Raquel Fé

Raquel Fé

 Saddle Brook, New Jersey, USA

Female Solo Artist, with nearly 15 years of music production and songwriting experience. She just finished her first Contemporary Christian album (release 9/30/11), "We Live By Faith"... a mix of pop, rock, dance. It's like mainstream music with a Christian message!


Raquel Fé is a talented, independent Christian artist, working in the music industry for over 15 years. Born into a family of musicians, she developed her musical talent writing secular music and is now utilizing her skills to write for God! Not only can she sing, she can song-write and produce. Her musical talent has even reached from writing a popular software theme song to an outstanding performance at the Pentagon in Washington D.C. She's rapidly acquiring popularity amongst audiences in various parts of the world.

About the Album

Without formal voice lessons or a musical education, Raquel Fé has written, recorded and produced a Christian solo album, titled, "We Live By Faith". You haven't heard Christian music like this...An eclectic mix of Pop, Rock, R&B, and Dance, the lyrics were written based on Raquel's personal life experiences in her walk with God. Every person of faith must walk their own path. As mistakes are still made while in pursuit of righteousness, we forgive others for their mistakes too. That's the concept of this album... to uplift during times of joy and weakness, using biblical scripture and lessons learned through experiences.

About Raquel Fé

Raquel Fé began recording in her early teenage years with her older brother- a classical pianist and also Executive Producer of the international documentary film "La Epoca" www.laepocafilm.com. With just a $200.00 stereo, a tape recorder and a cheap microphone, Raquel Fé recorded several choruses over the instrumentals of popular songs while her brother rapped. When in high school, another older brother of hers, song-writer and producer, 7b, heard a song she was preparing for a talent show. He was so captivated by her voice, that he invited her to record and eventually co-write an album using highly advanced music-writing software for computers. As a music band, they called themselves OR and titled their album "Along for the Ride."

What’s Happening Now

Today, Raquel Fé is a full-time singer/song-writer performing across the country. She collaborates with other independent artists and continues to write for future albums. Her goal, however, is to operate her own Christian record label. She has also recorded the Latin Rythm soundtrack for the movie "La Epoca". The original movie was released back in 2009, with her hit song, "Vale Mas". The producer of the film, Josue Joseph, is now working on the sequel, for which the new soundtrack is being written. You can view the website at www.laepocafilm.com.


Raquel Fé is no novice to performing. She sang in several school talent shows, weddings and, sadly, funerals. She sang many solo performances in all of her school chorus productions and was selected by her high school band director to sing at the final band performance of the year (which merited a standing ovation). She was given the distinct honor of singing the national anthem a cappella at High School athletic events. She was, also, invited to perform for the Secretary and Assistant Secretary of the Army at the Pentagon in Washington D.C., which, she accomplished, flawlessly, and for which she received a letter of gratitude. When it comes to performing, she puts on an amazing show. Raquel shares: "When I sing, I can't help but become very emotional. It is the only way I know how to express myself". Her emotions definitely show, as many of her performances have brought people to tears. At age 16, Raquel wrote a song about the arrival of Y2K. This track was used, exclusively, by Western Union Corporate around the globe as they prepared for the potential threats of the end of the millenium.

All in the Family

Music definitely runs in this girl's family. Raquel (born Raquel-Maria Joseph) is the daughter of a well-known bassist, Alfonso El Panameno (www.orquestaalfonso.com) , who performed with the pioneers of Afro-Cuban music. Alfonso has been songwriting for well over 40 years. He made several recordings on Latin oldie tracks and performed with some of today's most popular Latin musicians such as Celia Cruz, Candido, Machito, and Tito Puente. Alfonso was soon forgotten, after he moved to Connecticut to raise his seven children. He was replaced by the well-known bass player, known as, Cachao. After almost 40 years, Alfonso is making a come back with his new album, titled "Divine Intervention." The album contains 9 tracks of Christian, orchestral and Latin music, with the voices of 3 of his children, Othoniel, Josue, and Raquel Fé. You can view the website at www.orquestaalfonso.com.



