Rapture of the Deep
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Rapture of the Deep

Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



""...the Best Band I've Seen in Years""

"These guys are the best band I've seen in years!" - Mysterious Stranger in Trenchcoat after First Show


Hand of the Hunter - 2009
1. Put Yr Shoes On
2. A World of Your Own
3. (You Just Wanted to) RUN!

Killing Season - 2008
1. Shotgun
2. Life in Stereo
3. Lovers in the Dark



Nitrogen narcosis, commonly referred to as "Rapture of the Deep" is a reversible alteration of consciousness brought on by diving to extreme depths. The perception altering effects may include feelings of tranquility and mastery of the environment, as well as paranoia and visions of things that are not there.

That is what Rapture of the Deep aims to sound like.

Their music is an homage to great bands past, present, and future. The Pixies reborn for the 21st century, with a hint of psychedelia and danceability, if you will.

Four Texans who banded together in late 2008, Rapture of the Deep has set their sights on altering the perception of those all over the world...one step at a time.