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Phoenix, Arizona, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1999 | INDIE

Phoenix, Arizona, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1999
Solo Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Rashenal Named by Phoenix New Times Cover Story as one of Top 15 Artists to watch in 2015!"

MC Rashenal Somewhere along the line, the term "conscious hip-hop" became code for didactic rhymes. Phoenix rapper Joshua Bolick, better known as MC Rashenal, knows this, and on Life Learner, the rapper's latest album, he doesn't preach so much as he explores, examining his own motives and reflecting on them, creating a connection with the listener that feels universal.

"The theme of continual exploration in my lyrics and life stems from all my life experiences as a summation of who I am today," Rashenal says. When he's not rapping, the 32-year-old works as a software engineer, and his vocational desire to constantly improve, upgrade, and expand informs his music. "There is definitely a mold that all rappers are 'supposed' to fit into, but I have always known one of the keys to longevity is being truly who you are and letting that come through in the music."

A creation of the production talents of Maker, DJ Les735, Lakai, and other members of the Earsweat collective -- whose aim is "to bring some of the best things about the original hip-hop culture back around in fresh new ways for future generations" -- Life Learner is smooth and jazzy, recalling elements of classic hip-hop.

"Everything is cyclical, and it really feels like a new renaissance right now," Rashenal says. "Hip-hop music and culture has so much more depth and beauty compared to how it is often presented nowadays.

As commanding as he is, Rashenal still found room for friends on the record and is joined by some of Arizona's finest, including Random, Optimal, and G-Owens on "Think" and Eligh of the Living Legends on "Day Break." Freestyling with his partners, Rashenal's flow is concise but artful.

"I often like to comment on society and other things in an abstract way," he says, "so the idea is clear, but it doesn't necessarily complete the thought for you, giving the listener that freedom to decide what it means for them."

Though hip-hop is often a playground for clever boasts, Rashenal is more apt to rap about how he's still figuring things out. "The theme of the album is Life Learning," he says, "which I have come to know is absolutely critical for working toward living to your full potential." JASON P. WOODBURY - Phoenix New Times

"Rashenal's Life Learner Album Named Best Phoenix Metro Artist Hip Hop Album Of 2014!"

This local conscious rapper's second album sets the tone with a flute-driven intro that lays out several of his key philosophies, from "The only thing that stays the same is change" to "It's about learning" and "The way the world is taught / And the way the world is bought / Leaves us in a place of loss / No way to see the cost." The jazzy vibe spills over into several of the album's strongest cuts, from the sax-driven funk groove of "Cash Flow" to the haunted loops of "Story Set In Stereo," a soulful track about how the hip-hop he heard seeping through the "static snow" made him what he is today. - AZ Central & Arizona Republic, Ed Masley

"Rashenal Release Crazy Video For Downpour | @rashenal @earsweat"

Rashenal Release Crazy Video For Downpour | @rashenal @earsweat - The Hype Magazine

"Hip Hop On Deck Exclusive Interview With Rapper Rashenal | @rashenal @earsweat"

Hip Hop On Deck Exclusive Interview With Rashenal

1. Rashenal how long have you been doing music?

I started making Hip Hop music when I was 15 with the first group I was in "Mysterious Independent Creatures" and ever since then I knew I was in love with making music. There is just something about creating something so expressive and free that is also so much fun. I can tell you I will definitely be making music until I'm dead haha!

2. Rashenal breakdown your style and sound?

My sound has been developed over a very long time and has also evolved quite a bit. I used to do a lot more abstract music which was fresh but also didn't allow the listener to really get to know me as a person. Also everything is about style and on every song I like to try to develop new styles, kinda funny to me some of these rappers nowadays that only have one style, when I was growing up the more styles you had the better you were. So my style is a mix of that because I still love the idea of abstract music but I also like to switch that up all the sudden and say something so direct that there is no question about the intended meaning.

3. Rashenal what do you feel you bring different to the music industry?

I feel that the industry has in a lot of ways become about fitting a certain profile in order to be accepted, which makes sense when we are talking about targeting defined markets but doesn't really make sense when it comes to making good music. Basically a lot of mainstream music is very watered down and has very little actual content. I am not at all hating on it because I enjoy a lot of that stuff too but just saying what I bring that is different is a more honest and intelligent approach to Hip Hop music where the listener can actually learn something from the music. I aspire to make major moves within the industry and I feel that things are moving towards more of a real, be yourself type direction people like Tech N9ne and many others who have spearheaded the independent approach. To me I was so happy to see the "Fragile" track become such a huge hit because it was very symbolic for me that nowadays independent artists can and I think will more and more penetrate their way into more of the mainstream audience. Especially because I think people do want for good real music more than just a Music Video Commercial for a bunch of expensive products and it is our job to make sure this music gets on their radar.

