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Hey Rapheal, introduce yourself to our members by telling them a little bit about yourself and your movement.

When you meet me, you will feel like you've known me for years. I will talk politics, relationships and of course music but in a way that the youth can understand and older demographics. I'm a gentleman on stage but that does not take away from the energy I deliver on and off the stage. My movement is simple, making quality soul filled material that can be played when my grandchildren have grandchildren. It's nothing wrong with trendy music but it comes a time when folks have real issues and want to make real love so my goal is to enable that. There are not many young singer/songwriters that are talking about things that young / old adults deal with.

You represent the windy city, we all know the talent level is high out there, what is it about Chicago and it's musical roots that captivate music lovers alike?

That's just it, there is so much talent in Chicago that you devote most of your time to being different. Similar to different festivals and events, there is something for everyone who loves music in Chicago. We have a thriving hip hop scene from the Cool Kids to Ye. On the opposite spectrum, you have Chicago based pop / rock group, Plain White Tees and with r&b and soul, me. Any artists coming out of Chicago have to have a thick skin because as we all know Chicago is the city of haters. People dig the confidence of Chicago artist and we have this confidence because we have to overcome so much negativity to get respect.

Who are some of the creative mentors that have inspired you down this road to success?

My 1st creative mentor was my 3rd grade English teacher, Mrs. Skinner. Growing up in a low income, crime infested area, she saw potential in my creative writing ability and developed it. She motivated me to enter poetry and short story contests which enhanced my ability to paint a picture with words. I was also inspired by R.Kelly's Public Announcement member, Felony Davis. He always pushed me to the limit and helped me create my identity as a song writer and performer. Just about everyone on my production team, Gang Tackle, can be labeled mentors. We have a diverse camp of individuals with strong personalities that create an even stronger synergy. My producer / partner Anthony Capers can take any set of words and transform them into melodic magic. The final component to the puzzle, Oliver Gibson, can come up with concepts and pick out a hit with his eyes closed. These are just a few of the things I'm influenced by on a daily basis which will show in who I am as an artist and man.

How does Rapheal Boyd celebrate his small successes, and what is the ultimate goal with your overall project?

I will never celebrate success but always plan for it. I'll take my mom out when I have a break from writing my life but other than that, success is never tangible in my mind. Once you get comfortable with success, you lose sight of what got you there which was hunger. Sounds super serious but that is how I stay hungry. My ultimate goals are to perform at the Grammy's, start a performing arts school or summer camp and make sure my mom never has to work again.

Seems like R&B has lost it's soul as of late with the over usage of vocal effects such as auto tune, whats your take on the genre and where it is headed?

My take is, do it while you can because eventually people will get sick of all music sounding the same and artists / groups such as Boyz II Men will receive the respect they deserve. You can play any song from the motown era now, and everyone will know the lyrics. That is because it was distinct and memorable, this disposable crap now is watered down and assimilated. Tpain sure does a hell of a job with auto- tune despite whether I'm sick of hearing it or not. I've tried it but 99% of my project is all natural.

As an emerging artist on the scene, what do you want first time listeners to experience when they hear Rapheal Boyd's music?

Like I mentioned earlier, I want people to feel as if my music is therapy. My world is no fantasy, I've been cheated on, confused, spiritually lost etc. You are going to hear this in my lyrics but of course, I am young and love to enjoy myself and go crazy when I see a beautiful specimen of God's creation such as Kim Kardashian. The bottom line is, my music is believable and something that listeners will be relieved by. Expect strong arrangements, potent lyrics and effortless vocals, something that you rarely hear now.

Who are some of the producers you are working with on your project?

DJ Dame, Eijay, Mush Millions (Mano, Ben 1, Neyo), Brandon Simmons (Will of Day 26), J&I (Bobby V) and Gang Tackle's Production Juggernauts Oliver Gibson and Anthony Capers. Top 5 R&B singers of all time and why? David Ruffin-Distinguished and eeffortless vocals, expert showmanship Alicia Keyes-Bears her soul on the stage, and is the closest to soul as any old blues heavyweight Sarah Vaughan-Crazy range, riffs that no one will ever recreate John Legend-Defied all the odds with pure soul when r&b lacked it Al Green-Said it all by never saying to much, the original mac of r&b

What are you doing to Get Your Buzz Up?

I am staying linked in with major players in every metropolitan area to grow my fan base in other places than Chicago. Regional buzz is good but my music isn't regional so I am linking up with producers from Arizona to Minneapolis to capture their fans. Other methods is just distinguishing myself. The venues I decide to perform at carefully chosen. I want everything around me to exude class, fine taste and vibrancy. There will be occasional spots where I perform simply for the reach of people but the one's that my team chooses are what I call, "International Fly."

