For five years, RareBreedsj has touched the hearts and souls of south jersey's music fans. With influences like System of a Down,Breaking benjamin, and Korn, RareBreed strives to bring heart pounding yet melodic earfull to people all around the world.


Rare Breed as a band are like brothers. They all have different influences ranging from 80's, 90's, to todays best hits. even so their contradicting styles make for a great blend and overall sound.
RareBreed has had some really memorable performances at shows. Very often they invite all the people they meet at shows or bars out to an after party to socialize with the band and have a good time. They once played the Wiskey Dix Saloon and roughly so, packed 53 fans from the area onto a charter bus that they payed for out of gig money. On the way back, 6 or 7 people blew chunks on the bus and the bus company refused to rent to bands in the future. Afterwards, most of the people went back to the drummers house, and partied while the guitar players played some acustic music.
( Here's a grusome story........)
In the summer of 2005, guitar player Dave Parsons severed three of his fingers off on his fretting hand on a chop saw at work. The doctors said it was doubtfull that he would ever play again.
After 3 months, he decided to challenge the doctor's opinion and started practicing with stitches still holding the bruised tissue together. Now, one year later he continues to play like it never happened. Crazy times but it's all true. THE STORY MUST GO ON!



Written By: Ervin Cronk

God of patience on my eyes to see what I despise.
And through everything Ive tried so hard to feel it is our time.
There's a journey I have known. Broken bounds that they have shown.
In everyone there is a dying breed. What have you done?

Sick and demented we see in your eyes. Slow and corroded your fucked good this time. Faster it's burning I know that you know. Faces are turning away why don't you.

(2nd verse)
Say what it is you feel is on your brain. Empty seeks me every day.
You're living proof for me there is more out there than black and white and gray.
Push emotions till you cry. Give me souls who wants to die.
You drink your life away just like your dad. Why won't you change?

(2nd Chorus)
Blasphemy, Glutenous watching my back. Holding me down while a bitch is getting smacked.
Raising the crown for a leader of man. Holding me down again
( while I invite. x4 )

What do you see in yourself
What do you see in me?

(Interlude) (x2)
Until they believe you. Your body won't live through.
Why do you blame life? Why even try.
Nothing is alive but pain. I don't know what to say.
And only in my mind I never pray.

(3rd Verse)
Time has come where would you go. Try to teach I already know.
Loosing so much more than my own will. What have you good to show.
Think you know it all, you're wrong. Explaining life is much too long.
Remembering days of passing youth through you and now it's all gone.

(3rd Chorus/ Outro)
Pushing and pulling my soul isn't right. Numbing and dulling to get through the night.
Waiting in line just to see with clear sight. Waiting for you again
( while I invite. x4 )

The Demon Seeks You Too

Written By: Ervin Cronk

( Verse)
Open arms of your family.
Fall behind from what you should be.
Scream at you screaming in my face.
No direction I find my place.

Such a loss such a tragedy.
Who's to say it was'nt meant for me.
Im to blame everyone is gone.
You're so shamed where do you belong?

No more sin only life to bleed.
Will you win or just fall from greed?

Maybe I was the poison in you.
Dont deny I know you feel it too.

Gotta breath through all this worthless shit for you.
Just to beat your will she gave her time for you.
I had enough bullshit and I wont quit I am through.
When the demon seeks you too.

(Instrumental breakdown).......

You....... I'm a mastermind I spend my time seek truth .
It's the words you spoke this endless joke in you.
When im out of time I seek the time. What do I do?
When the demon seeks you too.

No more sin only life to bleed.
Will you win or just fall from greed?
Maybe I was the poison in you.
Dont deny I know you feel it too.

(Instrumental outro)....

Soul Wine

Written By: Ervin Cronk

Soul deciving so now I'm breathing.
Now I'm living life with no meaning.
It's a sign of tragedy and weakness.
I'll divide my mind until it all fits.
I'm an empty hole of fucking problems.
I don't pressure you to try and solve them.
What's the wrong choice in the strong voice?
What i got to do before this all comes true.

Now that you have dared to cross the line.
Intertwine my fuel is your soul wine.

How impressive. What's the rest kid?
Now ya wanna fly high and be the next thing.
So design a plan to overwhelm them.
Light the stage on fire and scream hell yeah!
Your an endless hole of fucking problems.
I demand control but don't involve them.
What to say boy, you're just a play toy.
Bleed your life through the hands of the man for you.

Now that you have dared to cross that line.
Helpless droids just stare and stand in line.
Your invited better take your time.
We're so intoxicated on soul wine...

(Heavy change)
Better off to rape inside.
Better play with damaged pride.
Better keep your hands and feet inside this rollercoaster ride.
Not enough to get me off.
You're games and rhymes are soft
My shit is tight all night alright I'll make your sister cough.
Better push cause i push back.
What's lurking in the back?
Been stressin, messin, blessing, guessing till my line would crack.
One more dose to feel alright.
One hit to last all night.
Had enough yet??? Had enough yet???
Had enough to last me for my life

Now that you have dared to improvise.
One more face that smiles when you lie.
No more time to deal or compromise
Close your eyes and sample my soul wine.

(2nd Heavy change)

Soul Wine ... x3
Is what you need
Soul Wine ... x3
So what you bleed is
Soul Wine ... x3
Is what they're serving
Soul Wine x3
Are you Deserving

Me..... x4


Rare Breedsj currently has 3 demos with 10 songs all together and are currently working on a 4th demo
Radio play with 94.1WYSP, 100.7WZXL,and 93.3WMMR

Set List

The set list changes depending on the venue, crowd, and time slot.
Does two cover songs for certain shows... One of Snoop Dogg's '' Gin and Juice '' in a bit of a heavier version.That is also a crowd favorite, and ''Here to Stay'' from Korn.
RareBreed has a lot of songs and can pretty much do anything from a half an hour to 3 sets of 8 to 10 songs.
songs include :
Push Again
The Demon Seeks You Too
Were All We Had
Too Many Things To Fear
Life Has Purpose
Turn It Up
Get Away
Soul Wine
Watching You Fall Apart
Leave Me Behind
Slow Your Roll
Sail Far Away
Blood and Pain
Step Outside
They Will Follow You
Pain Pleasure Hate Fear & Pride (PPHFP)
Into the Mind
Dont Give Up
Gin and Juice (Snoop Dogg Cover)
Here to Stay (Korn cover)
Break Into Mind
Awaken Tonight
What Am I