4. Rashenal you just dropped a video called Downpour. What is the concept behind the video?

"Downpour" is a great example of how I was describing my style because there are parts that are very abstract and other parts that are much more direct. The whole song is really a metaphor for someone just letting it all out and saying exactly how they feel. Basically rain clouds personified and me telling them that it is the right thing for them to do and to let it all out hence the pending Downpour. The video we wanted to shoot in the rain and here in AZ rain is scarce haha so one day it was actually raining and I hit up my video dude and we went and shot it later that night. I am very happy with the video it really captures what I wanted to show and creates a nice image of the music in your mind.

5. Rashenal If you were to do a remix for "Downpour" what three female artist would you put on the remix and why?

Wow this is a really hard question but I might as well dream right?? Lol but I would have to say I would want to reach into much more mainstream artists because eventually I would love to work with singers and them doing their magic on the hooks where I can concentrate on the verse is a recipe for radio hits. Anyway I am HUGE fans of Jhené Aiko, Skylar Grey, and Hayley Williams so I guess they would be my first choices if I could just choose anyone. Thanks for asking this question so I can mention their names in hopes they read this one day!! Haha anyway there are so many artists I want to collaborate with hopefully one day this will manifest itself into reality!

6. Rashenal you have a project called "Life Learner" what do you feel this project will bring to the music industry?

I feel it will bring a fresh perspective on what good Hip Hop is and what it can be. Like I said I really don't hate on anyone because everyone can do what they want and I will do the same. But with that said my style and content is very different and also I have been doing this a very long time so I bring a lot of experience to the table. I enjoy sharing this experience with the younger generation of fans and artists, each one teach one as they say.

7. Rashenal what is the concept behind the project?

This project has been in the making for a very long time and I was just working on it until I was ready to release it so it is a very very exciting time! To be honest it really again goes back to what I was saying before where I wanted to steer myself to make a bit less abstract music that could be more directly appreciated and understood. Also I realize when it all comes down to it, it is about who you are and this project is all about my life growing up and starting to make music etc. I wanted the listener to feel like they know me better after listening to this album and I think "Life Learner" really achieves that goal. It also is a more generic theme about learning from life experiences and making your life exactly what you want it to be.

8. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I will definitely be releasing new music/projects over the course of the next 5 years and I also plan to focus a lot more on building up the business side of our label Earsweat Records. We have been a collective for a long time and are a real business but we still have a long way to go to be operating at the capacity that I would like. Lastly with Earsweat Records we have a very very talented roster of artists that all have new projects in the works, so my album is the beginning of working to release all the rest of this material and really establish the Earsweat brand and our catalog. I absolutely love meeting new people/fans/artists and also am definitely planning to work to become more and more involved in all of the great communities here as we continue to build and grow.

Much Love & Respect to Everyone!! Peace!

P.S. Pre-Order my "Life Learner" album TODAY and get immediate download of my new "Downpour" record Thank You! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/life-learner/id922533041

~Rashenal - Hip Hop On Deck

"Video: Rashenal Love In NY (Broadway)"

Video: Rashenal Love In NY (Broadway) - Frequency

"Why a Phoenix Label Is Diving Into the Music Video Business"

Phoenix MC Rashenal has been working on the business end of music for a while now, running his own label, Earsweat Records. His new single, "Cash Flow" -- the first fruits of a couple years' writing and recording -- is no exception. He'll likely take the lead on the press and the web presence and the distribution himself, as he would with any artist on the label.

Earsweat's new crop of singles, starting with "Cash Flow," will probably benefit from that experience. But they're also the result of a change in thought that reflects the way the business has moved since he got started in 2005. "We've shifted to focus more on singles with videos," he tells me.

Albums aren't dead, but they're not the beginning, either -- they're the end of a process that starts earlier with each change in the market.

"We've completely internalized the music-video-making process," he tells me, using one "Earsweat-dedicated" director to increase volume and cut down on lead time. The result isn't perfect -- I can't tell you which movie editor the opening titles are a preset in, but I know it's one of them. But it's more than enough for a proof of concept -- a single with a video attached is just more accessible than an album, even if the classic 10-song LP is the ultimate goal.

