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Rap4Rights is undeniably refreshing, a blend of spoken word and new age hip hop. Has been compared to Common, Nas and The Hieroglyphics.


His March 2007 release of the trifecta package The Trilogy, which included a documentary on his life, his second book of poetry and a 15 track album, garnered him great media attention, a sponsorship deal with RockStar Energy Drink and a California Tour of 30 dates.

His roots are in the tough and tumble San Francisco neighborhood known as Bayview Hunter's Point. At any early age teachers, family members and friends took notice of his incredible writing skills. In 2003, Rap released his solo album, "Dream Returned" selling over 1,000 copies through independent production and distribution. In 2004 along with the Hip-Hop and Neo-soul group, The Backcourt, Rap released a second album, "Soul Gossip" which to date has sold 3,000 copies. Along side his group, Rap has headlined shows in premiere venues such as Blakes on Telegraph in Berkeley Ca, Canes Bar and Grill in San Diego California and Studio Z in San Francisco, Ca.

Rap4Rights is working to create a new sound and genre of hip hop-soul that will cross racial and generational gaps. His influences include artists such as Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Mos Def, Common, Lauryn Hill and Ras Kass.


Almost Home

Written By: Rap4Rights

At 13 I was dwellin in the lab

To this day same thing just perfectin my craft

I rode the bus early knew the driver heard me

16s on the back seat, husslahs flippin birdies

Seen my cousin spttin blood from a gurney

Whispered when he died please stay on ya journey

Then I came wit a Dream Returned

Should'a seen how fast they backs got turned

They say rap aint political, rap too original

Shots at the system not so subliminal

I managed more props wit Making Luv To Freedom

Rebel, revolutionary, stripes from all people

In English class a homework assignment

10 years ago now Im out here grindin

They say pressure makes diamonds

Bumpin Rasta boy on my tour while we shinnin

Feel my energy

This the trilogy

People say Im cursed like the Kennedys

Club freedom got us in a new zone

Rollercoaster eyes and Im almost home


Its been a long time comin now we finally in this

Got'em runnin back and forth but this aint tennis

A young menace need attention take'em to school

Show the little ones what a Master's can do

Reading every chapter through 2 or 3 times

Read my 16s up before I finish one rhyme

Cadillac ride cleaner then shoe shines

Lookin for my break I hope to catch in due time

Once in love that almost broke my spirit

More determined then ever and I hope you hear it

She said I spent my whole life on the internet

4 or 5 continents I aint entered yet

And 10 million ways for me to resurrect

Sacrifice my life cuzz my mission is intellect

Lookin back on the past a flash of retrospect

The baby of the fam bout to cash granddaddy checks


What does it take for a great to be made?

Does every superstar ride an escalade?

What if I'm paid off the pain of heartache?

Im after change not the money you stars make

My pillow fitted on the frame of car brakes

Miami beach I want the Cuban cigar taste

I was 8 when I met Pac at the lake

Cougnut Balhead back in 98

The phone never rang, so I never change

Coaching kids on the court so I maintain

At the same time got the itch to rhyme

Lost my girl lost my job just on the grind

Im not waiting by the phone man Im punchin numbers

Me and A&S, we had a great summer

All my memories theres no replacing

We happy now, history in the makin



Album: Dream Returned
Year: 2003
Label: Indie
Sales: 1,000 copies sold

Album: Soul Gossip
Year: 2005
Label: Pariah Entertainment
Sales: 3,000 copies sold

Album: The Trilogy (CD, DVD, Book)
Year: 2007
Label: Royal Records
Sales: 5,000 copies sold

Song: Summer Daze
Year: 2005
Station: 106.1 KMEL, San Francisco CA
Rotation Frequency: 2 times weekly

Radio Resume
Song: Husslin' In The Rain
Year: 2006
Station(s): 106.1 KMEL, San Francisco CA
Rotation Frequency: 3 times weekly

Song: Go Smart
Year: 2007
Station: 106.1 KMEL, San Francisco CA
94.1 KPFA, Berkeley CA
89.5 KPOO, San Francisco, CA

Rotation Frequency: 5.4 spins weekly

Set List

Typically Rap4Rights performs 30 minute sets which include all original pieces of spoken word and hip hop.