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Rare Breedsj currently has 3 demos with 10 songs all together and are currently working on a 4th demo
Radio play with 94.1WYSP, 100.7WZXL,and 93.3WMMR


Feeling a bit camera shy


Rare Breed as a band are like brothers. They all have different influences ranging from 80's, 90's, to todays best hits. even so their contradicting styles make for a great blend and overall sound.
RareBreed has had some really memorable performances at shows. Very often they invite all the people they meet at shows or bars out to an after party to socialize with the band and have a good time. They once played the Wiskey Dix Saloon and roughly so, packed 53 fans from the area onto a charter bus that they payed for out of gig money. On the way back, 6 or 7 people blew chunks on the bus and the bus company refused to rent to bands in the future. Afterwards, most of the people went back to the drummers house, and partied while the guitar players played some acustic music.
( Here's a grusome story........)
In the summer of 2005, guitar player Dave Parsons severed three of his fingers off on his fretting hand on a chop saw at work. The doctors said it was doubtfull that he would ever play again.
After 3 months, he decided to challenge the doctor's opinion and started practicing with stitches still holding the bruised tissue together. Now, one year later he continues to play like it never happened. Crazy times but it's all true. THE STORY MUST GO ON!