Rarefied Heir

Rarefied Heir

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Progressive (and sometimes regressive) rap. Lyrics that are intelligent, soulful, angsty, nihilist, and absurd.
Textured production that ranges from boom bap to club to dubstep to circuit bent to avant noise.
Bipolar beats punch your face while caressing your skin.


RAREFIED HEIR is a label of original musicians in Seattle influenced by Duck Down Records, Anticon, Def Jux, Ninja Tune, and Rhymesayers.

Their music is commercially available worldwide on Amazon, ReverbNation, and Rhapsody.


Rarefied Heir artists book shows with Inspektah Deck (Wu-Tang), The Pharcyde, Myka 9 (Freestyle Fellowship/Project Blowed), Del tha Funkee Homosapien, 2Mex, RA the Rugged Man, Akil (Jurassic 5), Anti-Pop Consortium, Hangar 18 (Def Jux), P.M. Dawn, Cryptic (Atoms Family), Typical Cats, Living Legends, Dulok Shaman, LoDeck, Bukue One, The ShapeShifters, SpecsOne, Eric Beats, Bayliens, Labtekwon, Josh Martinez, Orko Eloheim, Silent Lambs Project, Iame (Oldominion), Common Market, Bishop I (Oldominion), Animal Farm, Cancer Rising, and Lifesavas.

Around SEATTLE, they have booked Neumos, Nectar, Chop Suey, ToST, El Corazon, The Lo-Fi, Studio Seven, Seattle Center, Jade, World Famous Bob's Java Jive, Zippy's Lounge, The McLeod Residence, 1st Thursday Art Walk, Punk Rock Flea Market, and more.


They have been featured live in-studio on both UW RainyDawg Radio and KYRS 92.3 Spokane, ranked a top song on Hardcore Jamz, and have airplay on legendary KRS One's "Temple of Hip-Hop," AllHipHop.com, Hollow Earth Radio, Radio23, Lady Flava's "Mosaic Show," Underground Rap Radio, "Big Travis Show," Bacon and Grease Radio, "20/20 Show" on Recharged Radio UK, 805 Radio, and Jango.


V1rus - Potted Meat (2009)
V1rus - Volkswagon (2009)
V1rus - Till It Goes Click Demo (2010)

Set List

Sound and sets vary by which Rarefied Heir artist or group is performing.
They have hours of material between them, but the individual sets are usually around 45 minutes.
All the songs are original compositions with focus on intelligent lyrics.