and non-profits. Through interactive 1-4 hour workshops, Professor E uses hip hop music and multimedia to facilitate discussion and engage participants. Welcome to Rap 101: The Message is in the Music.


Lead Consultant Eric "Professor E" Davis has over 15 years of experience delivering innovative diversity/inclusion and leadership programs. Throughout his career he has held a variety of positions in higher education including residential life, minority affairs, academic advising and life skills programs for NCAA athletics.

Professor E has consulted with a broad cross-section of higher education institutions and been an invited keynote speaker and conference presenter at many conferences and schools throughout the U.S. Since founding DMG's signature program Rap 101 in 1992 as a resident advisor at UCLA, Professor E has continued to innovate and push the boundaries of what he calls "edutainment."