Where can we find you online?

My epk is posted on sonicbids.com/raphealboyd and you can check out some promotional footage on vimeo.com (key word Rapheal Boyd). Any other networking site will be listed on the epk site. My official website, Myspace, Twitter, Youtube channel and Facebook page will be up soon.

Any Shouts or plugs?

My Gang Tackle family, mom Tina Boyd, sisters Nashyra and Monique, nephew Tyjuan and ace Sarah. - J Hatch

Written by Medik

Whats up Rapheal? Thanks for taking the time out with iStandardProducers.com to share with our community First off, just tell us a little about yourself.

I am extremely curious which reflects in my music. I experiment with everything from rock, to soul to house to traditional r&b. I am a gentleman partly due to my close relationship with my mother. When you meet me, you will notice my humble yet confident demeanor. Expect me to be excited about the things I’m doing and expect to hear about it. A conversation with me will usually include me bragging about being a college grad, signing my first production deal with Gang Tackle Music and my little nephew. I could go on but that may take a few interviews.

You got involved with singing and writing early on. What do you feel had the biggest impact on the development of your writing?

I would say my earliest influences such as my 3rd grade English teacher and mom had the biggest impact. My teacher noticed something special about my ability to paint a picture with words. She knew I was determined to avoid becoming a product of my environment so she gave me the opportunity to stay after class to work on short stories and poems. She submitted my works for different contests where I was recognized for my gift. My mom built on this by giving me different outlets to channel my creative ability. Her personal relationships and belief in my craft lead me to legendary Chicago producers, Mike Dunn (Bad Boy), Cayex Illah (Twista) and Earl (RKelly’s Public Announcement). She and I would stay in the studio sometimes until 2:00am which eventually became a strain on her marriage. Regardless, she saw my gift as more important than anything. My mother believing in me as well as me working with these individuals took my writing ability to the next level.

When you get in the studio with a producer, what is the creative process like?

Just depends, I may vibe with a track for 2hrs or 2 days. I never force concepts and sometime pull them from years prior when writing to a track. Producers are surprised when they come to the Gang Tackle Studio and the song is fully written. I love working with actual producers instead of beat makers because they allow me to see things I would have never seen while writing in the confinement of my room or the studio. Usually a balance of perspectives help to bring an idea to life. I have a special attachment to one of my records, "Self Destruction," there were musicians in the room, my production partners and my mom. I can not wait until you hear what came of it.

What is your approach to working with other artists?

Having fun is most important. Some artist like to strong arm sessions, but I am the opposite. Unless we are totally off track, I listen to the most abstract ideas whether lyrics or vocal arrangements. Whether hip hop collaborations or r&b I encourage honesty in my sessions. No matter whether you have had a hit record or are only known locally, I expect just as much respect as I give. I had the opportunity to collab with Wild Style from Crucial Conflict and he was very cooperative and respected my opinion as well as the producers in the room. When you walk into Gang Tackle Studio creativity keeps everyone on the same level. Leave your ego at the door because it will get you kicked out.

To date, what has been your most memorable experience in the studio writing/singing?

Like I mentioned earlier,different perspectives make magic. My partner Oliver Gibson brought up a valid point that music should not always be about winning. He had experienced love lost as well as myself which spawned my song "Self Destruction." My mom also had the opportunity to contribute to my song "Self Destruction" with the first line. The content of the song touched me personally. In prior relationships, my insecurity prevented me from appreciating the value of a woman who loved me. Writing "Self Destruction" took me several days to write because I wanted explain to women worldwide the issue that most men have, searching for perfection when you will never find it. Sometimes we need to stop searching for perfection and search for acceptance within ourselves. Lyrically, this was one of my most revealing songs and was also uniquely arranged. It felt great being done because it felt like I was able to let off what had been on my mind for a while and possibly on every man's who searches for perfection even when it's looking them right in the eye.

Artist today can’t just be artists. They have to be a business, a brand. You went to college for business marketing. How has that helped you move forward in the industry?

From my education I learned that marketing can take on many different forms, from wardrobe to interviews. When the different elements of a brand are put together, they must project a cohesive message. Anything you see of mine, from album cover to blog, will exude class, energy, edge, and timelessness. My marketing background has also given me a passion for research and paying attention to things around me. I have to know what I'm up against because this motivates me to continuously reinvent myself as a performer and lyricist.

With the rise of technology changing the way we make and distribute music, how difficult will it be for you to take your craft to the next level?

