R.A.P  Phenom

R.A.P Phenom

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R.A.P Phenom has been one of the most electric hip/hop artist to stem out of New Jersey in a long time. He has been on BET'S on show the Deal and Freestyle Fri. He has been featured on BET's RAP CITY show in 2005. He has opened for Keyshia Cole and Cassidy in front 5k students at Lincoln Univ.


In an age in which the genre of hip/hop has taken
on a stereotype of negativity, this NJ artist is and
has taken a step toward being an alternative artistically with heart felt content and colorful
enticing perspectives. These very elements
are the ingrediants that laid the foundation
for the genre in the late 1970's and the
1980's. R.A.P has been inspired by hip hop
greats such as Rakim, Nas, Biggie, and
Busta Rhymes,Jay Z and Eminem...


N-E-W Jerz, Your own kin, We Dont Care, If Not Me

Set List

R.A.P's sets range can from 10-30 minutes if needed.