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The best kept secret in music


"Seattleness.com 2"

Last Tuesday (06/28) at the Chop Suey was scheduled to be a night devoted to hip-hop's past, present, and future -- a night that would feature Seattle's RA Scion, "the body of the life force" Afu Ra, and the world-renown INSPECTAH DECK of the Wu-Tang clan.

The night certainly began in revolutionary fashion as RA Scion warmed the crowd up (and kept them hot) with an amazing set, stressing the importance of knowledge and education in the minds of our youth -- truly expressing this through his love for the music and raw passion on-stage. The highlight of RA's set was definately "Connect For", getting the entire crowd to throw four fingers in the air and sing the chorus.

- Christopher Fresco

"Live & Learn Review"

Live and Learn
SCIONtific Records

RA Scion’s “Live and Learn” spills over with content so thick that listening will certainly command a reaction. The emcee tackles several social, political and spiritual issues, but the overall message is one of accountability. If artists claim an unwavering love of hip-hop culture, why do we let others control the message? Why do emcees spit empty bars? And what happened to the fundamentals? The beats recall the Native Tongues era, while the lyrics bring you back to the days when you rushed home just to sit, listen and learn. —Emily Youssef
- Emily Youssef - Tablet Magazine

"Show Review"

RA Scion unwittingly stole the show at Chop Suey with his performance of “Connect For.” Blue Scholars’ DJ Sabzi laid the beat and before they knew what hit them, the crowd began singing along to a track many had never heard before. The song gives a shout to nearly everyone involved in the local hip hop scene and emphasizes the strength in building with each other. Listen closely and you’ll see why this one is certain to become the next Northwest anthem. Afu Ra also kicked some joints off his third release, “State of the Arts.” The album boasts a diverse lineup that includes the commanding DJ Premier, Royce da 5’9”, Masta Killa, Kardinal Offishall, Lady Blue and slept on mixtape king PF Cuttin’. Afu Ra always blends distinct musical genres, rarely wastes a listener’s time with filler lyrics and knows how to keep a crowd moving. Planet Asia cancelled and Inspectah Deck never came through, but everyone knows how laughably self-absorbed artists can be at times. Props to Obese Productions, whose track record of successfully bringing major hip hop artists to the Northwest eclipses the small stumbles any promotional company is likely to face.
- Emily Youssef - Tablet Magazine

"CD Review"

I also received a CD from a cat by the name of RA Scion--his LP Live & Learn is quality, conscious hiphop; dude's delivery is on-point, while his content is mature and noticeably slim on the bullshit. The production is clean and knocking, featuring a couple beats from Sabzi of the Blue Scholars. - Larry Mizell - The Stranger Magazine

"StreetRapz review"

Rhymes are just the tip of the iceberg in this conscientious collaboration of appropriate
mind.......(from http://www.streetrapz.com/rascionreview.htm)
In steps RA SCION, Hip Hops answer to tha intellectual mindstate.
Now in many ways this album is destined to become something of an urban legend,
due to the fresh content and positive vibe. Beats like back in tha hey day of tha
culture that rose from the underground, lyrics remaniscint of the true pioneers. RA
SCION comes off as a seasoned veteran of the art that has made Hip Hop Culture
known in every city of the world. He keeps true wit his flow, and speaks a message
of unity with knowledge of where he came from and what he learned goin thru it.
Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and now transplanted to Seattle, WA via
Zambia, Africa. RA SCION is making a name for himself as a true force to be
wreckoned with in the Hip Hop Community all over the world.
"It just isn't out there these days" referring to a true hip hop sound...is something
I've been hearing a lot of these days. I think "Live And Learn" is a testament that it
is still out there, YOU just have to look for it. This album delivers on all sides...With
cuts like "Safe" he has a positive message bout the kids, or if you're looking for
something to move you check out "Set The Stage", a club type joint. The more
hardcore conscious headz will vibe wit Syrias Concern, The Water and Speakin w/o
Breathin. Touching on just about every subject, controversial or feel good with fresh
rhymes and articulate bar construction. Skills are evident on cuts like Non-Descript
and 64 Squares. Scion is no stranger to the essence of what makes a good artist...
articulate with creative ingenuity.
Production on this album is intense with a feel on some old school basement banging
rhythms and RA blends nicely with his delivery. If you're looking for a fresh,
conscious break from the norm, or something to bring back the fire in your love for
Hip Hop, this is the album for you.
"Live And Learn" is the second release from RA SCION...
Don't forget to cop "Apostrophe the EP". - Streetrapz.com


The doors at Chop Suey opened up around 8pm, with DJ Sabzi (of Blue Scholars) mixing-up records old and new on the turntables. As more and more people filed into the club, Sabzi introduced RA Scion -- a local MC/musician. He came out from behind the curtain with incredible energy, rhyming over a beatbox. He then went into songs that seemed new (caught him peaking at lyrics on the floor), but all of his lyrics were definately insightful -- true substance from education to politics to family and love, even bringing his daughter on-stage for a moment. He left the crowd with a positive vibe at the end of his set.

- Christopher Fresco


2003- "Apostrophe - the EP" SCIONtific Records

2004- "Live & Learn" LP - SCIONtific Records

2005 - "Common Market" - SCIONtific Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Beginning in the formative years of Hiphop, RA Scion learned his craft from the pioneers, such as KRS-One, Run DMC, RAKIM, Chuck D - he was drawn to the high energy and artists that were constantly questioning and pushing the envelope, but that also challenged his mind with intelligence and vocabulary.

Growing up in Kentucky - he constantly challenged his conservative community with his growing love for Hiphop.

After living for 2 years in Zambia, Africa, RA used the culture and drumming he learned there, to put his music on a different level. In 2003 the EP "Apostrophe" was released with production by Solar Marquardt - then in 2004, the full length LP, "Live & Learn" was released Nationally, charted on over 50 college radio stations and featured guest producer DJ Sabzi. Now, September 2005 sees the release of "Common Market" a self titled collaboration consisting RA scion and DJ Sabzi (of the Blue Scholars). With past and future show dates opening for the likes of ZionI, ID of Wu Tang, AfuRa, Planet Asia, Pigeon John, Lyrics Born and KRS-One - RA Scion and Common Market and certainly making a mark for themselves...