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Mixing modern pop and rock, with a touch of heart-breaking ballads, the music of Rare is so colorful and different it is virtually impossible to put it into one single genre. The songs are well crafted with international quality and a great combination of wit and truth.


Rare is Daniel and Thomas, two well-polished hunks, nursed by the sea breeze from the heart of
the Swedish west-coast, Gothenburg.
They met each other in the dawn of the century and right away their musical match was a fact,
just as natural as Yin and Yang, or land and sea.
The magic of their match resulted in Rare, a journey they started together just two years ago.

Appealing lyrics and rich melodies brought out by the warm voices delivers an engaging,
intriguing and touching result. The voices of Rare deliver this slice of modern life with pure and
open honesty.
This is an album of classic songwriting and excellent pop songs.
Everything is co-produced, written, engineered and supervised by Urban “B.B. Stiff” Landgren,
known from the world famous hit-machine Rednex with titles like “Cotton Eye Joe”, “Spirit of
the hawk”, “Wish you were here”, just to mention a few. Consequently Urban is a well known
and respected name in the business.

Set List

In A Different Story
Figured you out
Love Has Finally Found Us
Kick Me
Is This What You Call Love
We Only Got tonight