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If You Leave

Written By: Cedric Snipe/Rashaad Carlton

(Verse 1)
Baby please forgive me for the things I’ve done
‘Cause I didn’t treat you like you were the only one
And I don’t wanna lose everything that’s mine
I just hope and pray that I’m not out of time

If you leave, you’ll take a piece of me baby
You’ll tear my heart out
Remember, the words we said on that day
‘Til death do us part

(Verse 2)
Girl you’re at the door and your bags are packed
But before you go (Can I take you back to)
To the very first day when we first met
When we sat and talked all night about the things we hadn’t done yet


We’ve been here before and I can’t ignore
The times that I’ve failed, I put you through hell
But if you choose to stay then I’ll make that change
To be a better man, baby please understand

(Chorus - x2 with ad-libs)

Girl don't go nowhere, no no
Oh I can't eat
I can't breathe without you
I can't live...