There will always be ways to distribute and be successful in this industry. Just like product placement in television, music is starting to be marketed in new mediums such as casual video games (cell phones, etc). The Cool Kids were successful due to their various forms of distribution including licencing for 2k sports games and other merchandise. I had a taste of success while in college after I released my ep independently and still receive checks from people in Japan downloading and listening to my music. There are gaps in cd sales due to pirating but technology is allowing us to make up for that. I am optimistic because technology allows you to connect to consumers all over the world.

Whats next on your agenda?

Promotion, promotion, promotion, whether radio or viral, you will not be able to go a day without hearing my name or my music. Of course I will continue to record consistently but my current priority is introducing myself to the world.

Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?

I see myself performing at the Grammys and being well respected in the industry as a lyricist and respected for making timeless music.
I also want to buy my mom the house that I have been promising her since I can remember. She is getting tired of waiting.

Any plugs/shoutouts?

My mom Tina, sisters Nashyra and Monique, nephew Tyjuan, Gang Tackle family Oliver Gibson, Harvey, and Tony Knuckles. Sorry Tone, I had to do that. Everyone else who has been influential in the movement, much love and of course the I Standard publicity team.

Anything else you would like to say?

I'm blessed to have the opportunity to follow my dreams and encourage all those doubting themselves to do the same. I am looking forward to bringing you quality music and who knows what else. - Medik

Rapheal what's going on, how are you?

I am busy and extremely blessed to be busy doing what I was put on this earth to do which is give myself and others a soundtrack to their life. There are so many things I value in life that have made me a happy man in 2009. I am one of the small percentage of black men in this world to graduate from college, I have the opportunity to be a role model for my nephew and recently signed a production deal with Gang Tackle Music.

Tell our readers who you are and where you're from.

I am a gentleman, curious on how many things I can conquer and ready to challenge music industry standards. Being humble is important to me also and when we meet you will understand. I am from Harvey, IL south of Chicago. Not the best of areas but I was able to use my passion for poetry and music to give me an outlet out of what was going on around me including poverty, excessive crime and teen pregnancy.

How did you get your start as an R&B singer? What or who was your inspiration?

My passion started with poetry. As I mentioned before, there was so much negative around me and I was able to use poetry to escape that. My 3rd grade English teacher noticed my creative ability with writing and had me stay after school to work on short stories and poems later entering me in competitions. To share my creativity with a wider audience I began to sing my poems. By 16, my mom noticed my gift, introduced me to Felony from RKelly’s Public Announcement and I eventually recorded my first demo. My motivation was the desire to never be average and a few early influences were my english teacher and family who were musically inclined such as producers Maurice Joshua (Destiny’s Child) and Hula Mahone (Will Smith).

You've coined the term "'Renaissance Soul" as a pseudo R&B genre. Paint a picture of what renaissance soul sounds like and how you fit into that picture.

Renaissance Soul is state of music and not a genre. Renaissance is a rebirth and this is what I feel the game needs. I was influenced by artists such as Marvin Gaye, David Ruffin, Sarah Vaughan etc and these artist sang what they lived. In Marvin Gaye’s lyrics he asked “What’s Going On” instead of “where is the champagne?” I like to have fun as an artist but I am a grown man and sing about grown issues. Renaissance Soul will strip r&b down to build it up, using less autotune and more substance, a rebirth of soul like the artists I grew up listening to. I want to support this movement and support other artists that do.

Among some of the producers you have work with include Grammy winning producer Maurice Joshua. Who else have you worked with and how have they influened your music?

I have worked with B Simms who placed with Will from Day 26, Mush Millions who placed with Neyo and Maino, Earl who produced for Keith Sweat and R Kelly when he broke ground in r&b. The list goes on and on. Working with industry producers, there are industry expectations so I am always pushed to step out of my comfort zone. There are some notes that I never would’ve imagined hitting until working with these guys. Some of the most influential producers have been my in house producers of Gang Tackle such as Anthony Capers and Oliver Gibson. They have such an attachment to my music; they are always brutally honest and never tell me what I want to hear. Being a part of Gang Tackle, I notice their shared passion in supporting me in being a ground breaking artist instead of one simply riding the wave, also known as a1 hit wonder.

Can you tell us about your encounter with the legendary soul singer Chaka Khan and her reaction to your music?

Attending the ASCAP “I Create Music” is a great opportunity for those looking for a national outlet to share their gift. I didn’t know I would be sharing mine with Chaka Khan. When I introduced myself to her, I opened up with a personalized version of “I’m Every Woman” called “You’re Every Woman.” She was blown away and this decision definitely allowed me to stand out at the conference. From that moment own, every person knew me as the kid that blew Chaka Khan away and made her blush. She has been all over the world and her compliment is a great one. She wanted to hear more and so did everyone else at the Chaka Khan interview. I will entertain her any day.

