Rare Shadow

Rare Shadow


Catchy punk pop riffs with melodic harmonies and chanting chorus melodies. We play fast, loud, pub punk rock tunes that get your foot tapping and singing along....


Rare Shadow formed in 2006 when 3 brothers decided they wanted to get back into a regular jam due to their love for music. Rare shadow started writing some tunes late 2006 and played their first few gigs toward the end of 06 and recorded a demo. Now regularly playing and pulling mixed crowds in Perth Western Australia.

Rare shadow is deeply influenced by the classic age ole punk sound that makes you remember the song and its chorus, the first time you here it. We love bands like Ramones, Sex Pistols, Greenday, Suicidal Tendencies, +44 and Australian pub bands. We also take influence from bands like Foo Fighters, Nirvana and Audioslave.

3 bro's and a mate, all about having a good time and turning it up loud. No deep hidden messages, no dark evil lyrics, just tight catchy riffs to scream along to.


Rare Shadow Demo Oct '06

Set List

No covers

All gone Wrong
Wrap it Up
Time To go
People Person
PC Revolt
Never Smile
Nothing will Change