It doesn't hurt, of course, that the low-fi feel of the video, with its matte-painted Maseratis and cardboard-cutout benjamins, happens to track with the single's skeptical take on the stuff that much more expensive hip hop videos are made of.

The single is out this week on your digital download store of choice, but the principle of the thing is just as important; a much simpler website and a more active social media presence are other symptoms of the same changes. "This shift," he says, "is [about providing] new content much more freely and regularly. Instead of releasing a handful of new albums each year we can start releasing a lot more new material a lot more regularly."

In 2013 that makes as much sense for locals with limited resources as it does major labels with social media departments. For better or worse, we've got Candy Crush Saga brains -- we'd rather blow two hours in three-minute chunks than commit to spending 40 minutes on an album we don't know anything about.

If Earsweat's new strategy helps us spend some of those three minute chunks on good music, instead of carefully assembling Special Candy Combinations, everybody wins. - Phoenix New Times

"Galactic Basic Release ‘Cosmic Auditory Rap Adventure Through Space and Time’"

Local hip-hop group Galactic Basic is ready to unleash debut album "Base It On Basic" and promise it will be nothing short of a “cosmic auditory rap adventure through space and time.” Galactic Basic is Mute the producer, Idolize The MC and MC Rashenal who each have individual careers but teamed up to make magic happen. The three just finished a video and photo shoot when College Times caught up with them to learn a bit more about their intergalactic ways.

How was your photo shoot?

Rashenal: Good! Very cool. We were at the Challenger Space Center. They have all these simulated space shuttles and all kinds of stuff. It’s pretty cool.

Mute: It’s way the hell out here in Peoria though. It’s deep.
How did Galactic Basic come to be?

Mute: I met Rashenal and Idolize at a weekly show they used to throw called Gallery Blue. They heard my music, and I had another album out at the time, and they asked if I wanted to produce them and make a little group. I said yeah, [and] we became good friends. We worked it all out and now we’re finally releasing it.

Tell me about the new album. Was it a long time in the making?

Idolize The MC: Yeah, it’s been a while actually –a couple years, I think.

Mute: Basically, the Galactic Basic meaning is the universal language. We went with that theme and tried to do it really spacey. It’s epic, it’s spacey, real lunar. There’s a lot of space influences, old space movies.

Rashenal: That’s definitely true. Galactic Basic is also a language. It means the standard universal language that everyone speaks. We thought that was a cool idea and built on it. The music is the language, the universal way to communicate.

Mute: Everyone will understand it.

Idolize: Galactic Basic is the complexity of a galaxy or universe but also the basic building blocks for life, the immense yet miniscule. It’s our technological advances and yet a step back from modern humanity. It’s a universal tongue but one understood subconsciously. Galactic Basic is infinity and the equilibrium needed to get through it. It’s our rappin’ adventures through multiverses.

Mute: It’s good start to finish. There’s no filler in it. It’s a good album front to back, and I’m really picky about the beats and these guys brought it and it really surprised me. I knew they were good but they surprised me a lot. It came together really well. It’s almost like a space or alien movie.

Rashenal: We’re excited to be putting it out and having a lot of people hear it. We’ve been working on this for a while, and we didn’t want to release it until it was ready.

Mute: The Earth people weren’t ready, but now the world is supposedly going to end so we thought we’d kick it out for people.

What is next for you guys?

Rashenal: We’re definitely excited. We’re going to do a bunch of shows. We may do a little bit of touring, and we’re definitely going to start working on new stuff. We all have other projects as well. The Galactic Basic album is really fun because it brought us together and allowed us to make some really fun music.

Galactic Basic w/Creed Chameleon, Analog Dive, Jaba One, Pickster, Yucca Tap Room, December 20, 8 p.m., free - College Times

"Local MCs Showcase Impressive Talent on 'Earsweat Drops'"

By Ana Anguiano, College Times
Published: Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Earsweat Drops
Various Artists
Earsweat Records
Grade: B

If you’ve ever wondered what the Phoenix hip-hop scene had to offer, now’s your chance to fully immerse yourself. Earsweat Records has released a compilation album highlighting 14 of its artists.

Earsweat Drops is filled with MCs that are both talented and ingenious. Each track on the album brings a new whirlwind of fresh beats and a different personality. Each artist comes with his own story and leaves the listener wanting more.

