Rashida Jolley

Rashida Jolley

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Rashida will take you on a timeless journey of vocals from the strengths of Shaka, to spirit of Whitney and the all around package of a Alicia Keys. Rashida is the real deal her music is centered around the HARP


Rashida T. Jolley

Exuberance and harmony exist when pure talent and true artistry blend with motivating music, and skillfully delivers positive messages with passion and excitement. Rashida’s music speaks directly to the soul when she sings, capturing the hearts of many young and mature audiences with her talent, beauty, grace and charm. Rashida, the motivational speaker, songwriter and harpist, whose sound captivates and delivers a warmhearted spirit and eloquence offered without pretense or cliché’.

Great music and art form is sacred in the Jolley family. Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Rashida holds the middle position out of seven talented children, as the daughter of the late composer, guitarist and minister, Noble Jolley, Sr., and niece to the inspirational national motivational speaker and singer, Willie Jolley. Rashida has developed her own style and is ready to carry on with the family legacy.

Performing has always been a great love for Rashida, as evidenced since she was age four. The former Miss District of Columbia and Miss America Pageant contestant coupled with being a harpist, Motivational Speaker, Abstinence Advocate, and Vocalist has brought the melodic tones of her voice to thousands of people worldwide. Rashida has performed before many organizations and politicians, including the Mayor of the District of Columbia Anthony Williams, and Maryland Governor John Erchlhich, as well as numerous schools, sporting events and has appeared on several television programs ranging from MTV, BET, Fox, and the cable show “E!”

Rashida is a “STAR”; her musical expression represents a spirit piercing synergy of soul to create an uplifting experience that embodies the depth of the multiple genres that influences her music. It was said by legendary songwriter Terry Huff, “To meet Rashida, you automatically love her, but to hear her sing is to experience a taste of Heaven!” Her sound is characterized by a fusion of down-home lyrics, classical melodies, and rich soulful rhythms, full of encouragement and emotion.

Influenced by her father and musical pioneers, Sarah Vaughn, Whitney Houston, Beethoven, Steve Wonder, and Gladys Night. Rashida has often been linked to gifted, more recent artists such as Tony Braxton, Beonce’ Knowles, and Alicia Keys. Rashida states, “My biggest influence is the youth. I do it for the kids.” Rashida has the ability to captivate her audience in a joyful trance of harmonic movement across a landscape of musical dimensions. Delivering mesmerizing sound true to her name, Rashida T. Jolley, a Jolley Tone is a pure musical blessing.


We are now promoting the release of Rashida's new EP "Love Is Not a Game." The single is title "Sunny Days" which has been on top of the internet chart at VIPRadio.com. We are getting spins in DC with WAVA, WPFW, UrceneRadio, Iam4Radio, and XM Radio.

Set List

Our set is normally 40 mins long with a cover tune opener "Summer Time"; "Fallen" by Alicia Keys played on the Harp; 3 originals written and performed by Rashida and the closer is Destiney's Child's "Survivor", which she uses as a message about her losing the DC competition 3 times until she finally won on the fourth try.