Now you are in the process of wrapping up your EP. Have you come up with a title?

My project is far from an EP. I am so close to 50 songs, I can make several EP’s. The object is not volume though; I will put out my top songs but have not come up with an exact number. There is no title but I want it to reflect my international taste, class, timelessness and lifetime dedication to not being average. Seeing that I have so many ideas, this will probably be one of my most difficult decisions.

What should fans expect to hear in the CD? Where can we find it?

Imagine a collage of pictures expressing different emotions throughout my life. These emotions may include pain from failed relationships, the morning after a love making marathon, following your dreams, infidelity. Expect influences from the West Coast, East Coast and the Midwest. I have a feature or two that is going to make a hip hop head knock and live accompaniment that will blow you away. Get ready for a collage of my life.

How can fans reach out to you? You a Twitterer?

I have to be twitterer since everyone is so hooked on it. Whichever way to reach my fans and twittering is one of the many methods. Check my epk out until my myspace and website is fully functional. www.sonicbids.com/raphealboyd

Any last words?

Get ready for the rebirth. - Javier Sanabria

Whats up Rapheal? For those new to your name and music, give the readers some background.

I grew up in Harvey, IL as the “Kid who would make it out and do big things,” similar to Ricky on Boyz N The Hood. Instead of finding direction in the doe boys in my area, I found solitude in poetry and competition. I would stay after school and work with my 3rd grade English teacher to develop my creative ideas whether poetry or short stories. This evolved into competitive short story / poetry contests, to constructing rhythm, life & soul music to where I am today, a singer / songwriter of Chicago based production team, Gang Tackle.

Your from the Chi, well know for many crooners, most importantly R Kelly, how did the city’s musical climate influence you and who were some of the creative inspirations that helped mold you to become the artist you are today?

My mother exposed me 1st hand to the who’s who in Chicago. Her relationship with R Kelly’s Public Announcement member, Felony Davis, served as crucial to my development as an artist and a writer. I sang at a night club at the age of 16 and Felony was blown away, took me under his wing and chiseled me into a writing machine. I maneuvered my way through the industry and was already plugged through family ties such as Grammy award winning producer Maurice Joshua and House heavy hitter Hula Mahone. Chicago is a hotbed for creativity. We created house, juke, stepping, etc so it was a give in that these forms of music influenced me. Despite this influence, my style is very much distinct and one of kind but I’ll let you be the judge.

When did the music grab you and gravitate your passion towards this career path?

I am a true believer in using God given talent to impact the world whether on a macro or micro scale. No matter what stage of my life I was in, everyone would always ask, “How is your music coming along?” They never asked about my family, me being an all conference athlete, lead actor, just about music. If that is not a sign from God, I don’t know what is. When I would go sing at my friend’s and family’s houses they would always put me on blast to sing. By the end of the night, I would have put on a mini concert touching at least one person in the room. God’s calling for me has allowed me to focus my passion towards singing and songwriting. This is one of my most potent ways to touch a broad audience of people.

Reading through your bio, it says you describe your style as ‘Renaissance Soul’, can you elaborate on this?

There were occasional music trends during the early 50’s and 60’s. Despite this, songwriters and singers were not lazy. They did not spend 10 minutes on vocals and add autotune to make it a hit. You felt the desperation in songs such as Marvin Gaye’s “What’s going on” or David Ruffin’s concern for love on “Walk Away from Love.” We need a revival, a rebirth similar to the Harlem Renaissance. I do not use renaissance soul as a genre but a descriptive word to let folks know, I am the rebirth of soul filled music with a modern edge.

When it comes to your creative approach, take our readers through the steps.

It depends. I have a long list of song concepts dating back to 16 written down in my notebook. Sometimes I use these concepts and formulate songs but I never force anything. Occasionally, I sit down with producers and come up with full songs on the spot. I have songs from my early teen years that I revived and they proved as great records. Out of all these methods, I would say life experience is my most effective step. As I stated earlier, my passion started with poetry. If I go through a break up or am disgusted with where R&B is I may pen out a 5 sentence poem that eventually turns into a song.

You have already worked with some heavy hitters on the production end as well, who are some of the people you are collaborating with and what can we expect to hear from you in the near future?

I had the opportunity to work with Chicago legendary producers such as Earl of RKelly’s Public Announcement, Terror Squad affiliate Mush Millions, Musical phenom Brandon Simmons who cut with Day 26. Name dropping is one thing but what I have learned from working with so many producers is immeasurable. I have put less emphasis on features because my team is relentless when it comes to production. This has prepared me for what’s to come when I work with other industry greats. My team is bananas though; my staff consists of Anthony Capers, Dame, Brandon Simmons, Oliver Gibson, Eijay and every other musician that influenced my project. I am very blessed to have a team behind me who is as critical or sometimes more critical of what comes out of the studio as I am.

