An exciting, eclectic and innovative sound which draws on western pop and blues, penetrated with soulfully raw vocals, with a Persian twist. Unique phrasing, delivery and performance all create a hard hitting, visceral sound you will be forced to never forget. In all- truthful, pure and edgy.


I'm a singer/songwriter of English/Persian heritage living in London with the experience of performing at both large & small venues, and within the recording studio.
I live & breathe music! And respect and embrace all genres.. I'm also a girl with very strong morals!!.. I don't do drugs,booze or cigarettes, but I still live the life of a rock' n' roll star! Why waste the money, time and effort on that stuff when you can be focusing on what you love-- music!
As a singer/songwriter my style & taste is diverse, it has to be, why stifle creativity..? I think being able to be creative, expressive and spontaneous as an artist is so important... so improvisation and hardcore jamming sessions are what i LOVE and find a lot of my music grows out of.
My mixed heritage also gives me musical inspiration which sets me apart from other artists. Heavy middle eastern riffs and drums mixed with Western influences are what I'm exploring!

I perform what's suited for the setting e.g. acoustic sets for intimate surroundings where I play the piano & sing, and at other times accompanied by a guitarist, drawing the audience in with the purity of my vocals, to the other extreme of performing dance tracks with heavy base beats for the club scene !


A number of universities radio stations are currently playing Quiet storm, Seasons, Free from you, etc

Set List

Acoustic set: Quiet storm, Seasons, Free from you, etc..
Club set: Whirlwind, 007, 'A' Amazing, etc.