Rarae Avis

Rarae Avis

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Rarae Avis is an atmospheric, forward thinking experimental rock band. Hailed for their delicate, sweeping sounds, they blend dynamic landscapes with soaring melodies to create a harmonious and cohesive sound.


Rarae Avis is: texture, sound, vast empty space, a discharge of consciousness, a collection of ideas, technique as a way of doing, peripheral transitions, undulations of thought…

Rarae Avis is now two people, before it was 3, then 4.

Rarae Avis (Rare-ee Ay-vuhs) began creating music in the summer of 2002. Bound by no conventions or parameters, the members set out to write beautiful and compelling music. Beginning in Big Blue Sound, a studio created and run by the band, Rarae Avis began sorting through their musical intentions. Ideas were actualized, and early tracks were recorded. In the fall of 2003 the band relocated to Blacksburg, Virginia. It was there that drummer Jarrett Blankenship joined the band and the band began playing full time.

The band began playing shows in their college town, Blacksburg, Virginia, in the early winter of the same year. The band awed the full house at their debut first show, and then took a two-month hiatus to prepare and finish recording their debut album. Returning from the studio with a full length, Rarae Avis played their album release show in January of 2003. In the following spring, they played several house and venue shows, as well as live on Blacksburg's college radio station, and several out of town dates.

The album was recorded over a few weeks in Big Blue Sound during the winter 2002. The studio, filled wall to wall with instruments, amplifiers, and other recording equipment, housed the band while they experimented with sounds, textures, modulation, countless effects pedals, and unconventional recording techniques. The main studio room became a maze of chords. Microphones were placed on walls, mounted on ceilings, and spread over the room. Different combinations were used for each track, and specific instrument, achieving an assortment different tones and timbres. The result of all of the experimental chaos was a seven-song full length album. Totaling 42 minutes in length, the album is best listened to in headphones, or high quality surround sound speakers.

The album (which is self titled) was made available independently through the band's efforts, however label support for distribution and support was sought after. During the spring of 2003, the band caught the attention of several independent labels. The band eventually signed with Hound Records/Yellow Dog Music. The album was remixed, and the artwork redone for the release in early summer. The band toured during the month of July, and then ascended to their studio to begin early tracks of newer ideas and conceptions.


"Rarae Avis" 2003 Hound Records/Yellow Dog Music

Set List

10-15 original songs