That’s really the purpose of Earsweat Drops, to tease listeners and expose them to what the local scene has to offer. Because this album is so varied, it’s hard to single out just a few of the highlights. There is something for everyone.

Highlights include CCBeats’s “Hands Up” featuring LD and Ariano. The upbeat and light-hearted track gets you up and moving in no time.

Rashenal’s “Looking At You” and The Sh!t’s “Ass Dro Not” have incredibly fluid and entertaining samples that get lodged in your memory and will rattle in your brain all day.

The album concludes with a collaborative track, called “The Bass,” which ties up Earsweat Drops like a present on Christmas Day.

Luckily the best is yet to come. Every artist on the compilation album is currently working on a new release that will be put out by Earsweat Records in the future. Give it a spin, find what suits your fancy and support the local scene. You’ll be surprised by what you find. - College Times

"Earsweat Records, Earsweat Drops"

If variety is indeed the spice of life, then my love of the compilation album is evidence I am living rather well. I have always had an affinity for a myriad of artists that can be found conveniently in one place and the myriad of styles from track to track provides the notion that I am getting more bang for my buck.

All of the aforementioned facets are in place on Drops, the new, 16-track album from the collective that is Earsweat Records. Set to drop on May 8, the Arizona record company has put forth their biggest and brightest on an album of Hip Hop that truly appeals to all. From track to track, what becomes apparent is that this isn’t everyday, cut from the mold Hip Hop. This album is rife with originality that strays from any “set rules” of how to make a good rap track. Think the outside of the box thinking and approaches taken by the likes of Tribe, Jurassic and the like.

DJ Cre One “Earsweat Drops Promo Mix” MP3:

SKOPE IT HERE! ( http://k004.kiwi6.com/hotlink/8nd9o91298/dj_cre_one_mp3_promo_es_drops.mp3 )

G Owens opens the album with “Aviator”—equal parts, Hip Hop and R&B over a clubby back beat. The trippy ethos of the track is bolstered by intermittent singing and rapping and reflects the many genres Owens is influenced by… think a mash-up of Maxwell meets Tribe Called Quest. Piano tinkling opens up “Sacrifice” by Social Studies. Live instrumentation adds an element of authenticity to the track as it moves through the verses of tandem rap lines. Idolize the MC lends the groovy “Earth to Smootha” with more backing piano. Clever lyrical matter and a smooth delivery cap this head bobber of a rap track. “Stress?” by Lakai reflects a vast imagination that mirrors his equally imaginative biography (Unicorn ponies?). Smart lyrics tinged with humor reflect the real life, hard times message that runs through the track. Galactic Basic (with a guest appearance from Optimal) lends “Empty Days”; rife with backing synth and a slight, simple backing beat allows the lyrical matter to shine at the foreground. Rap verses are spit at accelerated speeds and complement the down tempo track pace. Eerie synth opens Jay Speaks’ “Champion.” The track sounds raw and earthy with a gritty element in the background beat and chirps and chimes. Beat box makes an appearance at the track midpoint and while it bolsters the beat, it seems somewhat out of place or possibly an afterthought. Finally, what sounds like a full collaboration rounds out the album with “The Bass.” This track pulls out all the stops with samples, synth, a heavy back beat (live instrumentation in there maybe?)Again, it’s a head bobber track that illustrates the available talent at the Earsweat camp disposal. Arrangement certainly had the forethought to save the best for last.

Who knew there was so much a solid base of simply good Hip Hop in Arizona’s desert? I for one certainly didn’t but this album has been added to a steady rotation in my iPod. Solid talent, good arrangement and professional engineering make this another great compilation of witty and honest Hip Hop and if you can’t find tracks that speak to you here; I would argue if you were really a Hip Hop fan at all. Look for Drops on May 8th at earsweat.bandcamp.com or for more information on individual artists go to their website www.earsweat.com.

By: Christopher West @ cwestlaz@gmail.com - Skope Magazine

"Ear Sweat Drops"

Take a bunch of (very talented) mc’s and producers, combine them with great ideas and a creative work flow that equals that of pretty much every great artist in their prime and you get Ear Sweat.

Ear Sweat Drops is something of a rarity; it’s a compilation, of varied mc’s with varied styles that actually works on a whole. Unable to skip a track I was mesmerised by each beat, verse, flow and then some. The beats bang, the rhymes are original and each individual contribution to this project is a rigid testimonial to the fact that everything about hip hop can be and is still great.