You have been blessed to open up for artists such as T Pain, Montel Jordan, Paul Wall, Shawna, Soldjia Boy and others, what type of experiences did you take from those opportunities and what do you think those from the audience would say about your individual performances?

I have learned how important it is to build a personal connection with the audience from the moment you step on the stage. Whether that’s creating a set list that tells a story or simply pulling an audience member on stage, you are there for the fans and all of these acts understand this. When you watch Tpain, it’s like he is performing in his backyard. That personal connection is extremely important and I feel my audience always connects with me. You want the audience to feel like your best friend or like they want to be by the end of the show.

You also had the opportunity to perform on 106 & Park and gain the attention of a national audience, how did you prepare for this and what did you gain from the experience?

106 & Park is very influential within the urban community and getting respect from such a critical audience says a lot and proved that my artistry did not appeal to a regional audience but a national one. To prepare for 106 was like any show, I simply used one of my sports methods, a deep breath and realizing that music is my God given gift.

As you know, many artists are trying to break into the game, what makes Rapheal Boyd someone the ‘powers that be’ should pay attention to?

Despite whether someone may say “stay in your lane” I do the opposite. I am college educated and have been exposed to many things from classical music to rock to blues. All of these factors play a major role in what I create. You will not be able to call me a pop, R&B or soul singer and I believe this will always keep you interested in what I will do next. Besides I am a gentleman and there are not many of those left. Expect genuine artistry and know that I have spent my whole life preparing for the opportunity to show the world what eating, breathing and living music brings to the game. I can not live without music and everyone will feel this with every note I sing.

Where can future fans find you online?

My social media campaign is being prepped for a national launch so we have taken some time to come up with a consistent message that will convey who I am as an artist. Every aspect of art is important starting with how you are perceived through various online mediums. Visit www.vimeo.com and key word my name. Google my name, Rapheal Boyd, unfortunately it will only be a teaser for what’s to come.

Any last shouts or plugs?

I want to send out love to my nephew Ty, My mom Tina Boyd and my sisters, Nashyra and Monique. Get ready for that house I promised you. As far as plugs check out www.vimeo.com and key word my name. You will have plenty of time to get to my team and those around me. Get ready for the rebirth. Courtesy of my ace Harvey, Bizness!!!
- Cartel

Mr Raphael Boyd, how are you today sir? Let the people know something about yourself.

I am a gentlemen who loves to create music. I do not discriminate because I am influenced by every form of music from classical to old soul and R&B to rock. I have also seen it all, from growing up in the low income crime infested neighborhood of Harvey, IL to walking the college campus of Augustana College and being one of the first to graduate college in my family. Last year my best friend Tony Herring, was shot and killed and our bond was music. In 2008, I had an epiphany that we only get one chance so why not go hard every day and that is what I do. You will feel this fire when you hear my music so brace yourself. One more thing, the industry will be turning over a new leaf when I break down the doors because I am raising the bar.

Finally a singer who can actually sing! When did you know that this music thing was it for you and how supportive were the people around you in this choice?

I was inducted into my high school hall of fame for music in 2004 and that was one of the first moments I realized that the sky was the limit. From that day I understood that through God’s grace and relentless effort anything could happen. I sang in high school because I loved it and that is the same motto I use today. Doesn’t hurt that everywhere I go, someone notices me as the “the boy who can sang.” That is very true but now I am making a living doing it. As for my team, it grows every day from street team to producers to photographers. It would take 5 interviews to talk about all of them. My support and the way my project is coming together is enough evidence that my destiny has already been written.

Your music has the makings of a classic R&B masterpiece and you label this as ‘Renaissance Soul’ what’s the story behind that label and what should people feel when they experience your music?

I do not want Renaissance Soul to be used as a genre or lane because it is far from that. When I refer to this, think Harlem Renaissance. Renaissance is rebirth and I feel music needs this. I do not have a formula when I create. There are tons of dance songs that all sound the same and have similar content. Popping bottles and doing the stanky leg isn’t my forte. I’m grown and I talk about things that are relatable. Love, heartache, infidelity and triumph are some of my subject matters and are all things I have experienced. This is how music was from the early years of soul music when it was rich and less of a formula but more experience based. We are in need of rebirth and that is what Renaissance Soul will be. DJ Drama put it in perfect perspective, “we are ready for Thanksgiving, music that feeds the soul, not Burger King or Chick Fillet.”

Last month you performed at the ‘I Create Music ‘ Expo for ASCAP, and captivated the audience, what is it about your stage show and delivery that makes people pay attention and get drawn in to your creative space?