Written By: Raquel Fé

Wake up with the sunlight, streaming through the shades. Oh, it’s gonna be a good day. Smile on my face, yeah, yeah. Don’t know what I stressed about yesterday. All of my worries have been wiped away. My God has saved the day again. Oh, yes He did. I’ll never stop believing after all He’s done for me
Chorus – You gave me life. You came from heaven that I might be raised up and be the light to those who have fallen, rise in the name of love
Driving on the highway, I see my destiny. You know that you can do anything with no restraint, yeah, yeah. I believe that when you find truth the sun shines. Let go of the hurt from the past. It’s divine. Let it go, just give your cares to Him and He will make a way. I’ll never be forgotten ‘cause you will always live in me.
The closer I get to you it really blows my mind. You put my fate in my hands in you I am defined. The one who loves you would be loved by the Father too. You said your spirit was sent to teach us what to do. We heard you say that you’re going away but you’re coming back to us and you gave us your grace from above. I won’t depend on my own understanding but I will think of you in every single thing that I do.

We Live By Faith

Written By: Raquel Fé

Sometimes I find that it’s easy to forget you when everything is good, but, when tough times come I cry, looking for you to pull me through. I never thought I’d need someone like this and the way you brought me out, I cannot resist, yeah. Taking a chance in front of everyone here; I’m hoping you’ll catch me ‘cause I’m falling, tell me you’re near. Drowning in misery; praying for hope. Hope is the one thing that keeps us from dying
Chorus – Faith is the substance of everything hoped for. We live by faith and not by sight. If you have faith as small as a grain nothing will be impossible. We live by faith.
Consider it joy whenever you’re in a mess because you know that testing of your faith gives you perseverance so that you might mature. And if you find yourself lacking in wisdom all you gotta do is ask Him and it will be given. And when you ask make sure there is no doubt. Fight the good fight of faith and make sure you believe. And hope will never disappoint us when we have the love of God in our hearts.
Through faith, yes, we’ve been justified. We rejoice in the hope of God’s glory. Into His grace in which we now stand, now we have peace and confidence.

The Cycle

Written By: Raquel Fé & Othoniel

I’d like to take you way back. Remember when we were kids living in that old house, yeah. So many stories, some we laugh and some we cry. But look at us now, how we all turned out. Some still are hurt from the past. Mother and father still pay. Yeah, they made their mistakes and we make ours too. Who’s to blame for that? And what about our children, do we treat them the same? No! We gotta find a better way to help them learn!
Chorus – When does it end, the cycle of pain? We gotta change it, come on and break the chain! Who is responsible for your behavior? Is it me, is it you, is it the world? If you’re ready to break the cycle let’s move on!
Now and then I go back and laugh at all the silly things that we used to fight about, yeah! And we would drive our parents crazy, make them mad, make them proud. But look at them now, how they mellowed out. Since I followed my path and lived with the choices I’ve made. Yeah, I can pass the blame, but that benefits who? Why stay in the past when we can help our children with examples we lay down. We gotta find a better way to help them learn.

Rest Child

Written By: Raquel Fé & Jordan Joseph

Close your eyes, empty your mind. Don’t think about anything. This day is over and in the past. Now it’s time to rest for the night. I know you, what you’ve been through. Feeling so lost in your mistakes. Don’t you worry, no you’re not alone, we’ll face it together. Say a prayer, your words have life.
Chorus – Rest. rest, child, rest. Woh, hold my hand, I’m praying for you. Rest. rest, child, rest. There is a way, oh God knows, He will do it.
Anytime you feel afraid just remember the words that I say. You are a gift from above. Every day you teach me something I didn’t know about love. It’s your kindness, sensitivity, just who you are amazes me. No, don’t you think for one moment that you’re anything less, you’re special to me. You are a bright light. Just believe and be at peace.


Raquel Fé's first radio single, "Rest Child" is available for purchase. Go to http://www.raquelfe.com