The mc’s all follow suit, each one is a hard act to follow, yet they all seem to succeed in holding suit and everyone maintains that quality of sound. Clever rhymes, the head nods for the duration of each and every track.

From Optimals quick-fire multi syllabic rhymes to Lakais smart social every-day-able-to-relate-to observations to G-Owens fantastical daydream sing-rap head nod beautifulness. From the power of Charades brag-spit-im-the-illest type flows to Kye’s mind spinning imaginative concepts , on which the build-up to The Ogre is ingenious.
The music here operates on so many levels and that’s what it is, music, not just uninspired loops and drum machines. Not just another hip hop crew but rather a collective of great minds who know how to please the ears.

http://earsweat.bandcamp.com/ - Can't Stop Fanatics

"GALLERY BLU re:DEF feat. Wildlife Refuge, DJ Emgee, DJ Cre One, & guests"

The hip-hop scene in the PHX is bigger than ever. Homegrown homeboy Willy Northpole made an appearance at this year’s BET Hip Hop Awards, rhyme-spitting MCs are doing their thing on the mic at nights like The Blunt Club and the Copper Club, and there’s five -- count ‘em -- hip-hop radio stations. Meanwhile, countless P-town clubs have urban beats flowing outta the loudspeakers nearly every night of the week. Over at Stray Cat Bar & Grill, GALLERY BLU RE:def packs in the peeps every Tuesday evening. Working the wheels of steel during the weekly hip-hop affair are DJ Emgee and Cre One, two cool cats who blast out phat tracks from off-the-chain underground acts like Atmosphere and the Living Legends, as well as plenty of jams from both the new school and old school. Special guests join in the fun every week. - Phoenix New Times


Rashenal’s debut EP entitled “Day Birth” from Earsweat Records will be hitting store shelves Tuesday July 29 2008.

The Day Birth EP is a collection of Rashenal’s favorite tracks from different projects that never ended up getting released. This hip hop project features production from Courdek, Jelts, and DJ Casper. Rashenal says, “…there have been a lot of tracks recorded over the years but these are my personal favorites that I think represent important moments in my music.”

Most hip hop music nowadays can easily be simplified to mimicking already established sounds and images because it’s easier for the majority of the public to digest. Very few step outside the cookie cutter and create their own existence based on real music from the soul and personal experience. Earsweat Records latest release “Day Birth EP” from artist Rashenal is a new mold and a step forward, where this artist creates genuine material to contribute to the culture and art form itself.

Earsweat Records also just released artist Jelts’ new EP entitled “Music For Her” in May 2008. Last September Earsweat artists Jelts and Idolize traveled to Berlin, Germany to play Popkomm 2007. In addition, Earsweat Records also runs a Tuesday night hip hop spot in Tempe called Gallery Blu re:DEF at Stray Cat Bar & Grill with local and touring live acts. - Skope Magazine

"Rashenal URB Magazine Next 1000"

Throwing his spear into the always raging battle over not being a "cookie cutter" rapper, Rashenal is here to spew the truth. Repping Phoenix to the fullest, this truth seeker is pulling no lyrical punches on bangers like "Day Birth" where Rash' simultaneously crushes together the world of reality wit his own fantasy world of dope lyrics and teeth cracking beats. The banger feature Rash's feirce lyrical prowess. The full length The Day Birth drops at the end of July so be sure to cop this lyrical Phoenix, no pun intended, well yes maybe a little pun intended. - URB Magazine

"Hip-Hop Artists Take Aim at Sheriff Joe Tonight in Tempe"

When Verbal Kent first heard about how Sheriff Joe Arpaio paraded 200 shackled Hispanic inmates through the streets of downtown Phoenix last week, the enraged Chicago-based hip-hop artist took action immediately.

Kent phoned his friends in the Valley, the promoters behind the weekly GALLERY BLU re:DEF hip-hop night at the Stray Cat in Tempe. The guys, including P-Town's MC Rashenal (a.k.a. Josh Bolick), all began organizing a special event designed to raise awareness of Sheriff Joe's dastardly actions both past and present.

The result? Tonight's edition of GALLERY BLU re:DEF, which has been dubbed "Stop the Circus: Fight for Tolerance. Stop Arpaio."

"What Sheriff Joe did by parading Latinos around like that was an absolute travesty," says Rashenal. "It's inhuman and racially motivated. Verbal and I felt like we needed to do something to fight back."