This was an impromptu performance and I wasn’t on the set list but had made such a stir after singing for Chaka Khan the audience insisted that I perform. The ASCAP Expo was a great venue to perform at because you were amongst elites within the music industry. To have everyone in the audience swaying from side to side is why I enjoy doing what I do. No matter what your background is whether a music veteran or the average joe, music connects people. The intimate setting at the Expo also allowed me to look everyone in the eye and draw them in to my story line that I had come up with 10 minutes before performing. Confidence allows me to throw down with little notice and at every show confidence makes me believable.

You have also opened up for some very established artists such as T Pain and Soldjia Boy, how did you prepare for these larger shows and what did you learn from the experiences?

I have learned how important it is to build a personal connection with the audience from the moment you step on the stage. Whether that’s creating a set list that tells a story or simply pulling an audience member on stage, you are believable for the fans and all of these acts are great at this. When you watch Tpain, it’s like he is performing in his backyard. That personal connection is extremely important and I feel my audience always connects with me. You want the audience to feel like your best friend or like they want to be by the end of the show.

What are some of the things you are doing as a new artist to stand out in today’s market so your talent doesn’t go unnoticed?

Musically, you will hear live production on my project, uptempo hip hop R&B, traditional soul ballads, rock, soundtrack music and the list goes on. You may wonder where I am going but that’s what makes my music enjoyable; I will never stay in a box because that’s not true expression. On a personal note, despite whether someone may say “stay in your lane” I do the opposite. I am college educated and have been exposed to many things from classical music to rock to blues. All of these factors play a major role in what I create. You will not be able to call me a pop, R&B or soul singer and I believe this will always keep you interested in what I will do next. Besides I am a gentleman and there are not many of those left. Expect genuine artistry and know that I have spent my whole life preparing for the opportunity to show the world what eating, breathing and living music brings to the game. I can not live without music and everyone will feel this with every note I sing.

Ok , lets get personal now, finish these questions…

I like a woman that puts up a fight. I can not be with a pushover, a challenge turns me on.

My music is important to me because it will always challenge me to be the best and motivate those around me.

If I wasn’t singing I would probably be a politician. I can talk my way out of anything.

Now lets see what you prefer musically….

Mary J Blige or Beyonce? Beyonce, she is a well rounded artist and has experimented with classical, hip hop and traditional soul.

John Legend or R Kelly? John Legend because I can relate to his music more. He is less concerned with staying in the club and more concerned with the simple things that make life worth living.

Brian Micheal Cox or Tricky Stewart? Tricky Stewart because his melody’s are captivating no matter how simple, he has mastered the artistry of hooking listeners in.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Internationally known for making great music that inspires those touched by it and putting on individuals with the same or more hunger that got me to where I am today. You can ask my partner OG, we also predicted a Grammy performance within the next 3 years.

Any Last shouts or plugs?

I want to send out love to my nephew Ty, my mom Tina Boyd and my sisters, Nashyra and Monique. Get ready for that house I promised you. As far as plugs check out www.vimeo.com and key word my name. You will have plenty of time to get to my team and those around me but to name a few Oliver Gibson, Anthony Capers, Dame, BSimms and Eijay thanks for always being honest and always challenging me to be the best. Get ready for the rebirth. Courtesy of my ace Harvey, Bizness!!!
- J Hatch

What's up Rapheal Boyd? How are things in your world?

My world is progressive. Everyday I wake up with the goal of challengining industry standards within the music industry and making myself a better person. Whether lyrically or vocally, my goal is to have listerners ask themselves, "why should I waste my time listening to the radio when I can relate to this guy and buy his records." I am a college grad with fine taste but hard issues. I have oved, gone through dark spells in my life, had my heartbroken, seen alcohol and drugs ruin lives, etc. The difference with me is, I find a way to sing about these things in a way that no one has. The airwaves is long overdue for something fresh and I am the rebirth.

For those new to the name and sound, let the readers know somethings about yourself.

Bottom line is, I can actually sing. It's crazy because anytime my engineer tries to use industry magic such as autone, my notes are so close we never need it. Off the stage, I am a gentlman and mammas boy but when on stage I'm a beast. When I walk off the stage, everyone will feel as if they know me. My audience will want to laugh, cry and make babies when they get home. I write all my lyrics so I have a personal connection with my music and you will feel this on stage.

When it comes to your project, whats your creative approach?

That is a tricky question. My approach is simple, when life speaks to me, I listen and write it down. There are occasional times where I have to meet deadlines and write to a particular concept but generally I am up before the sun rises. My true thoughts come early in the morning when they are fresh so I write them down. Some songs take me weeks to write because I revisit them daily as my thoughts develop, some songs come when I'm in a restaurant, see something inspiring and write a full song on a napkin. Anytime you see me, I will have a notepad and Sony digital recorder to capture my random thoughts. Random thoughts are always honest and unrestricted.

