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Jesus Music. Promoting the kings heart over beats to a generation that other wise my never hear it.


My mission is simple - “To shake up this earth & this music industry by boldly proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ in a style and quality that forces America to not only acknowledge Him as the only true God, but actually have an opportunity to choose whether or not to accept Him as Lord of their lives.” With hot lyrics that are backed by scripture and endorsed by the King himself, I want to successfully set out to take God out of the box many try to put Him into, to diversify the Body with his unique style, and to tear down the walls of misconception & religiosity with the true Message of a real Jesus for a dying world. With a passion for God and a love for people, tied to his quest for lyrical mastery, I want to sure to fulfill his ultimate goal of bringing all glory to God.


Vanished Without A Trace Mixtape (2004)

Jesus Musik LP(2006)