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Fabian was a DJ bottle on every corner every where you went, and was one of those kicking butt and taking titles!



Fabian (Ras-hardcore) Ricketts was born in Kingston Jamaica on Feb, 19, 1965, in the streets of Kingston he started out doing bottles with other Jamaican DJ’s.

Ras Hardcore was just a big fan of the dance-hall and reggae music, and was fascinated by the way how the artist’s would ride the rhythm and beats and wanted to try it out but was afraid because at the time he could’t read or write! Not knowing that all a you need to have was skills and the guts to do it , so Fabian did’t start trying it out until Sanchez D came into town! When Sanchez came in town the whole place was ignited it was a frenzy.

Fabian was a DJ bottle on every corner every where you went, and was one of those kicking butt and taking titles collaborating with his long time friend Kid Curry which use to go by the name Kid Bralco at the time. The first time Ras graced the stage with a mike in his hand was with Sanchez D and Daddy Freddy who later became the fastest speed rapper in the Guiness world book of records.

A fresh crop of artist’s and entertainer was beginning to emerge and Ras Hardcore was one of them. In about mid the 80’s when Shabba Ranks graced the music scene with (FRESH) A&R instantly recognized that Shabba was go to make it big the rest was history.

Shabba instantly became a star and was coming out on every beat that Bobby Digital, Steely and Cleevy produced and are the rhythms of Ras's choice.

Ras-hardcore quickly started to create his own sound system and dance-hall called Emotion Disco aka Emotion Lawn. Ras then began putting stage and talent shows every year having a treat and talent show for the kids in and around his community.

Emotion Disco use to attract some of the biggest names in the biz, names like Super Cat, Admiral Bailey, Lieutenant Stichy, Courtney Melody, Red Dragon, Ninja Man, Bean Man, such and so on top notch sound system like Kilimanjaro, 4x4 Exodus, Playmate and the list go’s on.

Ras recorded a few songs on some of the beats that Shaba was on but couldn’t push them because of copyright concerns.

When the 90’s step in Ras could finally read and write the English language, self thought and sure that he was going to make it, Sanchez D and Daddy Freddy now made it and Shaba became King of the dance hall all of his friends making a impact on the dance hall scene and fresh crop kept on the rise Ras was in this batch as of Buju Banton, Terry Ganzy, Ghost and Culture, Fragga Ranks, and his very own cousin Dean Irie, and many other young and new artist.

A new studio was also on the arising (Penthouse) and Germain was taking addition with Berres Hammond and Lady Marcia Griffits as his main artists Germain new he couldn’t loose so he was giving every young artist a chance.

Ras did several auditions with him and was put on hold because of the high volume of traffic the studio was receiving.
Faith got the better of Ras and by the summer of 1991 migrated to the USA to live his sister and husband for awhile and later settled down in West Palm Beach, Florida with his Mother who is hard of hearing.

Ras stayed with his mother to take care of her being a care taker to her needs, as the music scene in WPB was flourishing Ras was quickly attracted to the environment.

Having regrets about leaving his dreams behind in Jamaica Ras quickly adjusted himself in as a night club DJ at a popular club called the Atomic then about six months after Ras left Jamaica Buju Banton became the next big thing in Reggae, which inspired him to be next.

Ras was angry and told his story in the clubs and instantly became well known in the West Palm Beach area (Ras) was known as Danny Lursk in the year 2000 after going back to Jamaica Fabian change my name to Ras-hardcore and became the founder and CEO of Covenant Records and Covenant Radicals with Sylvan Sparks and Colour Red now www.myspace.com/djCohlaCohla.

The first song that was recorded on the label by the group was (A Better Way) Ras also recorded (From Mi Heart) as a solo song.

Many things have transpired since those days of reinventing his self Ras recently inked a exclusive publishing deal with the dBHeard Publishing Group a independent publishing firm producing urban music on its affiliate record label Not Only Street Records.

Ras loves cultural music and has made up his mind to strive for righteousness.

Most people says he's deep!

To quote Ras Hardcore he states "Yes I am deep, only those who dig deep for the Truth will find it and only the truth can set one to ten thousand nations free, whatever I do I do with love and honor JAH is the almighty so let him be the glory the man who strives to save his life shall surly lose it, but he who gives his life shall gain everlasting life." "BLESSED"

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