How would you describe your style of RB music?

My music is honest, sultry and edgy. I do not whine on records because that is what every r&b cat does. I tell stories over hard, sexy or spaced out beats. Every song will evoke a strong emotion in you because my music is not mechanical, its real. Everything you hear, I have been through personally or witnessed someone close to me go through it. Guess what, you probably went through the same thing so my style of music is life music. Similar to r&b but not quite, it will be hard for you to put your finger on it, but that is the fun part. Just know it is music for the masses because I touch on many different subjects.

With so many artists wanting in on the RB market, what do you feel are some of the common mistakes and what do you feel is missing?

The common mistakes r&b cats make is selling their souls for the music business. I am all for collaboration but when you are merely a puppet and someone is writing all of your material, telling you what to say, wear, music stops being artistry. r&b cats lose themselves to the machine known as the music industry and stop being believable. If my fans ever hear or see me doing this, I want them to call me out on it. Another thing that r&b cats do is try to fix things that are not broken. When you have a chemistry with a certain team, why change your formula. Maybe if Mike J had kept working with Quincy, or Ginuwine with Timberland...........you get my point

Lets talk about your record 'Cadillac', def an upbeat introduction to start out with and begin the definition of who you are as a writer, what do you want the listeners to experience when they hear this joint?

And an introduction it is. Cadillac is an upbeat and edgy riding record for all those who want more out of life than mediocracy. It is also a testimony for my life as a hungry artist. I am always "dipped out low" looking for the next opportunity. When you hear Cadillac, you will be inspired to do the same thing. As a writer, my music is all over the spectrum so regardless of who's listening they will be able to relate to something. As for the next record up, my team has trouble picking records. One day we may feel cheated by a woman, turned on by a woman or motivated to raise industry standards so listeners will have to wait until we make up our mind on what they will be hearing next.

You have been blazing the stage over last 2 years opening up for artists like T pain and Paul Wall, what have these experiences taught you in regards to your stage show, and how do you feel the crowd accepted you?

My shows are pretty consistent regardless of the venue, large or small. My music alone helps me to provoke crowd participation and relate with my audience. If anything I realize that crowds are more demanding and want more than karaokee, they want a full story line of your life. This is what I give, I rarely perform without a full band and always give my audience a performance that makes sense. My shows are spontaneous when it comes to energy but mapped out in regards to the story I will give you.

As a new artist in the game, what do you feel are some of the key steps on your ladder to success?

The key steps start with me being true to myself which includes being a gentleman, continuously challenging myself lyrically and vocally, and strengthening my ability to adapt to different production styles. There is no set strategy for success but these core values allow me to consistently press forward. One last thing, loyalty to those who helped me along the way.

Whats the next project on your plate?

Promotion, promotion, promotion!!! My next stop is New York where I will be getting little sleep. I will be visiting a few radio stations, ripping every performance at various venues and collabing with some artist that are burning up the big apple. I am almost 50 songs into my project so the music is there but it is time for the world to match the music with a face. I have a few collaborations in the works that you will hear on my project. I will not spoil the suspense so sit tight.

Where can we find you online?

www.vimeo.com (key word Rapheal Boyd)
Official Website, Myspace and Social Net Sites Coming Soon!!!!

Any shouts or plugs?
Of course my Gang Tackle family / production team who you will get to know over the course of my journey. Shout out to my mother Tina, sisters Nashyra and Monique, nephew Ty and my ace Sarah B. Go get you a copy of Cadillac, ride with it turned up in your subs until you touch that first million then turned it up louder when you do. Bizness!!! - Lex Borerro



BeViamos Wine Bar-2009
Chicago Park District Family Fest (Sponsored by Jump Man / Nike)-2009
Evanston Custer Fest (Along/w DJ Solo)-2009
Dusable Museum (Along/w Jermih)-2009
ASCAP ‘I Create Music’ Expo (LA) – 2009
Soulja Boy / T-Pain After Party-2008
Spotlight NYC- 2008
Redstone Room-2008
Cosmopolitan StarLaunch- 2008
106 & Park- 2008
R.I.B.C.O. (Along w/Ernie Penningston)- 2008
Quad City River Bandits- 2008
Pulse of the River Music Festival- 2007
Owen Smith Comedy Special- 2007
Soul Food Extravganza (Along/w Montell Jordan)- 2006
Country Club Hills Fest (Along/w Paul Wall, Shawna)- 2006
B96 Girls Gone Wild Extravagansa - 2005
(Along w Jah Rhista, Soundmaster T, R Kelly’s Public Announcement)
Lil Wish Juke Blowout- 2005
Royce Glamour Showcase-2003

