RARE deliver an aggressive and energetic pop sound, combined with some smooth, heartbreaking ballads.


They are currently in the studio at Macel working on their debut album with Chriz and Egil for Macel Music and Urban “B.B. Stiff” Landgren (Rednex, Dream Decade etc.) for Zodiac Music AB.

Thomas worked for several years as an artist in a cabaret show in Gothenburg where he was one of the leads. Daniel has previously worked in several studios, both as a session vocalist and as a songwriter. Both of them write their own material, and they are recording much of it for their debut album.

RARE has a clothing deal with Swedish importer Asp&Co, who outfits the boys with exclusive designer clothing.

RARE has opened for Swedish "Fame Factory" winner Anders Johansson, and they will be touring with Anders on his next national tour.


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