Rashad Green

Rashad Green

 Austin, Texas, USA

With Hip Hop beats, rock riffs, and techno flare Rashad displays his music as, "A little bit of what I like! From Rock, Pop, Rap, Gospel, Techno, Praise and Worship, you name it I like them all!" His music will not only inspire you but also lead you to his number one inspiration, Jesus Christ.


Well, first and foremost every song I write is either directed to or in praise of my LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ, My Heavenly Father or the Holy Ghost within me. It is full of real life experiences that display My Father Gods' goodness in my life. I don't and will not write a song unless it's Holy Ghost inspired. I've tried and it just doesn't flow the same way as the others. If it's a rap song I'm not just wanting to talk about big cars and houses and pimps and hoods, but more of real life scenarios that start from within and display themselves from without on a more clearer spiritual matter not material matter. It's a display of songs that all people, no matter where they are in life or where they come from or have been in life can relate to the message. If it's praise and worship it is full of the Word of God and will make people think about the song they are listening to, not just singing along to a fresh rhyme of words, but enjoying a message that is deep and full of the Holy Ghost. If its a Rock song go ahead and bang your head, it's allright to get radical for Christ and dance like David : ). No matter what song or genre you are into I'm sure you would agree that when you listen to something that I have written you would see that I am set apart with a gift and a talent to bless the body of Christ and lead non-believers to examine their lives and their way of living. I feel that we are living this christian life and we should be running hard toward the goal whole heartedly, not just half way, and that is what I aim to do in my music, my life and anything else that I put my hand to. I see it as an Honor to be able to write music for the Glory of God, and I want to use that gift for him!


Trust in the Lord

Written By: Rashad Green

Verse 1- This world is dry this world is cold. The word inside us must be told. So much is done yet so much to do, we must know that God will see us through it all. Guided by the word that I have inside my heart, it opens me up to the faith I have in you, my God.

Chorus - Trust in the Lord with all your heart, you know that he won't fail you. For our God is worthy, worthy he is, and all that he asks is that you put your trust in him.

Verse 2 - Blinded by darkness can anyone see. The light that shines so bright in me...it is my God. The world's in need of something to trust in there’s lust in the hearts of all men. Who sin with covetous hearts. My God, He sent his only Son, would you trust in Him.

Bridge - When the darkness sees me, it trembles to the light. It floods through the gates that blind many eyes. To see His love at a greater degree. Oh this love is the love that lives in me.


Written By: Rashad Green

Verse 1 - What makes me feel to be apart of the Just the Righteousness of God. To overcome, to oversee, to be one like my God's Seed. His only Son the King of Kings.

Chorus - How can I, How can I be like thee. Though my spirit, it longs for thee. How can it be.

Verse 2 - I feel now that I can overcome. All odds all things and anyone, that's a hindrance to my faith. Now I can see, My God he strengthens me.

Bridge - What will you have me to do. What will you have me to do. My trust my God is in You. My God you're always true.


Erica Spence
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-Trust in the Lord (by Rashad Green)
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Trust in the Lord
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