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GetYourBuzzUp.ning.com- 2009
iStandardProducers.com- 2009
Hoodgrownonline.com Interview- 2009
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Protégé Magazine – 2009 (TBP)
Oneshotmedia.com Interview- 2009
The Studio Photography Commercial- 2009
Chicago Flame- 2009
Augustana Observer- 2008
RIBCO Newsletter- 2008
River Cities Reader- 2008
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Soul Food Extravaganza- 2006
The Star- 2003
The Chicago Defender-Feb 2003

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RKelly’s Public Annoucement (Hit Ya Spot)
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Jah Rhista / Soundmaster T (Swamp Family)

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Rich South Vocalist Hall of Fame
“So You Think You Can Sing” Winner
Royce Glamour Showcase Winner

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The reality is, there will never be another Marvin Gaye, David Ruffin or Curtis Mayfield. R&B crooner, Rapheal Boyd, has devoted his life to elevating industry standards and filling the void these artists once filled. From the booth, to the pen, to the stage, Rapheal is equipped to fill this void and create a lane that he calls, Renaissance Soul. Rapheal’s sound is the rebirth of heartfelt soul translated for the modern listener. Rapheal will deliver relief for those starving for R&B that feeds and excites the soul. Rapheal utilizes his struggle and heartache from growing up in the crime-infested neighborhood of Harvey, IL to deliver a message to those hoping for a brighter day. Love and triumph are also key elements to expect in Rapheal's project. Rapheal’s sultry yet heartfelt vocals allow you to escape your body and experience Renaissance Soul.

Rapheal’s catalogue of music embodies his struggle, heartache, love and triumph. At the age of 9, Rapheal’s English teacher could not help but notice his natural ability for creative writing. She encouraged Rapheal to compete in short story and poetry contests in which he blew the competition out of the water. This influence early on harnessed his efficiency and ability to paint a picture with words. In order to share this ability with a broader audience, Rapheal began to sing his poems to his peers. The reaction of sheer amazement served as fuel for Rapheal, which made him thirst for more.

Rapheal’s thirst for expression lead his mother, Tina Boyd, to Chicago based producer, Chris G. Chris G’s track record included work with Jodeci and current Menudo member, Carlos. Chris would be instrumental in developing Rapheal’s vocal range and stage presence. After 2 yrs of artist development and cutting “pop demos,” Tina realized Chris G could not deliver the urban / soulful production style that would showcase Rapheal’s soul filled voice. Tina pulled Rapheal from the situation never imagining that her childhood relationships would impact his life in such a way. Tina’s childhood ties and relationship with former member of R Kelly’s Public Announcement, Felony Davis, enabled Rapheal to find that sound and put him on the path to stardom.

Feloney took Rapheal through rigorous vocal coaching, writing sessions and stage coaching. During artist development, Rapheal was exposed to legendary producers such as Cayex (Twista), Earl (R Kelly / Public Announcement), Hula Mahone (Outhere Brothers, Will Smith) and Grammy winner, Maurice Joshua (Destiny’s Child). After recording demos and shopping Rapheal for 1 yr, Feloney decided it was in Rapheal’s best interest to work with someone who could dedicate 100% of their time. Following this decision, Rapheal took time off to attend Augustana College where he studied Business Marketing. Rapheal’s college experience gave him a sense of independence and allowed him to create his own identity.

While attending Augustana, Rapheal created 2 bands, Take 2 and The Experience. He also booked shows while marketing his 1st EP, The Transition. Once Rapheal graduated college in 2008, he was as prepared as any signed artists would be. In the summer of 2008 Rapheal signed on as a singer/songwriter with former 10 year NFL veteran and Chicago born producer, Oliver Gibson and business partner Anthony Capers, production team, Gang Tackle. Oliver was blown away by Rapheal’s dedication and writing ability. After hearing one note, Oliver vowed he would do everything in his power to make him a star.

What is success with no sacrifice? Throughout the developmental stages of Gang Tackle, Rapheal worked a full time day gig while still frequenting the studio after work. “24 hr work days are necessary to always be ahead of the competition.” Rapheal has wowed everyone he touches from Chaka Khan to head of ASCAP Urban, Walter Jones. The consistent response of high caliber individuals like this is, “Rapheal has that it that every star has.” Rapheal’s project is nearing completion and with almost 50 songs in, every song has single potential. “My project is a life testimony through song. You will feel this and fully understand what Renaissance Soul means. I am Renaissance soul so get ready for the rebirth.”