Rap X

Rap X

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN
BandHip HopAvant-garde

mid skool mid fi riff heavy beats at pace with an mc whos flow travels to where ever the emphasis is words run amok telling truth jokes in a fractal pattern. organic drum machine


``Something New`` says at least 100 people. A spoken word rap that enforces its skew with image scatter bombs weaving through time and perspectives. Dissecting truth while building a reputation of bombastic live sets. The producing credit goes to Scott Munro a Calgary legend (Chad VanGaalen, GhostKeeper, Rueben and the Dark) whos vision for the project was a time in rap music just before gangster, when the funk notes were changing into rock riffs. Pairing up with Micah Stone the outsider poet who treats his raps like a sacred exercise where he taps into a heavenly conversation between Charles Bukowski Kurt Vonnegut and Richard Brautigan.


Chuck Norris (rough mix) Mp3

Written By: Micah Stone

Chuck Norris – the lyrics
This girl has knitted a sweater for my heart a sporty little cardigan I would like to reveal myself and my disguise to the beautiful girl with the sad eyes while all the spies look in again I feel myself begin to wear a thin grin warm rain disintegrates my tin skin the robot chuckles like huckleberry Finn as the has been climbing out of the trash bin

(chorus) She’s a refugee from the enchanted forest
She’s busting up my guts like she was chuck Norris
The baby boy gets a pet brontosaurus
The rich man walks in and buys out the florist

Over the counter hugs it’s like meet me at the bottom of Dig Dug I try to shrug off her smile like a tiny tug boat wreck meet me at the bottom of the coat check someone suck out the snake venom of her infallible denim jacket my heart is salvageable if we put it into brackets one serving packets it can hack it suffering succotash she’s slow motion whiplash make a baby try to grow a mustache the thin line between motorcycle rider an road rash the lighter in the pocket of the firefighter I got a date with a super collider
The debacle of her follicles her skin so soft yet unstoppable makes me feel responsible for all the lost syllables a constable of silliness contemplating my gorilla-ness in the mist on a precipice perilous universal villainous the still abyss the killer kiss I just died in your arms tonight I must hide in your charms and bite with all my musculature but I’m rusty and you dusty haut couture counteracts with my vernacular the choir lurks by the firework spectacular

Cra$$ & Bra$h

Written By: Micah Stone

Crass and brash I break wind with the brass in a flashback foreshadow syntax cracks the death blow the cackling laughter of the backhoe bringing agro banjo to your Bistro borrow through your botched bravado like Piarro bizarro I'm from the Bureau of tomorrow I'm on the trail of the red sparrow I need to know why do you wallow in the turbo tableau window to tiptoe around typo your new Nouveau motto is as old as the Pharaohs Pluto's plateau serves pseudo orange pekoe that's cool thought is cool I get doggerel from my dog-eared copy of Pantagruel it adds fuel to the fools who duel with kilojoules as ghouls misrule the cesspool I guess I'll guard the jewels in my vanquished vestibule while trying to re-tool my molecules I stand vigil with a vial of virile Vergil's verbal visuals the vassal vocal vandal manhandling thoughts that no man could handle


Rap X Cassette.2012
side a Albino Panthers side b Mayor of a Ghost Town

Enter the Muscle Castle Sept 2013
51 minutes of fun look for it september