Rapid Cities

Rapid Cities


Rapid Cities tears punk rock down and builds it back up again in ways you've never heard before. They use no power chords, rarely play in 4/4 time, but still create songs full of well-crafted energy that you can relate to. They carry the integrity of a DIY group, but have broader sights set.


"Standing sideways in the thin alley ways to escape the wind"

Rapid Cities are the world we live in.

Started in New Brunswick, NJ in 2006 as a concept and punk rock critique by John Terry, Anthony Battiato, Brian Whitney, and Cass McGrath, the band immediately started churning out songs and ideas that reflected the need to move everything they loved in life and music in a forward direction.

Times spent in the studio and in the van were an outlet for wild debate and creative energy. In the next couple years, the band would go on four tours, go through three vans and more than thirty states, accept an invitation to play at MACROCK (Mid-Atlantic College Radio Conference), and share the stage with bands such as The Gaslight Anthem, Joan of Arc, and Medications. Brian would also leave the band after two of these tours and be replaced by Shaun Seneviratne.

In 2008, they sat down in the studio to document their ideas in the form of the debut full length record, "Machinery Saints," an ambitious project that took several months to complete, and would be received to critical acclaim in the punk and indie underground.

Shortly after the record was released in 2009, Anthony would bid the band and his drumkit "Adieu," leaving a vacancy to be filled by Greg Meisenberg.

With this latest lineup change, the band is ready to record a few more songs for upcoming small releases and has plans to be touring in the U.S. and Europe in 2010.




demo2006 - 2006 - A Time & A Place Records
Taste of Liberty tour demo - 2007 - self released
Machinery Saints - 2009 - Love/Hate Records

Set List

Sets vary from show to show. Here is a sample of the last set list, usually keeping it at around 30 minutes:

Manhattan's Hymn
Circumventing the Machine
In My Mind
Space Is Infinite
Down at the Fleshpot
Jaunt On Dying Young
My Arms Are the Anchors, My Legs Are the Sea