Rap James

Rap James

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN
BandHip Hop

I want to RAP better then who you like best


Rap James, started back in '03 and got serious in '10



Written By: James Cummings

...Now I don't wanna lecture nobody nobody getting in my way
When it comes to getting paid you should know bout me
Self made never went a day not hungry since my first day
First thought get money never let the thirst stop no way
No gain if you never know pain I know its not a new saying
...Let me show you how I play
Make money wit me if you don't stop
Competition healthy but I don't got
Patience in any way anyway I don't got
A whole lot to go against this is not a boast HA!!!
This money won't miss me or brush off
I'm a make it stick to me literally
If I gotta step in and intervene upon feet
To reach my peak speed think that bother me
Please not hardly... wit out a pardon me
Interrupting anybody not about the paper tryna talk to me
...Hurry I'ma keep moving speak music
Show you how the street do it street proven
See me in the hood like a street shooting
Street smart I'ma leave the hood like a street car
And if you don't see why then you street stupid

But I just wanna rap

From the moment that I was thought of conceived
From growing to fetus going to being able to breathe
Since being able to eat
Think and feel since being able to speak
Since being real I've been insane on the beat
Its more than skill its me
Since 2 decades ago I been ready my heart steadily beating
For a decade to mold
Wit so many people to show
From old people to about to be born people
Till no people left to be told
Wit no equals I have yet to be thrown over
Theres no soldiers able to throw
Lo and behold a menace is born a nemesis
Degenerate someone get the damage control
You looking for the most hardest most rawest
Most flawless most honest most tolerant
Most prominent most ominous most dominate
Unharnessed know artist T. dot has?
God damn its me impossible to pass
Good looking brash MC marketable to mass
Media being the man you all know
You think theres a how to manual no


I couldn't be more appropriate in my approach
I'm so proportioned I pose from pillar to post
Wit a pulse that's in a zone if your heart would go in
You would die from the shock alone
Toward the peak I'm at a point
Where I'm poised to leap
To the top is the only goal
This what I mean...
I'm not afraid of fear
So I'ma chase my dream
Without a filter for fans to hear
What I'm a say when I have to speak I'll make it clear
Cause you have to see what you apart of I have you here sorta
Well I have your ears
And you know I gotta plan to pierce hold up
Thats a double entendre for those who had trouble wit following
The bar just incase I had lost ya I'm sorry
...I apologize partly
But y'all really ought to keep up...
...Go on laugh rap is so off the sonar that theres no dot
There no period its drawn out
Run on sentence wit no thought
Just all senseless but so what


Rarefied Air

Written By: James Cummings

If you throw it down... I'm a pick up
And I'm a throw it up
And I'm a knock it out the park
Because I self pitch... cause I can self start
And if I'm selfish its cause I'm self taught
So let me tell this ...I'm at the top of my class
Despite being obnoxious and crass
You can see it as a last ditch effort
A match stick next to an ass lit
...And I could blast this lesson
But I'm a drop out... and if I thought out
Moves just a lil better I could be a cop now
Lucky me right
The story of my life would need a rewrite
I guess thats why they only give you 3 strikes
And 9 innings cause I know I'm winning
But I'm a only swing at em if my timings precise
...Luckily I'm self pitching… So
There ain't a way that I could miss it
… Take this in ...I'm on a living streak
I'm on a losing fast …I'm on a winning spree
And I ain't moving fast ...I'm doin half speed
I'm on a crash strike… not at a crash scene
…I save the playing for the track
And put myself in a position which can stave off an attack
See where I'm at...
Is on a level with a glass floor… and I ain't slipping thru the crack
I'm a wax poetic
My old rap rhetoric is so far past
Benevolence its so black its melanin
And white its so Vanilla in
The track looking like an Uncle Tom
At 5 naughts on La Amistad
My plank walk is like a swag so how you can't put me on
Pick a Nigga out the field of cotton white tee's and chains
I read so its hard to write me off

I'm breathing in that rarefied air x4
And its hard to breathe
Its like the higher you get the higher you get
The harder that you trying to breathe the thinner it seems
And you breathing in that rarefied air
anytime you standing next to me

…If I can further my agenda
I'd rather be a dreamer than a pretender
And I would rather need ya than never met ya
You'll feel the same about me... betcha
...Don't let me cash my swag points
The sack that they put em in will tax my bad joints
...I'm gettin past my last point
...I was sayin I'm nice
With my hand on the bible under oath and I would swear on my life
I'm the coldest you can say what you like
But before you form the wrong opinion from my quote
Cause you might
Take a real long look at what I do on the mic
Pay attention to whatever my verse says
Cause I would suggest
That I'm next best thing to the 1st best
And way better than second ... talking in a loop
I'm making a loop hole I'm a jump through in a second


Written By: James Cummings

Before anything else I'll say what I'm attempting
If everything else the same I'm the exception
If everything else I did ever meant anything
In anyway ever then it means I was tested
If every effort I gave was ever collected
Then I expect to get paid by getting my severance
Cause I ain't missing a day efficient and restless
Without a second to waste my mission is hectic
I'm goin outta my way to try to explain
That ain't nobody taking my place cause I ain't gone let them
I ain't evading a thing I made an investment
And I ain't saying its fate I'm saying its destined
I ain't playing a game there ain't a contestant
To take away what I made or make it interesting
I ain't even being facetious either I'm serious
You can see it isn't even a question
This is what to expect if
The cause and effect is too hard get
If you don't know the consensus
...The way I walk in my steps is
Throwing me off my balance my swag is senseless
...I gotta confession
I'm kinda pretentious when I'm rhyming I guess
But I ain't tryna impress you
Cause I ain't been pressing to
Cause I ain't expecting you to get the impression
You listening yet
You gotta admit that I am outta my shit
Without a hint of contention
I'm outta my head wit out a bit of congestion
I'm so far ahead with out a minute to rest
I'm bout to start a recession
I'm bout to regress until I'm barely an infant
I'm outta my crib if I keep it relentless
Then you could expect that I'm a carry momentum
Call it aggression
And I ain't regretting anything that I would see as a lesson
How I see it every things an assessment
Depends on perception probably from everyday to the next a lottery
And I believe and accept it
So I don't expect apologies for anything that I've witnessed
How I see it I was building my press kit
Cause I ain't content wit coming second I'ma only ascend
In my profession minus any discretion


Nothing official, just a demo

The Demonstration - 2013