Rapture and Ashes

Rapture and Ashes


Mario going postal on a metal band as time-bombs ignite. A post-apocalyptic punch to the face.


With rapture and Ashes cresting the wave of a debut album, its with a passion that these young musicians explode onto the music scene. With high expectations pressed upon them from all sides, Rapture not only delivers, but delivers with force. To understand, just take a listen to one of the 10 tracks soon to be featured on both our Myspace page and our SonicBids EPK.


Creation- 10 track Album (currently in recording)

Set List

The vast majority of our songs are all original. A normal set would include:
1. Requiem (instrumental) -1:30 min
2. Catalyst 3min
3. The Martyrdom -3:05 min
4. Glass Sanctum -3:10 min
5. Modus Operandi -5 min
6. Pandora -4 min
7. Juggernaut -5 min
8. Armageddon -8 min

The set usually last between a half hour and forty-five minutes.