Ra Ra Riot

Ra Ra Riot


Ra Ra Riot's music is a musical journey through the land of classical, 80s Casio keyboards, 90s alternative and today's indie-pop-rock, played with a rare proficiency and sophistication.


Ra Ra Riot is an amorphous blob (read as: band) that consists of six highly dedicated individuals, each bringing her/his own experiences as both people and musicians to the metaphorical table. We feel strongly about moving people physically and mentally as a means of affecting positive micro/macrocosmic change. Formed and currently based in Syracuse, NY, Ra Ra Riot spends its time shaking the hands of foreign dignitaries, practicing, playing shows, eating pizza, and going about the business of everyday life. We have only existed since January 2006 C.E., an infant in that sense, but already have developed significantly as people and musicians. We look forward to seeing how the sound morphs as we hit adolescence and the subsequent teen years. We invite you to come along on this journey of growth and self-discovery. Word up.


Ra Ra Riot Demo 2006
1. "Can You Tell?"
(written by Wesley Miles, arranged by Ra Ra Riot)
2. "Dying is Fine"
(written and arranged by Ra Ra Riot, lyrically inspired by E.E. Cummings)
3. "The New Flesh"
(written and arranged by Ra Ra Riot)

Set List

A Manner to Act
Can You Tell
Each Year
Ghost Under Rocks
Dying Is Fine
Hounds of Love