Ra Ra Rasputin

Ra Ra Rasputin

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA

Ra Ra Rasputin has made a name for themselves in the nation's capitol for their energetic performances and sincere approach to live dance music.


Washington, DC's Ra Ra Rasputin has developed into one of the city's most recognized local acts. Its drum- and synth-driven performances draw a varied crowd of gyrating, captivated fans, spurred on by lead singer Brock Boss's buoyant on-stage energy and reverberating baritone. In 2010, Ra Ra Rasputin released its self-titled debut album, a collection of animated electro-dance, and followed up with the single "Forward" at the end of 2011. The group has become a staple of the Washington music scene, playing at such venues as the 9:30 Club, Black Cat, DC9, and the Velvet Lounge, and regularly brings its spirited live shows to New York, Baltimore and other cities on the East Coast.

"Montroy Remix" live at the 9:30 Club (Oct 3, 2011)

"Owls In Daylight" live at the 9:30 Club (Nov 4, 2011)

Official music video for "Forward"


Ra Ra Rasputin released two new songs -- "Forward" and "Owl In Daylight" -- in November 2011. Their self-titled debut album was released in September 2010.

Both releases are available on their website: http://rararasputin.com

Set List

Ra Ra Rasputin plays 30-60 minute sets of original live electronic dance/rock music.