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Rapper's Delight

 Hackensack, New Jersey, USA
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We are 'Rapper's Delight'!--an emerging artist group featuring 80's legends Wonder Mike and Master Gee. It's Rappers Delight because we don't call ourselves Sugar Hill Gang anymore. Our new film documentary 'I Want My Name Back' says it all. Book us! Get two original SHG members plus three more.


It's a new 'gang', new day, and new beginning for the group 'Rapper's Delight' featuring old school hip-hop legends Wonder Mike and Master Gee. Joined by Hen Dogg, DJ T Dynasty and Rob Da' Noize Temple, Rapper's Delight is currently recording a new album. A national/international touring group, Rapper's Delight emerges on the independent artist scene with a new hit--Lala Song released (2009) by Bob Sinclar.

Rapper's Delight is currently in the studio recording a new album. In the meantime, the Lala Song continues to get great reviews. A recent review of the Lala Song by SoundOut reveals that the Lala Song is a potential album track for the overall market (all ages 16 to 44). So whether you are a teenager or approaching your middle-age years or somewhere in between, you will find something to enjoy about the track. The track is classified as "excellent" within the HipHop/Rap genre with an In-Genre Market Potential of 84% indicating it is a potential strong single for this target market. The highest rated element of the track was the instrumentation--followed by the track itself, then vocals, artistry, commerciality, production and lyrics.

A SoundOut summary of the feel-good hit, Lala Song is as follows:

"Listeners love the awesome beat on this track and the music wants you to get up and boogie. The Lala song is totally retro. The vocals are sweet sounding. This track really rocks and pops and parties. The backup vocals provided the excellent harmony while the percussion brings the tempo through the roof. The vocals are dynamite and really work the song. Its an awesome performance that makes listeners want to dance to this song. This is one of those old school sounding songs, but it really does rock! Listeners really enjoy the singing of the background singers. The main rapper (Wonder Mike) has confidence and is really great. This track has a well-defined beat and a good pace that really helps to get the party going. The vocals are clear and have a hypnotic kind of appeal. There is a lot going on in this track but it is fun and catchy. The Lala Song is quite retro, which reflects the mood of the track and brings a smile to faces of is listeners. Great for a night out! --A flash dance beat, some nice 90's styled rhythm as well as this backing style get listeners going with a very original sound and a childlike choir offering Sesame Street styled texture. The bass line is similar to the sugar hill gang and takes the lead role as the rapping commences. The Lala Song is a very catchy groovy dance number with a good funk edge as it reminds listeners of the seventies old school disco and eighties style sort of soul bop. The music has good energy to it with an extremely high energetic introduction and a super bass track. The style of the rapping is really nice, and it is a feel good song and just a fun song. The vocals and the singing children's band in the background create a very vivid and joyful scene."

The Lala Song sets Rapper's Delight apart from legendary other Hip-Hop/Rap groups because it provides a fresh look into new material for the group. The Passion Rating by SoundOut was a "1". The Passion Rating is important because it has a big impact on potential sales and indicates the intensity with which reviewers liked the track compared to how they have liked other tracks. A "Loved" Passion Rating (1 or above) equates to strong sales potential.


Lala Song
I Want My Name Back