Verbal, who's a member of racial equality group Campaign for a United America, is bringing in some heavy hitters to aid the cause, including alternative/underground hip-hop stars One Be Lo and Wordsworth. They'll be dissing Arpaio alongside local rappers G-Owens, Fiyah Station, and Nobuddie.

The event will be taped and later uploaded to the Internet in the hopes of raising awareness in both the local and national hip-hop community.

"We want to unite the hip-hop community against Sheriff Joe and present an organized front," Rashenal says.

True, dat.

"Stop the Circus" runs from 8:30 p.m. until 2 a.m. with no cover all night. The Stray Cat Bar & Grill is located at 2433 East University Drive in Tempe. Call 480-967-1040. - Phoenix New Times

"You Asked for It: Rashenal"

The Day Birth EP
(Earsweat Records)
Rashenal’s been doing hip-hop in Phoenix for several years now as part of the Wildlife Refuge Crew, which also includes local mic fiends Jelts and Idolize. This 6-track EP is a collection of Rashenal’s favorite old, previously unreleased tracks. Most of the songs contain digital snare beats and acoustic guitars somewhere in the mix, including the opening track, “Mysterious Ways,” where Rashenal spits so quickly that the vocal rhythm is almost dizzying. The raps sound cool and complicated when Rashenal gets into a groove, but listen closely, and it becomes painfully obvious that most of these 16 bars rely on monyllabic, simple end-rhyme schemes. For example, here’s half a verse from the song “Unravel”: “At about mid-day, sit and listen to the music play/Sing aloud a certain sound and hear it as it comes around/I’m looking deep into the pound, seeing more to still be found/Starting to peer deeper into things of every day/Seeing that there’s more, looking in a different way.” Aside from the phonetic “ee” sound in “peer deeper,” there’s not a single rhyme in those lines that isn’t obvious and frankly, lame. Now, some people might step in here and say, “Bitch, you don’t rap! How can you attack somebody’s rhymes like that?” I’m not saying I could grab a mic and do better (because I probably couldn’t) -- I’m just saying that if you wanna be in the game, you gotta have game. When Eminem is out there doing shit like rhyming the words sensation, rotation, stations, patience, and caucasians all within four lines (using internal, slant, and end-rhyme) like he does in “The Way I Am,” you can’t make rhymes like “I’ve seen my share, and watched emotion tear” (from Rashenal’s “Wandering Eyes”) and not expect to get some crap from somebody somewhere (although that track does have some nice bongo playing). But Rashenal makes up for his apprentice wordsmithing with some great phrasing and inflections, much like Del tha Funkee Homosapien. As for the music, it sticks to sharp snare beats and light instrumentation -- except for “Maroon Skies,” which opens with a ‘60s soul sound and then busts into a funky rap with an old school, breakdancing vibe. “Day Birth” opens with some nice, winsome acoustic guitar; it’s one of those inspirational, biographical tracks where he sings on the choruses, and raps in the verses about the things he’s gone through and talks about our unified uniqueness and struggles, and how we’re all gonna make it. The final track, “The Bloodline,” has another “we struggle, but we are one” message, born on jazzy guitar samples and some nice female guest vocals, which are un-credited in the ultra-terse liner notes. Overall, there’s nothing groundbreaking here, but the six songs on this EP are all easy-to-swallow jams, regardless of how elementary one might find the rhyme schemes. - Phoenix New Times


Life Learner (2014)
Galactic Basic (2013)
Earsweat Drops (2012)
Human Block (2009)
Day Birth EP (2008)
Wild Life Refuge Sampler CDs (2005-2008)
Avenue Of The Arts Crew Sampler CDs(2004-2005)
Mysterious Independent Creatures Measure One (1999-2004)



After Rashenal was named by Phoenix New Times as one of the Top 15 Phoenix Artists to watch for 2015 and “Life Learner” being named Best Hip Hop Album By Phoenix Metro Artist In 2014 by Arizona Republic & AZCentral.com, Rashenal is about to make some major moves. He has been making Hip Hop music since he was 15 and is a Arizona Veteran MC who was born here along with the flourishing scene in Phoenix. He is also an accomplished Software Engineer for his day job and likes to challenge his listeners to really think for themselves. Rashenal has often been labeled a “Conscious MC” and he is honored to be put in the same category as such great MCs such as Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T., Logic, Common, and many others. Rashenal will stop at nothing to make the necessary connections and networks to bring himself and his artists from his label Earsweat Records to a National Level.

All Rashenal Videos are on up on our YouTube channel, here is the Link: http://www.youtube.com/earsweat

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