Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

 Union, New Jersey, USA

NJ based progressive metal band. Made up of musicians under 18yrs of age. Highly regarded by critics including Rich Russo as one of the top local bands in NY/NJ area.


Rapid Fire is a "high school" aged 4 piece metal band based out of Union, NJ who's ages range from 14-16yrs old. They've been featured In the Newark Star Ledger, New York post, William Patt Unv 88.7, Break Thru Radio.com, Rock Radio 96.3 (Boca Raton, FL), and have been named as one of NJ/NY top 10 local bands of 2010 by SexyArmPit.com

The band gigs constantly in the region and currently is doing pre-production work in Manhattan.


"Open The Gates" (single)

*more tracks pending release.

Set List

Among originals "Rapid Fire" will play the occasional cover including; Dio, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, etc.