Piazzolla, plus rock and a bit of Elmer Bernstein. This is how the eclectic proposal by Rascasuelos could be defined. “Supported by the musical tradition of the typical orchestras from the fifties”, add their members. A raw, young sound combined with a considered messiness to perform their own instrumental and vocal compositions.


Rascasuelos is a project founded in late 2009 and formed by musicians that made up several prestigious bands.

Rascasuelos renews the language of tango, releasing an the debut albun edited in 2010, with their own original compositions and others from contemporry authors.

In February 2012 Rascasuelos was in Europe presenting this albun in diferentes teathers of Holland and Belgium Tropentheater (Amsterdam, NL, Rasa (Utrecht), De Doelen (Rotterdam, NL) and Zuiderpershuis (Ambers, BE).

Rascasuelos plays all weeks in to their own Milonga, tango event in the heard of Buenos Aires. The people enjoy every week their music together the tango floor, with other musicians and tango dance demostration. A really new tango night. The event is called "Milonga en Orsay", from 2009 till now every week.

Currently Rascasuelos is recording the second album, which will be presented in August at Argentina, and in October 2013 at Europe.


. Rascasuelos, 2010